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20-11-2008, 06:09
Gorin Eriksson
Shield, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Stone, Rune of Striking, Rune of Fire

Urik the Elder
Battle Standard Bearer, Runic Standard of Courage

Karn the Forsaken
Dragon Slayer
Master Rune of Alaric the Mad

20 Dwarf Warriors
Shields, Command

20 Dwarf Warriors
Shields, Command

10 Quarrellers

10 Thunderers

Bolt Thrower
Engineer, Rune of Penetrating

Bolt Thrower
Engineer, Rune of Penetrating, Rune of Burning

15 Slayers
Musician, Standard Bearer, Troll Slayer


Total: 1500pts
DD: 4

Does anyone know a decent Dwarf hammer unit? I think I've got a fairly decent anvil if the BSB and general stay with one of the Warrior units, but don't know what to use as a hammer. The slayers maybe?

20-11-2008, 14:30
I like it. Should do very well : )

20-11-2008, 16:32
Its a good start, there are a couple of things that I would change though.

Your thane and BSB are both decent for their cost. The dragon slayer though does not need a 50 point runic axe for 2 reasons. Firstly he loses the slayer axes rule and more importantly it makes him too expensive to use in the role that he is most suitied for, a one man tarpit. Mine always dies but he always does something suitible heroic in the process, a complete unit of coldone knights in the last game for instance only to be riddled with crossbow bolts the following turn.

A dragon slayer with no runes is quite possibly the most efficent 50 points you can spend in any army provided that you use him properly.

The rest of your list is good, although I think that your slayer block is a bit too large and they dont really need any command. Slayers are another great tarpit unit (who also die nearly every game) so splashing out on standards etc isnt really worth it IMO.

For a Dwarf hammer units then I think that slayers (with their handy special rules) or small units of great weapon longbeards/hammers 'detatchments' are the way to go.

With that In mind I would drop the dragon slayers rune (definately do this), 5 slayers and the command options from the slayer block (Id probably keep the giant slayer though) and get a unit of 10 warriors with great weapons. Or just shave off 40 points somewhere and give your ranged troops great weapons and use them to countercharge.