View Full Version : Which Dark Elf Lord?

Dark Apostle197
14-11-2008, 05:53
He is going to be in Black Gaurd unit and armed with great weapon (They have ASF banner)


Armor of Darkness, Pendant
Eternal Servitude, SDC, pendant

What do you guys prefer? 1+, reverse or 4+ reverse, regen?

I am kind of leaning towards Armor of Darkness because anything str 4 is a 2+ then (essentially) 3+ ward, str 5 3+ save 2+ ward.

Regen seems cool but if I go that route my first line of protection is really the pendant cause armor might as well be nothing when fighting characters...

Want to see what you all think.

14-11-2008, 06:04
eternal servitude pendant sdc and mount him. Or you could give him a shield and the +1 str sword for a increase in defense at the cost of 1 str.

Dark Apostle197
14-11-2008, 06:12
Hm... Mounting him gives him a better save if I put on Cold One, but I'd have to worry about stupidity (right? Even though BG are immune still have to?) and GW would be str 5. So could go 3+ +1 str sword or whip for extra AP without worrying... I kind of want the str 6 though for T4/1+ and 2+ saves.

14-11-2008, 06:25
i would go Armour of eternal Servitude,SDC,Pendant and the armour peircing great weapon or a great weapon and potion of strength, you don't need a huge armour save if you intend to challenge powerful characters which is what you want to do with the pendant, i love this thing, i keep putting it on a supreme sorceress and i challenge enemy characters and watch as he gets frustrated trying to take her down

14-11-2008, 09:04
take the regeneration. i've used that same combo on a dreadlord in a unit of black guard with that banner. they don't move anywhere and the dreadlord can't die (unless luck's against you) as well as biting back.

Von Wibble
14-11-2008, 18:28
I prefer option 3 - blood armour, cloak and pendant.

You strike first so should get enough kills to bump your save to 1+ before being seriously hurt. You save points on the other options, with which you can get Soulrender, lifetaker, potion of strength, or more models somewhere else in the army.

Assuming you don't put mounted models with infantry (ITP does not negate stupidity btw), you have at best a 4+ save for heavy armour and cloak if you choose AOES, plus 4+ regenerate. With AOD (or buffed blood armour of course) you have a 1+ save. Since both are combined with pendant I won't factor it into the calculation.

Vs S3 or lower its a 3/4 chance of saving compared to 5/6. AOD wins.

Vs S4 its 2/3 chance vs 5/6. AOD wins.

Vs S5 its 7/12 vs 2/3 - slightly better for AOD

Vs S6 (most common S on models likely to attack a dreadlord) its 1/2 for both.

Vs S7 and above AOES is better. Unlikely you will face this (and pendant of course makes you very hard to kill even when you do)

Of course, IAS and flaming attacks are 2 other factors to take into account. But generally speaking I feel the 1+ save is better for the points on a non mounted dreadlord. And with ASF the blood armour is the most points cost effective way of getting that save.

Dark Apostle197
14-11-2008, 22:09
The think about Blood Armor is I have to get the 3 kills first to get the 1+ so if the first combat is with a character, I have to hope I get through his ward that he will probably have. IMO better to spend the extra points (its not much) for AOD which is what I think I'm gonna do.