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18-11-2008, 21:03
So, back in the days of 2nd edition, I read this poem which I really loved. I've been looking all over and I can't find it! I'm pretty sure I did not read it in a White Dwarf, it was one of these fluff boxes that were inserted in old rulebooks.

It was written in two columns in the same page, the first colum was pro-imperial, the second column had the same ideas, but twisted and anti-imperial. I "think" it was called "What of it?" because of the way it was repeated in the poem. At the end it was signed as "xxxxxxx - executed for heresy in the year xxx40M"

What I can recall from my terrible memory went something along these lines:

Your devoted servants
following your light burning bright in the darkness
like a bastion of defiant calm that dispells the shadows

and right next to it

Your blood mad zealots
deluded into following your light
flickering maniacaly while the darkness consumes it

There were serveral of these pairs, about the emperor's armies, his fleets, even the methood of government, and it had some pretty valid points.

So if any of you have read it before, I'd really apreciate it if you told me where! Thanks in advance!

vampires are cool!
18-11-2008, 21:10
Sounds like that may have been in the old 2nd ed. main rule book, but other than that i cant help you. Sounds like something the imperials would have though, possibly the old rebel armies?

Captain Stern
18-11-2008, 21:16
In an issue of Inferno there was a poem that had the line "What of it..." in each verse. One of them was something like "What of it if a thousand sons should die unsung and unremembered?" If memory serves it was about a heretic high lord of Terra and there was an illustration on the opposite page by Kev Walker. Do you think it was that one? I'd try and find it for you but all my Infernos are at home.

19-11-2008, 06:31
Yes! It's the one in inferno! Wow you really made my day :D

I have to dig up my copies of inferno, I don't know if I still have them :S

Again, thanks so much!

Inquisitor S.
19-11-2008, 07:23
Inferno #04, p.50