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Wing Commander
15-11-2008, 15:16
I've pretty much finished my Kult of Speed, I've got over 2000pts built and painted and I'm just painting my way through the last 1000 pts or so which is already built. I'm thinking of my next project still in an Orky vein and I thought of doing some more primitive Orks, perhaps as a kind of "counts as", I have a few ideas for modelling but thought I'd throw the idea open for input, what would you model? Would you be happy to face a "counts as"? like this, etc.
E.g. Boar boyz - a hybrid between fantasy and 40k, I have just ordered Gorbad as my Warboss biker counting the boar as a bike. My fluff is that the Orks have been feeding the boars a super formula Squig juice which gives them both the extra speed and causes them to "emit" clouds of stinky obscuring gas.. The bit I'm indecisive about is the gunz... do I come up with some kind of boar harness mounted concoction? something handheld or do I stick with the more primitive idea and perhaps have Orky Magic Crystals? e.g. a big stick with a crystal at the end powered by the Orky psyche but counting as a Shoota? Whilst from a modelling point of view this would keep them looking far more primitive would it be acceptable on the 40k table?
I can do a stack of boar boyz as biker boyz and want to run with the same theme throughout but I'm not totally sure as yet with the totally primitive vs hybrid orky tech idea... wot do you guys think?
I'll also be doing Squiggoths which can either be Squiggoths (in Apocalypse) or "count as" trukks, a Gargantuan Squig could be a Battlewagon and perhaps have a monstrous creature (wyvern?) as a Dread or Killa Kan. Da Boyz would be in large mobz and be modelled as a hybrid between fantasy and 40k Orks with the odd helmet and more advanced armor appearing. Again, I'm still indecisive about the gunz...
Any advice, idea or thoughts would be much appreciated, I've ordered a few parts and will post pix once I get the project kicked off but my main ponderings are regarding the whole gunz thing..

15-11-2008, 15:24
You may not be aware of the fact that Boar Boys indeed are part of the 40k universe and have been for a very long time:


I'm having a similar problem as you have; I had lots of boarboys miniatures and wanted to use them in my Snakebite/Goff army so I use them as Warbikes counts-as (I also made up rules but haven't tried them yet). The guns are a real problem though. I just don't want my Boarboys to have huge guns strapped to the boars because it would destroy the classic picture of the Boarboy but some opponents find it a bit distracting (which I absolutely understand).

P.S.: I informed the mods about your thread being in the totally wrong forums section.

15-11-2008, 15:27
I miss the Boar Boys :(

15-11-2008, 21:53
There's plenty of Boarboy goodness and similar 2nd edition Orkiness in my painting log. ;)

Anyhoo, some months ago, I made up some rules for Boarboys (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=141244&highlight=boarboys). My intent was to make them fit into the codex as seamlessly as possible. So what do you think?