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complete n00b
16-11-2008, 06:09
OK so I was thinking of starting up a new dwarf army, here is a 1500 point list i was looking at amking please let me know if you think tis list would work or not and if you have any suggestions on how I could improve it.

Thane with master rune of Alaric the mad and rune of might (will join hammers)
Rune smith with great weapon (will join Longbeards)
10 Thunderers
10 Thunderers
10 Warriors with great weapons
20 Longbeards with great weapons and standard
Cannon with rune of forging
Cannon with rune of forging
20 Hammerers with full command
Organ gun

16-11-2008, 06:22
quite good. like the hammerers

16-11-2008, 06:48
Since you cannot repeat the same runic combination, you'll have to either leave one cannon unruned, or give it a second rune. Personally, I'd replace one with a boltthrower with the flaming rune and the +1 strength rune.

complete n00b
16-11-2008, 07:43
I'll probably just add a rune of burning to one of the cannons (I really like cannons)
Just wondering what do you think would be more effective the thane with the hammers or replacing them with 20 slayers and a dragon slayer? I'm leaning towards the hammerers because of their armour but what do you think?

Be Afraid
16-11-2008, 08:35
I think your best of sticking with hammerers.

I would consider dopping the unit of 10 warriors for general upgrades. Possibly a 'dispel scroll' rune, flaming for one cannon and and a couple of runes on banners, aswell as a musician in long beards.

complete n00b
16-11-2008, 08:40
Wish i could drop the warriors, but they are need for me to have longbeards, the dispell rune is a good idea though I probably should take at least one

16-11-2008, 09:15
Have a think about some Bolt Throwers too, they usually inflict more pain than a cannon due to there accuracy. Or add Rune of Penetrating to make it even more painful.

maze ironheart
16-11-2008, 09:20
I aggree a bolt thrower is something to consider as it dose not blow up in your face.Plus if you have them just as normal ones no engineers or runes you can have 2 for 90 points just by dropping just one of the cannons.I would also say drop the second thunderer unit for a quarralier unit as the thunderers are exspensive and you can give the thunderers and the quarraliers shields to help them survive.

16-11-2008, 13:04
Drop 10 thunderers.

then spend 140 pts on:

rune of battle and rune of double US on longbeards - 50 pts
Flaming rune on one cannon so they are legal - 5 pts
2 scrolls on runesmith - 50 pts
Rune of battle on hammerers - 25 pts

Thats +2 cr for the longbeards almost guaranteed and an extra point of static for the hammerers. 2 scrolls gives you apt magic defence and you can now take both cannons legally (whilst being better at killing hydras/regen stuff)

I never take more then 10 thunderers, and you certainly dont need the extra 10 in a list with 2 cannons and an orgun gun.

16-11-2008, 13:42
I would change the longbeards to have sheilds, or change them completely to warriors with sheilds and upgrade your detachment unit to longbeards with great weapons. The large block also needs a full command, especially if they stay as longbeards. Longbeards with great weapons are nasty but its not an option I would take for an anvil unit.

Dwarf infantry blocks are great at denying casualties so its best to play to their strengths.

Im not a great fan of hammers and the points spent having such a large number of them in a game of this points level could be better spent IMO, especially as the thane lacks the royal blood rule.

One of the cannons could be swapped with a pair of bolt throwers with engineers, again making the list legal and giving you some more options.

I wouldnt take 2 units of thunderers but I may take 1 of thunderes and 1 of quarellers. It all depends on the ammount of terrain you use and what you fight against.

16-11-2008, 13:51
I personally feel that Quarrellers are more cost effective, it's just a personal preference. But it doesn't hurt as much when a unit of Quarrellers get cut down :) + Quarrellers can move and shoot, which is only 3" I know but I always manage to get a couple more into line of sight especially as things move down the board. Hitting on 5's isn't too bad when you've just gotta kill a few guys to force a panic test - the Warmachines will do the rest of the damage.

I suppose it's upto you, but a balance between Quarrellers and Thunderers is nice.

16-11-2008, 14:47
In a 1000pt army of shooty Dwarves... what do you need to have for counter charging?

Can you make a Dwarf list that has a lot of War Machines, thunderers and other gunmen with very little close combat regiments... or does that not work?

complete n00b
16-11-2008, 19:47
Thanks for all your advice i sure have a lot to think about now.
I looked into the idea of having 2 bolt throwers in the army works quite well thanks for this tip.
I'm currently testing the idea of quarrellers which would also give me some room to put some nice runic items in i like the idea of the rune of penetrating on one of the bolt throwers.
So thanks for all the help i'll probably post a revise of this list in about a week, after i muck around with these ideas and see which ones I like

16-11-2008, 20:38
Quarrellers cant move and fire by the way.