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21-11-2005, 07:27

i'e been searchng for a certain thread for about a week now, and im still unable to find it.

sometime ago i came across a thread were someone posted some great info, i bookmarked it but when i clicked the bookmark it just gave an error.

the info posted was about warp travel time; eg; one week warp travel time, is 100 lightyears, realtime is about an hour.

If anyone can point me in the rght direction, or even post that info here, i would be most grateful.

Khaine's Messenger
21-11-2005, 07:45
The info you're looking for is from an old WD article that was posted on Critical Hit (but not anymore, alas--but let this thread not dwell on lost things). I believe Kage included the info in his article on Warp Travel for the Anargo Sector (which you can find on the Anargo forums, Anargo (http://anargo-sector.net/phpBB2/), see the thread in Scholastica Anargo, 's buried deep within, iirc). I don't think many authors hold to it, though.

21-11-2005, 17:16
Yep, the warp travel times do show up in the first draft (partial) of the Warp Travel article in the Anargo Sector Project. As Khaine's Messenger says, it's in the Scholastica Anargo section or here (http://anargo-sector.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=340) if you don't fancy searching. It's unformatted, so can be difficult to read but all the information is there. In fact, I'll be even nicer...

These are given in the table, below (m=minutes, h=hours, d=days, w=weeks, mo=months, y=years):

Distance (ly) Warp Travel Time Relative Time Difference Warp Difference Real
Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
1 2m 6m 43m 4.5h 4m 3h 47m
5 7m 30m 3.5h 1d 23m 20.5h
10 14m 1h 7h 2d 46m 41h
50 1.25h 4.75h 1.5d 9d 3.5h 7.5d
100 2.5h 9.5h 3d 3w 7h 18d
500 12h 2d 2w 3mo 36h 10w
1,000 5d 3w 5mo 3y 16d 31mo
The table has been modified slightly to include differences, but otherwise is accurate.

As Khaine's Messenger says, though, most of the authors don't seem to pay that much attention to it preferring, as always, a concentration on Image.


23-11-2005, 07:52
Thank you for your efforts, that was what i was after.