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lord marcus
16-11-2008, 23:44
Tomb prince Anken-zar, great weapon, chariot of fire, shield, light armor, golden eye of rah-nutt
203 pts

Tomb prince Rham-an-zar, great weapon, shield, light armor, golden ankhra, chariot
198 pts

Liche priest Amon-hara, hierophant, cloak of the dunes, hieratic jar
160 pts

Liche priest Anken-neru, skeletal steed, dispel scroll
148 pts

7 x 5 light horsemen
490 pts

4 light chariots, banner bearer, banner of the undying legion, champion
225 pts

3 light chariots, banner bearer
130 pts

The guardians of the gates of djaf, 2 bone giants
440 pts

Total = 1994 pts

16-11-2008, 23:48
Wow. That's a lot of light horsemen. I'd convert a couple units into more chariots - the chariots will probably hurt more then your horsemen.

17-11-2008, 00:14
Assuming you want the army to be good and not just themed or well-modeled:

You want either a TK and 3 priests or a LHP with 2 Priests and a Prince.

If you put a prince on a chariot give him the healing Spear.

Light Horsemen aren't that good, I wouldn't take any at all but definitely not more than 2 units.

Don't put banners on units likely to get killed (like a 3 chariot unit), you'll be giving up VPs. Use those units as flankers/harassers and save the banners for your hammers/anvils.

Bone giants aren't very good, definitely don't take 2. Catapults work much better for rare slots, if you're going for fast/mobile then use the points elsewhere.

Carrion and Scorpions are very fast and useful units.

17-11-2008, 10:13
If you're going fast and light, upgrade one prince to a king, and the chariots become core choices. Then take a large unit of carrion, and fill the rest of the special slots with scorpions. Really, really, really, reconsider the light horsemen. You'd be much better served with more chariots. Keep one unit of light horse for the mounted liche to hide in. Use the points from the rest of them for two additional units of four chariots. I think running around with four units of chariots will get you a lot farther than all those horse archers.

Alternatively, build the list around settra. If you take him, you can't have any priests (which is fine, since only taking two is a severe handicap anyway), so you're free to take three princes, and have a character in each of four units of chariots. A list with nothing but character-led chariot units and tomb scorpions sounds more than a little scary!