View Full Version : 1000pts Dwarves vs Goblin heavy army

18-11-2008, 01:50
What tactical advice would you advise? I know he will have Fanatics and a lot of goblins... maybe a unit of orcs.

I have a heavy gun line of 20 Thunderers, an Organ Gun, and 2 Bolt Throwers... supported by some slayers and warriors.

What should I kill? What should I ignore for a the first few turns? He'll probably have 2 shamans.

18-11-2008, 02:10
split thunderers into 2 units of ten to maximize fire power on all flanks, really you may just want to shoot at a unit of gobbo's to panic them as they have to pass the test on a 5 or 6 so they arent going to pass as often. if they have orcs get your slayers in to keep them busy while your warriors finsih off the grobi. good luck. Gambate

18-11-2008, 02:23
20 Thunderers are split up into 2 units... its a total of 20 though =].

Thanks for the tips on how to deal with the orcs. I pretty much planned on shooting the goblins... i gotta shoot something lol.

18-11-2008, 04:00
if you run a gunline, I hope he wins... It sounds to me though, that you are not too heavy on the guns.

Though, yes, do break his gobbos with gunfire. the same can be done with orcs (ld7), just make sure you take their numbers before you take the more expencive and fewer units. Use your CC units to form up a block of troops at the middle, and place all the shooty units from the sides of the center units, and out towards the flank. easier to shoot them when they are bottlenecked in the middle. Also have shooty units to guard the flank, just in case. A flank charge is the last thing a gun-heavy army needs.

18-11-2008, 20:26
I changed my list slightly.... but deploy similar to this?
..................10............13 (5x3)..........10
[Bolt][Thunderers][Iron Breakers][Thunderers][Bolt]

And place the Organ gun on whichever flank I feel needs more defense. I have a Thane and Runepriest going in the Iron Breakers unit.

I know he has 2 shamans and 5 units of goblins... and 3 (?) Fanatics.

18-11-2008, 21:16
i'd seperate thane and rune priest.....warriors could do with the thane

18-11-2008, 21:20
By "warriors" do u mean ironbreakers?

I dont have any warriors.