View Full Version : My Mini-Tournament

22-11-2005, 02:39
So This weekend I am going to run a tournament.
Looking for input. FYI this is a friendly tournament with long time friends...and a few will be using newly aquired armies...
One rule:
1. 1000 pts Special characters are allowed. No titans,super heavies, or flyers

6 People including myself.
3 4x4' tables
3 Games played
6 turns or 1.5 hours each game
Missions taken randomly from rulebook for each battle
Loss = 0 pts
Draw on that chart thinger = 1 pt each player
Solid victory or more = 2 pts for victor

Player with most VP at end of 3 battles is the victor.
If someone ties...they square off at Worms World Party :wtf:
WInner takes all (which is actually nothing )
Seem like a solid good time?

Heinrich Jäger
22-11-2005, 07:10
Looks good, my friends and I did a similar thing with 7 guys. and the points were.
2-solid victory
3-crushing victory
4-victorious slaughter