View Full Version : best beast lore?

The Blades of reason
21-11-2008, 20:36
people just started beasts of chaos and want to know what you think the best lore to use is there is tzenntch, nurgle, slanesh, beasts, darkness and one other cant remember im sure someone can thanks

22-11-2008, 00:50
I guess by darkness you mean shadow, right? The other would be lore of death.

I like lore of beasts best, it has a very low casting generally and all spells are good for BOC. 'Beast cowers' and 'wolf hunts' are amongst the best spells around (beast cowers is amazing on 7+) are their are no duffs.

Seth the Dark
22-11-2008, 03:22
Lore of Beasts is the best choice since its first spell can turn a lowly shaman into a CC beast (no pun intended),

22-11-2008, 07:44
Yep Beast's is my favourite too. Mind you I'm the sort of person who always uses the race specific lists, so Athel Loren for my Wood Elves...etc.

It just feels right to use Beast's. :D

22-11-2008, 08:22
i use beasts because you dont have to worry about having a range character in close combat unit when you can cast bear on him self and the other spells are just awsome

The Blades of reason
24-11-2008, 15:53
i found a great tactic
tzeentch character (hopefully with indigo fire)
as meny nurgle mages with the one that decreases ld and then use indigo to say pass ld at minus (whatever nasty) or die!