View Full Version : help me with a new 2000pts list after gw screwed my old list

20-11-2008, 21:19
ok with the new warriors of chaos book out go my deamonettes :cries:, beastherd and minotaurs :mad:, i have to fill this up again to 2000pts


wulfrik the wanderer : 185pts
chaos sorceror lvl 2, MoT,spell familiar,power familiar , chaos steed : 196pts
exalted hero, MoS,Slaanesh steed,shield,great weapon,beguiling gem, favour of the gods : 208pts


10 chaos warriors fc,shield,halberd,MoT,banner of wrath : 265pts
10 chaos warriors fc,shield,halberd,MoS : 210pts
19 marauders fc,MoS,shields,light armour :144pts
15 marauders fc,MoK,flails : 125pts
7 warhounds : 42pts
7 warhounds : 42pts


5 chaos knights fc, MoT,warbanner : 295pts
5 chaos knights fc, MoS,rapturous standard : 280pts

1992 pts

i've put the 2 mounted characters in the foorwarriors because i think the knights will do fine without them and they will add needed punch to the warriors. dogs screen. "outflanking" wandering mauraders. but is one sorceror enough? is the list good enough for all comers?

leftover models : 2 chaosknights (the metal ones) , prince sigvald, 8 warriors, archaon, deamon prince with wings, belakor, 2 foot sorcerors, giant, 2 spawn

21-11-2008, 09:25
is it total crap ?

21-11-2008, 10:30
not total crap but i would suggest a scroll caddie or a level 4 sorcerer instead of wulfrik, you will need more magic defence than a lowly lvl 2 to protect you in 2k points but im not to good with the new chaos but its just a general army thing

21-11-2008, 11:28
Why units of 7 hounds? 3 units of 5 (you have enough points for the 5th left over) would be much more useful.

Quite a nice friendly list.

21-11-2008, 13:44
Just as skank said: 3x5 warhounds is much better than 2x7.

I would also drop the fcg from the knights - these cost you lots of points that could be spent somewhere else. Same with the marks - you pay extra for something you dont really need/is not worth the cost.

The exalted hero: drop the favour (you'll never make use of it unless you take a warshirne as well), gem and great weapon. Instead take a flail - now you have a guy who can easily hunt warmachines, fast cav or flyers (keep him in marauder block for protection).

Sorcerer: you cant have to arcane items (unless these are DS) so drop the spell familiar for a scroll. Lore of tzeentch is crap (only spell 1 and 6 is always usefull), take nurgle mark instead - the spells are better & easier to cast for lvl 2 mage.

Banner of Wrath: your entire magic phase is weak - either drop it or add a sorcerer or two. Otherwise you only have 4 PD and one bound - something that can be stopped any army with at least minimal magic defense (so its a waste of points...).

21-11-2008, 13:56
i've only got 4 metal hounds en 10 new plastic ones :D
i thought that the wardsave would help the knights a lot
are 5 knights without commandgroup strong enough to break a unit ? i've never tried it before

the exalted model i've got is the slaanesh on serpent, i'd should give him deamonic steed i think to make hem wysiwyg

my bad on the lvl 2 with to much arcane items

is a lvl 4 tzeentch wizard on a disc any good?

putting a lvl 2 nurgle in nurgle marauders is better then the mounted lvl 2 in the warriors?

is going total no-magic a valid option?
should i put in mounted marauders?
what special character is good in 2000 pts?

21-11-2008, 14:06
maybe you shouldnt use a special character to start with start with a generic lord/hero and use them until u are used to the new army because most special characters require an army built around them in stead of built around the army, which is what i am doing with my beasts im building an army around khazrak so that he and the other units that get bonuses are used to maximum capabiltiy

21-11-2008, 14:25
6+ wardsave is not worth it. The only viable use for MoT on knights is when you take blasted standard.

are 5 knights without commandgroup strong enough to break a unit ?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It mainly depends on the unit they are supposed to break and wheter you take lances or not. Generally if you want to break the unit on the charge go for khorne+lances: i dont see any non-unbreakeable unit stand any chance of surviving such a torrent of S6 and S4 attacks (even if the dice are not to kind;))...

For points spent on command you could buy yourself an additional knight - a much better deal imho.

The serpent is fine for warmachine hunting (best option against gunlines) .

It's always better to mount your character (should you only have an appropriate model) because it gives him additional protection and often needed mobility for just 16 or 24 points.

I'd put the sorcerer in the marauders. There are 2 reasons: first, you have more models so you will have the look out sir longer (important when facing gunlines) and secondly you keep the cost of warriors lower (its already high enough...) - the enemy has to decide: should i shoot/charge/whatever the warriors (that are a real threat to me) or maybe i could bring down the sorcerer by charging/shooting the marauders? Otherwise the choice is simple: warriors + sorcerer = firemagnet

I personally believe that only lvl 4 tzeentch sorcerers (though they are expensive) are worth considering as they have more spell and are capable of casting any of them. Normal sorcerers fare much better with nurgle.

Mounted marauders are always a nice addition - if you have some spare points that is...

I never go without any anti-magic protection (lvl 1 sorc w/2xDS at least) but you could give it a try.

I never use any SC and i guess that in 2k games they use up to many points. In 3k maybe? If you definately want to include one then it depends on the way you play and your tactics.