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13-11-2008, 19:13
Two lists

1st list is modified from the original list to bolster troops and the giant didnt perform very well so he has gone:


Black Orc Warboss
Heavy armour, 6pts
Magical Item: Enchanted shield – 15pts

Orc Shaman
Level 2 – 35pts 2 Dispell Scroll 25pts

1 Night Goblin - level 1

Goblin Big Boss on Gigantic Spider
Spear 2pts, light armour 2pts, Shield 2pts, Spider 40pts
Magic: Itty Ring (bound spell 3) contains Eadbutt from Big Waagh! Roll D6 after use on a 1 it causes a strength 5 hit no save 20pts
Sneaky Scewer -3 save modifier – 10pts

25 Orc Boyz - double choppa, full command

10 Arrer Boyz

20 Orc Boyz - Spear 1pt & Shield 1pt, full command ( will change these to choppa and shield when i have time to glue)

20 Nt Goblins - Full command, 1 fantastic

15 Spider Rider - full command

19 Black Orcs - Magic: Nogg’s banner - +1 attack for all models in the unit (USE ONCE)

1 Orc Chariot

1 Rock Lobba

2 Spear Chukka's

1 Pump Wagon

3 Stone Trolls

Ok so this is list one.

List 2:

Very different.. from the game i found what played strong and then made a list very much based around that


After a lunch hour of debate i am going for Grimgor... everyone wanted me to use him in my game as i was using the model as a black orc lord and taking him out and a giant i can afford it... and i think he will be worth the points (Also you will see why further down) - 310pts


1 level 2 orc shamen with 2 dispell scrolls - 150pts

1 level 1 night goblin shamen - 50pts


20 orc boyz with hand weapon and shield + full command - 150pts (i need to purchase these) if anyone has any to sell PM me - these are great as they get a 4+ save in combat - 150pts

25 orc boyz with double choppaz + full command - 2 attacks per model fantastic - 205pts

20 night goblins with hand weapons + command + 1 fantastic - i used a squad with spears and 3 fantastics to protect the war machines... they did the job but cost to much and the fantastics didnt perform well. 1 is enough - 105pts

10 arrer boyz – 60pts

6 Snotling bases – 120pts – unit that can soak up fire and also not run away


19 black orcs + full command - nogg's banner - +1 attack once could be a game decider especially because grimgor will be in the unit.

20 black orcs - full command

(potentially) one unit of 39 with grimgor

1 rock lobba - 70 pts – was amazing some how

2 spear chukka's - 70 pts – great unit reducer

1 orc chariot – 80pts – love those impact hits, and soaked up fire


2 pump wagons - 80 pts

So then what do people think? i would love some feedback as i have been in the game for a very long time but havent played many games at all

13-11-2008, 19:21
Remember that spider riders are fast cav so they can't get a rank bonus, and the second one has too many special choices.

13-11-2008, 19:32
thats why i am looking for the black orcs to be one killer unit.

Yes spider riders dont get a rank bonus but they will last longer with 15 so would be able to take on units better then just 10 because they performed well but needed a few more to kick but with any force

13-11-2008, 20:25
The first list is definitely better.
Though I would do a few changes, you don't want your orcs in units of 20, 25 is the minimum. The full command on your goblinsis very very bad idea, their meant to die so its only a waste of points. The black orc should have a boar and a magic weapon, ulags akrit axe and martogs best basha are very good.

I dont really see the point of your orc shaman, drop him, and give the scrolls to the goblin. Though you have a bit to little magic defence so adding a black orc on boar with morks spirit totem is a very good idea.

And I would split your Forest goblins into 3 units of 5, each with a musican, no other command. There's really no reason to have bigger units and splitting them will allow you to spread their ability and force the enemy to split their fire.

The ring on your goblin is a bad idea, bound spells are only good in magic heavy armys and orcs are not magic heavy.

Otherwise it's a really nice list and good luck with it :D.

14-11-2008, 09:19
Ok i will take on board the command on the night goblins... The shamens seem to work, i dont want just one because if he dies well thats it for dispell but also 50pts is cheap to have a magic caster in an army.. however not so great he is.

Im not sure about the spider riders. The main problem being tha 3 units of 5 going into combat are going to get beaten in a lot of cases... they would be more like scouts taking down very small troops of war machines... I will have a think as i just dont want them all being run down.

The ring well its a bit of fun and can actually make a big difference and can cause that bit more damage

The war machines were actually the star in my army in the last game.

Black guard are HARD as nails and the rock lobber took them down a huge amount so it actually made all the difference...