View Full Version : 1.3k WoC against VC...

21-11-2008, 09:52

After our first game with 1k we decidet to improve with the points and play a slightly bigger game. So we can by smaller things as they are needet instead of spendig to much for the start. And it helps a lot with painting if there aren't to many black's sitting on the table :-).

But here we go. I'm not sure about my smal magic defence, on the other hand I have some punch in my hth capabilitys.

What do you thing? Every comment is welcome!

6 Warhound (36 points)

12 Warriors of chaos, shields, full command, MoS (232 points)

18 Marauder, light armor, shields, full command, MoS (138 points)

5 Marauder horsemen, flails, MoK (105 points)

1 Chariot, MoS (130 points)

5 Chaos Knights, standard bearer, banner of wrath (255)

1 scyla anfingrim (105 points)

1 sorcerer, level 2, 1 dispell scroll (145)

1 champion, horse, zharakks armour, shield, weapon that gains -1 Armor save (151 points)

Thats 1297 all together.

And thats the plan: warriors and marauder blocks in the center, left from them the chariot, right from them the Knights. Perhaps also the champion there. For both Flanks the dogs, the marauder horsemen and the scylia anfingrim. Perhaps the Knights also on a flank because of their frensy from the banner.
Any other ideas?