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15-11-2008, 13:28
Yup this subject again. But an idea just occured to me which I didn't see come up in the search. This idea assumes 5th Edition 40K wound allocation :-

Just treat the ongoing assualt as one squad and make the firer assign wounds.

So 5 of A are fighting 5 of B, Player A fires 10 times, obviously he will want to assign wounds to B first, but since it's one squad any more than 5 will go straight to his own troops, so the more troops of A compared to the number of B the more A will suffer from his own firing.



Sorry if it's a dumb idea, but I couldn't resist running it up the flagpole.

15-11-2008, 16:36
I think firing into assaults would work okay if there were more than two players in a game and the assault you were firing into contained none of your models. As the rule is written now, I think that not firing into assaults is probably a good thing because I can just hear the shouts and curses from players who think that the firer's models didn't get hit enough times in relation to the target models.

16-11-2008, 23:42
It could be cool if models IN assault could shoot instead of attacking:

eg. Instead of attacking normally, a model may choose to fire a weapon. The model may not attack in this round at all, but may fire a weapon as if shooting. The enemy cannot claim any cover saves for these attacks. All enemy's hit the firer on a 2+. The firer receives a 6+ invulnerable save representing shots preventing enemies from being able to effectively strike a killing blow*** Firing models count as initiative 1 for sweeping advances.

***Not sure about this one...