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21-11-2008, 00:29
The #1 spell in lore of shadows: allow a single unmounted character (US1) to make a single flying move (up to 20"). This may be a charge. 5+ to cast.

For WoC it could be taken by having an unmarked sorcerer lord or by giving someone the book of secrets or both!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is figure out the most cheesy combination for this spell for WoC. Here's my contribution:

175 points - Exalted Hero: shield, MoK, Filth Mace, daemonic splendour.
He can easily be in combat on turn 1 and if you have the first turn your opponent's line could be taking terror tests as their first act of the game!

21-11-2008, 00:41
Yeah, and then your Exalted dies as a result of being on foot alone amongst all the enemy.

21-11-2008, 04:46
Cast Pandemonium~ a prequel.

21-11-2008, 06:59
Godless, you're missing the point. He'd be on foot ~causing Terror~ alone amongst the enemies.

Do I think it is the greatest thing since liquid bread? Nope, but I bet it'd be fun to see the look on your opponents face when you did it, and to see how it worked. Besides, I'll bet if you chose your target carefully enough you could really screw with your opponent's battle plan - heck you might even be able to engineer a way to keep him there tying up that unit and causing terror and marchblocking for more than a turn too! Now wouldn't that be something?

Von Wibble
21-11-2008, 16:19
The opponent will only have to take terror checks if the model does't flee from combat though. Considering he has 5 attacks, the most likely scenario is that he causes 3 casualties and loses by 2, taking a ld 6 check. Pretty risky use of a character really.

If the enemy has a squishy target with low static CR and no ASF in the centre of his line it could be good - but I can't think of many times where this will happen. Undead and Daemons aren't affected, high elves have ASF and a good chance to kill you first, dark elves, O+G, skaven all have high static CR, Dwarfs take less casualties and have high ld, and so on....

If you choose a target away from the centre o fthe line then terror is less meaningfull, and chances are you lose the character to shooting / magic.

An option certainly, but imo there are better ways to use the points.

21-11-2008, 18:11
I often use this tactic with my lizardmen using my slaan to use the spell and propel a scar vet forward.

Granted WOC are different but i can giveyou a voice of experience when using a scar vet (5 str 7 attacks, 3+ save [or str 5 and 1+ save] (4++ against str 5+) no fear/terror).

- Always aim for the smallest static CR unit
- Always aim for a flank charge, which is usually quite easy
- You will usually get 2/3 kills and i rarely take one in return and this often wins me combat. Not only would WOC get the terror but beat a unit and run it down you have mass panic checks.
- Doesnt work well against many units as stated by von wibble.
- I cannot stress enough, only use if you have a low static CR target thats not undead or a deamon, chariots, archer units, etc are all good targets.

21-11-2008, 18:31
Exalted: Mark of Tzeentch, Glaive of Putrefaction, Talisman of Protection, Necrotic Phylactery, Shield
= 175

Monster hunter :)

22-11-2008, 00:05
cast in on valkia... she is US 1...

the fact that she can already fly could prove interesting! 40" move effectivly!

24-11-2008, 13:53
Now that is a decent contribution...

24-11-2008, 14:44
cast in on valkia... she is US 1...

the fact that she can already fly could prove interesting! 40" move effectivly!

I like your style, Valkia seems like a better option now ;)

Edit:How about;
Exalted champion - Mark of Khorne - Berserker sword, shield.

8 s5 attacks should be enough to get a win against what ever you're charging ;) on average units you would get 5.3 hits, 4.4 wounds and after saves (average 4+) 3.7 dead, so rounded up it should be 4 dead guys ;) that should stop any attacks back at you, and you will win against small units easily (or even take out cannon crew in one go etc.)