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20-11-2008, 02:03
I am just getting back into the new edition of WFB and decided to pick up a TK army. Here is my first go at an army list. Any help from you TK vets would be helpful!

- Tomb King: Light Armor, Flail of Skulls, Collar of Shapesh, Cloak of Dunes
- Liche Priest: Hieratic Jar, Dispell
- Liche Priest: Dispell
- Icon Bearer: Light armor, War Banner

- 2x Skeleton Warriors (20) w/ bows
- Light Armored Horsemen
- 3x Chariots (3)

- Tomb Guard (18) w/ Banner of Undying Legion (standard), TK and IB
- 2x Tomb Scorpion

- Screaming Skull Catapult

79 Models
38% Core

Some shooting with the SSC and bowmen along with reaction units of chariots and a strong center with tomb guard. The Scorpions can harass warmachines, etc.
Any thoughts or suggestions?
Are there any plastic alternatives/conversions to the medal Tomb Guard?

20-11-2008, 12:08
What's the king's role? IMHO, the collar and the cloak are at cross purposes. The light horse are worthless. I'd dump them for more TG, and give them the king, with the healing spear, the collar, and maybe the extra wound armor (dunno if the points fit). A king who dumps his wounds on his unit, then heals the unit with his attacks...that's nasty!

20-11-2008, 12:22
Good points... I like the light cav models, but you are most likely right in that they should be dumped.

Would you recommend getting another unit of TG or just increase the size of the one present?

Currently, I was going to put the TK in the unit of TG along with the Icon Bearer.

21-11-2008, 07:47
Oh, yeah. That's another point. Icon bearers are a terrible idea in any non-chariot army. I'd get a third lich priest instead. Actually, if you don't have the points to upgrade the icon bearer to a lich, I'd get rid of him anyway and get more skeletons instead.

For the Tomb Guard, I recommend one block of 22. with the king, you then have 23 models, which gives you 7x3, with 2 throwaway models to keep from losing a rank to light shooting.

21-11-2008, 12:39
Again, thanks for the advice.
What makes the Icon Bearer such a bad idea? I would think that the banner would be helpful. Or is it that the points can be better spent?

Ahhh... I am stuck in the old ways of unit composition. 7x3 sounds likes a good idea.

19-12-2008, 17:40
Here is a second go at the army:
2000 Points of Tomb Kings

Tomb King: light armor, shield, Fail of Skulls, Collar of Shapesh, Cloak of Dunes
Liche Priest: DS, Heirtic Jar
Liche Priest: DS
Liche Priest

Skeleton Warriors w/ bows x20
Skeleton Warriors w/ bows x20
Light Armored Horsemen x5
Chariot x3
Chariot x3
Chariot x3

Tomb Guard x21, Stand, Champ, Banner Undying Legion (TK goes here)
Tomb Scorpion x2


Total 1997

Some shooting to take away ranks. The center should be stable with the tomb guards and skeletons to help. The light horsemen to run around and annoy, perhaps take out warmachines (maybe). The chariots to help draw out units and counter/combine charge.

Further ideas?

19-12-2008, 22:26
Think about moving the cloak of the dunes to your Heirophant (the mobility will really help keep him alive, which is a Good Thing). You can then use the King's extra magic item allotment to give him the Destroyer of Eternities -- which is sickeningly good. Put him in the Guard and watch them mulch people.

Alternately, you could give him a chariot and run him with one of your chariot units. That can be good sometimes.

19-12-2008, 23:21
you could have a better build on your tomb king... consider removing that cloak of the dunes and replacing it with something more appropriate for his role.