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14-11-2008, 23:08
This is my warriors of chaos horde armylist, it consists of every WoC model I've got, pluss some upgrades and equiptment, so its nearing the 5500-6000pt status. I have not managed to find all the points values for my units, and some of the points totals may be in-accurate, as I have not managed to get hold of a copy of the codex. I do have all the models in the armylist apart from one unit of Marauder horsemen, one unit o f new knights, some trolls, and wulfrik the wanderer. So, this is my army list, enjoy!!

Valkia the bloody
Daemon prince) Mark of tzeentch, Scorceror, dispell scroll
Wulfrik the wanderer
Chaos scorceror)Mark of tzeentch, level2, spell familiar
Chaos scorceror) Mark of nurgle level2
Exalted champion) Mark of khorne, berserker sword, additional hand weapon, favour of the gods
Exalted champion) Mark of slaanesh,
12 Chaos warriors) Mark of khorne, great weapons, full command,
10 Chaos warriors) Mark of nurgle, halberds, shields, full command
10 Chaos warriors) Mark of slaanesh, extra handweapons, full command
10 Chaos warriors) Mark of undivided, shields, full command
12 Chaos marauders) Mark of khorne, great weapons, light armour, full command
6 Marauder horsemen) Mark of nurgle, throwing axes, shields, light armour, full command
5 Marauder horsemen) Mark of khorne, Flails, shields, light armour, full command
6 Chaos knights) Mark of undivided, Magic weapons, shields, full command
5 Chaos knights) Mark of khorne, lances, shields, full command
8 Chaos ogres) Mark of slaanesh, extra hand weapons, chaos armour, full command
3 Dragon ogres) Great weapons (im not sure of other upgrades)
7 Forsaken
Shaggoth) Great weapon, light armour
Chaos giant) Mark of slaanesh
Hell cannon of chaos) (unsure of upgrades)
Spawn) Mark of Tzeentch

I know its not currrently finished, but im very very tired so ill finish it tommorrow night. But please feel free to comment on it anyway please!:D

14-11-2008, 23:36
More. Magic. Defense

5K is huge, and your piddly 4 dd will not go very far. Take a few scroll caddies to stop the big spells, and pray the smaller ones don't hurt too bad. Mixing some MR into a few of your key units would also help.

Dragons ogres must be taken in units of at least 3, and should always take great weapons. 8 ogres is a bit big, 4 is plenty. Forsaken are just gimped monsters or gimped horsemen, depending on how you look at them. You mentioned trolls, but they aren't in the list.

Shaggoths are also not good. Too easy to shoot for too little advantage over the shorter but more effective dragon ogres.

15-11-2008, 00:05
thanks for your advice/criticism, its not so much a tactical force, just a collection of all the warriors of chaos i wanted to get. Its mainn purpose is that when i finish painting it (nearly there) I can sell it for a large sum at one time, and make a bit of cash as I bought most of it for half price n its all so far well to pro painted. But thanks anyway, n it could always be divided up into smaller forces and it means you can field different armys in your games because youve got a choice of units to take. Also, my forsaken where my old flayerkin models from my original storm of chaos list (hence no daemons).