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14-11-2008, 13:31
Here's a list I plan to try out this weekend. It has zero magic defense, which rather unnerves me, but it has a fair amount of redundancy otherwise, and with some luck I get to assassinate some characters. It's meant to be an all-comers list by the way.

Let me know whether you feel it stands a chance, and whether it can be tweaked.

Highborn [292]
Alter Kindred
Great weapon, Light armour, shield
Briarsheath, Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins
Annoyance of Netlings

Noble [147]
Alter Kindred
Light armour
Enchanted Shield, Rageth's Wildfire Blades
A Murder of Spites

{Should I replace the ES and spite with the Amber Pendant?}

Noble [154]
Alter Kindred
Light armour, Shield
Helm of the Hunt, The Spear of Twilight

Noble [144]
Scout Kindred; General
Light armour, Shield
Sword of Might, Hail of Doom Arrow

13 Glade Guard [156]

12 Glade Guard [144]

9 Dryads [108]

9 Dryads [108]

4 Warhawk Riders [160]

8 Wardancers [151]

8 Wardancers [151]

6 Wild Riders [130]

Treeman [285]

{It's tempting to replace the Treeman with another unit of Waywatchers and some scouts to escort the general, or an Eagle plus Glade Riders and a third unit of Glade Guard}

6 Waywatchers [144]

Total: 2250
Characters: 737
Core: 492
Special: 592
Rare: 429
Models: 80
PD: 2 [N/A]
DD: 2

the gribbly
14-11-2008, 23:36
Hey there makarion, very nice list! Im new here at warseer. I enjoy haunting more than posting but I liked your list so much I felt I had to make a few comments. I too currently play a no magic woody list, elf only. I find with good use of terrain, deployment, movement, and aggressive mage hunting, no magic wood elves can work fairly well.

Here are a few tweaks I think could help without changing the feel of your list too much:

Alter Highborn- I would trade in the briar sheath and AoN for SotCM and E. shield. nearly 300 pts in 3 wounds no armour or ward save is going to make him a target.

2nd alter- Most people dont rate murder of spites and a GW will almost always be better on a 18" moving skirmisher. Id make this guy a standard alter with GW, la, sh, HotH, HoDA.

3rd alter- GW, sh, amaranthine brooch, briarsheath. A great hunter noble. Hes capable of absorbing tons of shooting attention and very survivable in most combats, although vulnerable to magic.
(This gives you a pack of 3 very heavy hitters capable of 14 strength 6 attacks, 2 of which are reasonably well protected)

Scout noble- Not an optimal choice but ive always liked the idea of a scouting hero, so perhaps change his kindred to waywatcher to lead the waywatchers and beef this unit up a little. Equip him with amber pendant and SoM. Now this unit can easily deal with light support units in combat with 7 strike first attacks. Even assassin + shades unit might think twice.

Looks pretty good here although points are off on the wildriders so I assume you meant 5 not 6. I think more units would serve you better than a single treeman. With no magic defense there are just too many spells that can neutrilize or kill this guy outright. Id go with more fast cavalry and an eagle.
I would also reduce your GG and dryads to minimum sizes. This would save you 84 points without reducing effectiveness much.

Thats about it for my suggestions. Hope I gave you some ideas.

14-11-2008, 23:51
Bow of Loren and Arcan Bodkins... nice. knights will wet themselves when they see that, i know after seeing Chaos Knights (it was about a 500-600 point unit, chosen, khorne, old rules) fall off their horses.
list looks good. i'd keep the treeman for a bit of punch and his tree singing ability. :skull:

15-11-2008, 00:44
the only real problem I see is the lack of magik defense
Probably change the scout noble for a scroll cady lol

But I realy like your list :D

15-11-2008, 02:32
I'm a tad bit worried about going against a really magic-heavy army but you should do reasonably well with an all comers build. You can't win 'em all, as they say.

I'm with Gribbly in terms of shrinking the glade guard and dryads to free up some points. The scout noble can deploy with the waywatchers as long as they, together, don't violate scouting deployment. I'd avoid the waywatcher kindred just due to it's absurd cost.

I'd also look at dropping one warhawk rider which will really start to free up some points. If you shrink the glade guard and dryads to minimum and drop one warhawk you've got 124 pts to play with which is easily another unit of anything in the WE army (okay, not EG or treekin...)

I'd readily give up a treeman for more troops personally, and with your basic build I think the poor treeman is likely to get left relatively far behind anyway.

Give it a go, let us know how well it performs.