View Full Version : 2,250 Squigs herding Night Goblins

21-11-2008, 07:30
This list will probaby degenerate into a magic-heavy bunch of mushroom munchers but I'm trying to make a Squig themed army capable of winning via melee first.

The two giants are a pair of giant squigs I'm converting up.
The Spider & Wolf Riders are all converted to be Night Goblins using spear models.
Will post pics when they are presentable.

Rare - 410
2 Giants

Special - 540
8 Squig Hoppers
8 Squig Hoppers
Should maximise hurt on a regular front rank with one casualty to spare

5 Squig Herds (4 Rank bonus)
5 Squig Herds
I'd like these to be the heavy lifters in combat, Heroes are designed to up their Leadership

Core - 448
6 Night Goblin Wolf Riders, Musician
6 Night Goblin Spider Riders, Musician
These will be needed to hit whatever is shooting the Giants.
Will probably need more units...
Going to converted Night Goblin spearmen on to these.

30 Night Goblins, Nets, Command
30 Night Goblins, Nets, Command
In ranks of five to minimize fighting models...all about the ranks and standard

Lords - 250
Night Goblin Great Shaman

Heroes - 442
Black Orc Big Boss, Battle Standard
Black Orc Big Boss (being the highest Ld he will be my General?)
Night Goblin Shaman, scroll caddy

This is about 2,250 with three Fanatics thrown in.

I would love to make this an absolute magic fest but I don't think the Herds or Night Goblins will hold without the Leadership, Break rerolls and Black Orc help in close combat...what do you think?

21-11-2008, 14:21
The only thing I'd suggest is that either you make that BSB a spirir totem, or you turn him into a goblin BSB and give him the banner that lets you reroll panic tests (remember that when it says goblins it mean night goblins too).