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vinny t
20-11-2008, 01:12
Gazing around, all Fritz could see was the large, unnatural flies carpeting the bodies of the decaying. All that was left of his town were the buildings and even those were falling into disrepair. There was no warning, the plague swept the village into the depths of Morr within a week.

"Gone, all gone" Fritz mumbled to himself. A silence weighted with solitude had fallen as he stumbled to the once glorious, now rotting village square.

"Why!" Fritz screamed "Why did this happen to me!" He stumbled around in circles, finally falling to his knees.

"Curse you Sigmar!" "We worshipped you, we were rightous and pure!" Fritz's voice eventually disolved into a meaningless stream of syllables as the pain clawed in him from the inside, the pain that had killed everyone he had cared for. He looked at his hands, which had already become riddled with pus-filled boils.

"Please, any god that can hear me, help me!" "I will give you my soul, my life, my very freedom!" "Just release me from this vassel of pain and suffering! An omnious silence fell on the rotting remains of the village. As Fritz looked up, a sickley smell began to waft into his nostrils. As he looked down the boils began swelling more untill they covered his bodyin an armor of skin.

All of a sudden the corspes moved. The bone arms, picked of flesh by the carrion birds that even now circled overhead picked the bodies of the villagers up. From each one's mouth boomed a voice so unholy that it felt as if Sigmar himself had fled in terror.

"I accept your offer, but know this from know on you serve the great god Nurgle." "Rise from your humble beginnings and embrace life as Vulgus the Reaper!" All at once the bones collapsed and the only sound was the birds overhead, fighting for the best spot to freast on the dead.

I am trying to devise scenarios for my friends to play that signify a chaos devotee working his way up to become a Daemon Prince or a Spawn depending on how he aquits himself in the scenarios.

The first one was easy, enjoy....

Vulgus had journied up north, avoiding Empire witchhunters and citizens alike. Stumbling on a tribe of Mauraders, he immedately challenged the current chief to a duel.

The warlord charged at Vulgus, swinging his axe and bellowing warchants in the Dark Tongue. Only one of the attacks hit and it bounced of off Vulgus's skin due to the unnatural resistance Nurgle had gifted him. Swinging back, Vulgus's axe foung it's target but then bounced off of the chief's armor. Spotting a quick opening, the maurader swung but missed. A fatal mistake it seemed as Nugle's champion found his mark on the return stroke and beheaded the arrogant chief. Raising his axe in the air, Vulgus bellowed a warning to all others who would dare stand in his way.

The scenario was Vulgus (a maurader with Mark of Nurgle with light armor and a shield) would fight a maurader cheiftain with light armor and a shield. However Vulgus would roll 1 D6 on the Eye of the Gods table (ignoring rolls of 1) before the start of the challange, signifying Nurgle's eye on him.

Hope you all enjoyed the read. More to come!!!

Lister of Smee
20-11-2008, 01:37
the story added alot to your report, I look forward to more

22-11-2008, 16:29
And interesting start, hopefully your next rep will involve armies :)
But a nice apetizer

vinny t
23-11-2008, 01:09
"Master, they come." "Men in red, they come." The troll ended its message with a short bow then loped away, to join its bretheren.
"At last, the tribe of Khorne comes. We will teach them a lesson in the ways of blood" murmured Vulgus.
"Karson, summon the horsemen!" "Today we ride for battle!"

This was a 500 point battle between Vulgus's army and Harothgor's army. To represent the fact that both armies were tribes of Mauraders, no Rare slots or models with Chaos Armor were allowed. The lists were as follows....

Vulgus's Tribe
20 Mauraders of Nurgle with standard, musician, Cheiftan (Vulgus), light armor, and shields
5 Maurader Horsemen with spears and light armor
5 Maurader Horsemen with spears and light armor
3 Trolls

Harothgor's Tribe
20 Mauraders of Khorne with standard, musician, Cheiftan (Harothgor), light armor, shields, and GWs
5 Maurader Horsemen with spears
5 Maurader Horsemen with spears
3 Ogres of Khorne with Great Weapons

The tribe amassed on the horizon was filled with howling mauraders waiting for the bloodletting to begain. A group on crazed mauraders in the middle were only held in check due to Harothgar. The group of massive Ogres on the side of this unit looked particularly deadly. On the far sides were more level-minded horsemen. With an enormous roar, the frenzied tribe blunged down the hill screaming in one collective voice

With a gesture, Vulgus's army made ready to accept the charge, his bodyguard in the center, Trolls flanking them and Horsemen on the far sides.

Taking out the Ogres was the first step, Vulgus directed a unit of horsemen as a sacrifice to cause the Trolls to be in a more favorable position. As soon as the Ogres' flank was open the Trolls charged in, killing the monsters and picking the bones dry. The other horsemen unit rode circles around the enemy horsemen for the entire battle while Vulgus's guard smashed apart five horsemen that charged into him. All was looking up as Harothgar's guard were obliterated with horses in the rear and the victorious unit of trolls in the front. The last 5 Kurgan wheeled around and fled at the sight of Harothgar's body decorating the army standerd.

Victory for the Forces of Decay!!!

06-12-2008, 07:50
nice... good job, i just had my first battle with my warriors and got a draw against VC. keep up the good work.