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Ranger S2H
15-11-2008, 20:43
I am trying to create some characters from my xenos/abhuman system to the galactic south, called adamas.
these are some of the special rules ill use:

Subwarp: for the first and most important special rule, you need to know something about the system. the adamas system doesnt exist in the warp, but in some thing else that replaces it. the old homeplanet of the adamas rangers called adamas prime is the centre of a warplike dimension called subspace or subwarp. normally, realspace, the warp, and subwarp exist alongside eachother, but in adamas, there is only subwarp and realspace. (fluffwise this is because of a disaster on adamas prime ages ago) this means ships drop out of warp at the edge of adamas space, that psykers cant target the souls of the adamas rangers, etc. Therefore, adamas ranger characters cannot be harmed by psychic powers, except pyromancy and psychically throwing stuff to their heads. (note: a psyker shooting lightning from his fingers is a bit weird, u need to know if the psyker uses electrical or psychic energy, only the first does damage.)

Rangerblade: all Adamas ranger receive a blade when they finish basic training. its nothing special, the only thing is that its of a superior quality than most blades. a ranger blades counts as a regular sword, but it cant be destroyed by power and force weapons.

custom weapons: all ranger weapons are customised to suit its owner. so each has three accuracy bonus stats: + 10 for the owner, - for any other adamas ranger, and -10 for anyone that doesnt fall into any of the othe categorys.

adamas pattern railcarbine(railer) type:basic range:G mode:single/semi(2) acc:custom dmg: 3d6+3 shots: 20 reload: 2 weight: 35

all these rules still need some work. what do you think?

Im not saying1
15-11-2008, 21:16
Rangerblade: all Adamas ranger receive a blade when they finish basic training. its nothing special, the only thing is that its of a superior quality than most blades. a ranger blades counts as a regular sword, but it cant be destroyed by power and force weapons.

A blade of any kind will not be able to withstand a strike from a power weapon just because the steel it is made from is of superior quality, or the craftsmanship is particularly dashing. It would have to be made of some very rare or other-worldly material for it to be able withstand a hit from a power weapon without any chance of breaking.

adamas pattern railcarbine(railer) type:basic range:G mode:single/semi(2) acc:custom dmg: 3d6+3 shots: 20 reload: 2 weight: 35
This itself needs some background I think. At least it's appearance, weight, capabilities etc. Why and how it was manufactured... what it is used for now. how common it is.. etc

Im not an experienced inquisitor player, if some of the more experienced inquisitor gamers contradict me than take thier advice, not mine.

15-11-2008, 23:13
To be honest it all sounds a bit unlikely. AFAIK there has never been any suggestion of a 'subwarp' dimension in the 40k universe. Perhaps if you had some interesting background to go with these rules I might feel differently, but given the practically unlimited opportunities Inquisitor gives you to explore the 40k universe, I just get the impression that you've chosen to ignore the established canon as an excuse to give your characters special abilities and powerful equipment.

Without knowing more about these xenos/abhumans, the adamas system and subspace there's really no way to judge whether these rules are appropriate or not.

16-11-2008, 08:46
Sounds more like the basis for a game set in a different universe to me. If you don't like the 40kverse background, why use it at all?


17-11-2008, 13:10
I'd like to know a bit more about the Adamas rangers as I'm sure they've been mentioned before in another thread - Who are they? What do they look like? What do they do? Who do you represent them with on-table when playing 40K?

To address your campaign rules, I don't have a problem with the rangers all being psychic blanks - this already has a precedent in 40K in the form of Untouchables and the Pariah gene, and in other races like the Tau who are inherently blank or at least low Warp presence. However for the same reason this makes the creation of "subwarp" to explain it a little superfluous.

In game terms, what you have written implies that the rangers are hard to TARGET because of their lack of warp presence, rather than being intrinsically immune and for this =][= also has a precedent: just give them the Blunt rule from the Tau water caste article, with the possible extension of the Awareness penalty to psykers trying to target them. I also have an interesting question - what if the psyker targets someone or something behind the ranger with a psychic bolt? Is the ranger affected if he gets in the way?

I'm afraid I have to agree with I'mNotSaying1 with respect to ranger blades - the only way to make a weapon immune to powerfields is to give it some kind of field of its own (like shock and other power weapons have electric fields, and force weapons have psychic fields). My character Fenix (perhaps ironically, an ELDAR ranger) has a sword with a blade made of iridium and he still has to resort to dodging when his opponents break out the power weapons. You could make a weapon HARDER to break, or at least require a slightly stronger blow, by making it from very dense materials, but then the extra weight would make them pretty difficult to use.

Also, who is this Marcus Jones guy in your sig who killed 3 Vindicare assassins?

Askil the Undecided
17-11-2008, 15:50
So you've disregarded every plausible explaination of the 40k universe and gone for something unique for this I salute you.

Exactly what kind of disaster in realspace could destroy the warp?

When a blade is "Nothing special" it's definately isn't made of the most resilient material ever to exist in the 40k universe ever.

A personally customised weapon does not render it much more difficult to use for somebody else to use unless there is a very good reason. (like the user having a decidedly different manipulatory appendage/means of maipulation)

Why exactly can't Psykers target rangers they live in an area without the warp they would have no resistance to it at all (like C'tan and the warp.) If one was to attempt a physically manifest power on them it'd be horrendously effective as they can't harness the latent psychic ability of all warp-reflected beings to defend themselves.

Ranger S2H
25-11-2008, 12:46
ok, ive read all posts, and i am glad some of you would like to know more, instead of accusing me of complete heresy and forbidding me ever to use it again (experience). because of your posts i noticed holes and mistakes in my fluff (and my english) that needed to be changed, dumped, or altered. I took my time to revise what i said, and I'd like to share this.

first: the ranger blade. when i said it was "nothing special", i meant ruleswise. for the ranger himself, the blade is his honour, and he will never leave his home without it. (I figured it would be a bit weird if the blade broke, as it would destroy his honour). the adamas system was seperated by ion storms for a long time, and i figured they never invented power weapons.when the ion storms vanished, they got access to imperial tech, and tried to replicate it. the rangerblades could be prototypes, that dont do any additional damage, but they do protect the blade it self.
another explanation could be that the blades are made from rare metals and alloys, that have the ability to absorb the powerfields energy, so it wont harm the blade.

the customised railers: a ranger railcarbine is a mix of tau and adamas tech, with a little eldar in its sights. the scope is adjusted to the owners' iris and the specifications of his eye. also, its grip is adjusted to the texture of its owners hands. this would give him an advantage others dont, but ill drop the difference between non ranger and ranger users.

this is what i have for now, ill pst another post about the subwarp later, and it will include a bit of history on the adamas system.

25-11-2008, 17:49
One quick point, since Eldar technology is primarily psycho-reactive in some way, it doesn't make sense that a civilization who have no access to the warp would be able to harness it. Actually, now that I think about it, you said Adamas is in the galactic south and as the Tau are in the east it doesn't really make sense for the two of them to have any contact either. I'd stick to the rail weapons being based on ancient human technology.

I'm also not sure how your ion storm would cut Adamas off from the Imperium - you said ships would drop out of the warp at the edge of the system, but ships generally drop out of the warp at the edge of a system anyway, and travel the rest of the way at sub-light speeds.

The more I think about it, unless you have a good answer to all these questions, FarseerMatt's solution of a world where the Pariah gene is unusually prevalent is a better one, and then have the system have been cut off by warp storms for the last 10,000 years. It's simpler, and so far you haven't mentioned anything about subwarp that makes it necessary for your idea to work.

In any case, I'll be interested to see what you post next.

EDIT: Just had a thought on your Ranger Blades - is Adamas part of the Imperium? Because if not, it strikes me that the simplest way for them to have got access to Imperial technology would be for the planet to have been visited by a Rogue Trader. This Rogue Trader could have sold them a defective batch of powerswords. The Rangers, having never seen a correctly functioning powersword would have been suitably impressed by a blade surrounded by a glowing energy field, not realising that if that field was working properly it'd do far more damage than the ones they were sold.