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reign beaux
14-11-2008, 12:22
1 Lvl.4 Supreme Sorceress with sacrificial dagger, 3xdispell scrolls general 360pts

1 Master BSB on Manticore with Sea Dragon Cloak (SDC) Heavy Armour (HA), Shield (SHD) and lance and Standard of Slaughter 347pts

24 spearmen with full command (FC), SHD and war banner(5x5)with sup.sorc.208pts

18 spearmen with FC, SHD (6x3) 141pts

10 crossbowmen with champion (10x1) 110pts

10 crossbowmen with champion (10x1) 110pts

5 harpies 55pts

5 harpies 55pts

5 cold one knights with full command, banner of hag hag graef and dread knight with death piercer 250pts

8 shades with great weapons 144pts

5 shades with great weapons 90pts

2 reaper bolt throwers 200pts

1 war hydra 175pts
Total: 2250/2250

i think it should play alright but it really doesn't focus on any aspects in particular. Need help honing it to a competetive list thnx in advance.

14-11-2008, 12:52
Drop the champion on the Xbow men and get them shields. Way more useful since they can aid in combat.
Drop the second unit of spearelves and get some light cavalry.
I think that if you drop 3 shades, the warbanner, the banner of hag graef and death piercer you will get enough points for a second unit of CoK.

Good luck