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22-11-2005, 19:16
Inquisitor Ryker was praying in the Temple, when an acolyte approached him.

After making the acolyte wait five minutes, Ryker turned around and looked at the young woman before him. A servant to the Inquisition, a person with no name or personality.

'Yes?' asked Ryker, his eyebrow raising.

'A message has come from the Rising Flame, your guests are inbound in twenty minutes,' she said with her eyes lowered.

'Have the meeting room furnished and direct them there,' Ryker ordered. As the acolyte left, Ryker turned to face the aquilla. 'Ave Imperator.'

The Rising Flame dispatched its cargo aboard a shuttle as the recruits for the Inquisitor rode down in complete silence. They were under specific orders not to talk or socialise with anyone and while they were aboard the Rising Flame they were restricted to quarters and not allowed to leave.

When it landed, everyone was shown to the meeting room, where the 'veil of silence' was then lifeted as the acolyte introduced herself.

'All of you have been chosen to work for the Inquisition. This you already know. The Inquisitor will be with you shortly,' he said before leaving.

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Welcome aboard./OoC

General Samuel of the 101
22-11-2005, 19:21
im General Samuel of the 101 Cadian-says the man with the black hair
so what businness do this inquisitor has for us?
you know, i dont like waiting too much

Commander X
22-11-2005, 19:55
Shur was staring in front of him, softly tapping the ground with the point of his talon. He wasn't quite sure what he was doing here, and why he ever agreed to come with those suspicious-looking persons. He wouldn't speak up just yet, he'd let the others start talking among themselves first. Then it would be clear soon enough who was worthy and who wasn't.

'I don't expect many good things to happen here.' he thought to himself 'They say Inquisitors aren't exactly the people to hang around with, I wonder if they're right...'

General Samuel of the 101
22-11-2005, 19:57
he looked at the man in front of him
what are you thinking boy? spit it out(fixed)

Commander X
22-11-2005, 19:59
OOC: Psst, you can't read thoughts;) :OOC

22-11-2005, 20:08
Ruben emerged from the shadows. He wore a simple non-specifc grey fatigue and carapace, A sword was loosley hanging at his belt, next to it a plasma pistol and some grenades. He wore badges of the malphesteron guard and two medals hung on his carapace, one the medalion crimson, the other the malphesteron cross. He saluted the general, even though he was from a different regiment "veteran sergeant Ruben quinn sir" he greeted, his voice scarred, rough and deep.

Ruben noticed the man looked young for a general, younger than he was.

General Samuel of the 101
22-11-2005, 20:11
good good, but tell me from where regiment do you come?

22-11-2005, 20:14
"Malphesteron guard sir, XXI company, 2nd platoon sir" ruben said proudly.

General Samuel of the 101
22-11-2005, 20:16
so that means i have to present myself?
I am General Samuel Karr Stern Supreme Commander of the Cadian 101th
under direct order of Castellan Lord Ursarkar E. Creed

22-11-2005, 20:18
"A pleasure to meet you sir"

General Samuel of the 101
22-11-2005, 20:21
yes yes you seem to be a quite good boy
but emperor be with us ,when this inquisitor will arrive!!!
i cant wait too much

22-11-2005, 20:27
"never served with an inquisitor sir, I hear they can do anything, ill be suer not cross this guy" Ruben assured the general.

22-11-2005, 20:28
[Learn how to use punctuation, please GS101?]

"It has been a mere minute since we arrived in this room," said the man now sitting down with his feet upon the table, in his hands he was playing with a pack of cards with skulls on the back, "the Inquisitor will arrive when he wants to arrive. In the mean time," he sat down properly and held the deck of cards in his hands, "anyone want a game of Terra's Hand?"

General Samuel of the 101
22-11-2005, 20:29
(ok using punctuation)
oh you rigth inquisitors do anything to get the job done,even killing when he seems fit

22-11-2005, 20:30
Jonas walked into the room and looked around yep he was the youngest here then again there weren't to many 16 year olds as taleneted as him. there weren't many people period that were as good with guns as he was.

Jonas looked around it seemed like there were some up tight guard heads here he had allready gotten enough of them in his short life time.

Jonas sat down at a table and pulled his pistols out for some reasons they hadn't let him have loaded guns on the ship.

Jonas pulled out two clips and a box of bullet and begun to put each bullet in the clip one at a time as he wacthed the growing crowd. most Guard were bad enough but this General seemed to be something esle

"Shiny little wuss proply never seen his enimey through anything besides a chart" he said not overtaly but loud enough for some one to hear

General Samuel of the 101
22-11-2005, 20:32
can you stop speaking like a Greenskin?-the general aproximmatted the young boy
i makes me sick,so is you please
also remember dont insult inquisitors like that, it will put you at the bad side of his gun

22-11-2005, 20:33
"Yes sir I have heard rumours of the inquisitions actions, i dont belive killing everything gets the job done, although force dpes get teh message across" Ruben noticed the newcomer, a young boy, staring at the general 2You got somethin to say... boy" he asked harshly.

22-11-2005, 21:07
Jonas had a bad habit of getting into fights.

"I wasn't talking about some Inquistor Pal I was talking about you" Jonas said as he slamed a clip into one of his guns. looking at the genreal

"and as for you" Slaming another clip into his other gun
"What hasn't all ready been said about you Guard Jarheads? hows it feel to be the tool of some fat guy sitting in chair? If you like being controled thats fine but I rather plan my own life" As he cocked his gun

"do You have anything you wanna say?"

22-11-2005, 21:11
Ruben smiled a devlish smile. "hahahahaha" he laughed, you think your gonna threaten me with those little peashotters there" ruben said, he walked towards the boy...

General Samuel of the 101
22-11-2005, 21:13
no, i think you should shut up boy i got the rigth to kill you is i want
-and drawing his mastercraft bolt pistol at the same time- so dont try anything-
i have seen more war than you think-putting the pist. back at his holster

22-11-2005, 21:19
"I see worthless drgs like you all the time, smart ass youths who think they can take on the world, I scraped scum like you up for three years in teh military police, you'r nothing boy" Ruben spoke menacingly, anyone with sence wouldnt mess with him.

General Samuel of the 101
22-11-2005, 21:25
yes-nearing more the boy-scum who thinks that are better that our gracius Emperor and only cause problems-you dont know what is beyond the stars and so you are nothing but scum

Thane McHammer
22-11-2005, 21:25
A laugh, high and light, drifted across the room.

"My...not even formal greetings and we're already at arms..."

The speaker was a tall blond man. To call him good looking would be an understatement, but to call him doctile would be fatal. He was dressed richly, with tight leather pants and soft knee-high boots. He wore no shirt, but instead a light coat of felt, lined with fur (Think pimp coat). It was opened to flow easily, revealing a hard wedge of chest, ladder abdomeb, and two piercings. His blond hair was swept back into a neat tail, tied with a black ribbon, and he paused to brush back a strand that had come loose. As he did so, the 6 or so earrings that adorned his ears flashed as they caught the light.

With light steps he moved though them.

"You'll be wise, "general", to put your gun away" He gave a light smile as he did so, but to underscore his point, he let the folds of his coat fall open. Strapped to his hips were two ornate swords, power rapiers. Each one was fitted with duelist grips, and it was apparent that they had seen much use.

"If this is the kind of behaviour I'm to expect while working with you all", he chuckled, rounding on them all, "Then I deem this mission a failure from the start."

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Someone muttered.

The man gave them all a smile.

"Caleb Fox, my friends, but you can call me Fox. Thief, rogue, lover, dancer..." He gave them all a wink. "Killer..."

General Samuel of the 101
22-11-2005, 21:28
another karma addict,great!-taking his power sword back at his holster
i dont want to have problems with you but be wary looks arent everything

22-11-2005, 21:30
Ruben frowned "hmm...let me guess another criminal, well you have the look of a killer, not a soldier but a killer, you don look like a man that has seen battle" Ruben anounced, he could make judjments, all teh time he told soldiers from civilians, tehy had differet looks. This man was different, abosorbing, charismatic yet edgey, shiftey even.

22-11-2005, 21:39
[By "punctuation" I meant speech marks! And capital letters, commas and periods, but mainly speech marks.]

The Mannequin tutted, shaked his head, put his feet back up on the table, and replaced the pack of cards in his hand with an archaic plasma pistol he had pulled out his his right arm's secret compartment.
"Fools... know nothing of gun safety..." he said quietly as he dismantled and examined each part of his gun.

[I'm getting a bit confused, I can't tell who's talking/thinking about who, so could you please be a bit more clear? Like instead of "Ruben frowned" you could put "Ruben frowned at the young man" please?]

22-11-2005, 21:39
"in fact I do know of the stars above i was born on a star ship. i fought and murder my way to stay alive even had to kill a commissaner to do so. don;t speak to me like I don't know whats going on" Jonas said as he cocked both his guns.
Jonas didn't want to kill anyone but hurting or severly injury was still fair game

General Samuel of the 101
22-11-2005, 21:43
-do you know the treat of the Tau or the orks or maybe the Chaos?-
-do you have figted them?-
-and killing a commissar is a death sentence on most Imperial worlds!-
and examining a small hand computer he taked out of his pockets
-so is you please i going to check my records....-

22-11-2005, 21:46
Ruben still drew no wepaons "You think your gonna hurt someone kid?, you fire one of those guns it'll make me real mad, and you dont wanna make me mad boy2 ruben warned, his face was serious, a dangerous glint in his eyes.

22-11-2005, 21:46
[Grammar wouldn't go amiss either. You know PLURALS and stuff. And I still don't see any speech marks.]

"Commissars," sneered the man examining his plasma pistol's trigger mechanism, "ego bloated imperial windbags."

Thane McHammer
22-11-2005, 21:47
The Fox was bored with this show of guns and muscle, and moved towards the man with the plasma pistol.

It was of richly decorated, and he found himself mentally calculating how much he could get for it on the market. He averted his eyes though. No sense in coveting a comrades equipment.

Put the rulers away boys... he thought to himself. I've got you all beat.....a light grin flitted across his face.

((MY GODS! My eyes are going to hang themselve on their optic nerves if I have to try and decipher the horrid spelling and punctuation that's going on here...please, lingual genocide isn't nice...think of the children!))

General Samuel of the 101
22-11-2005, 21:47
"maybe they are maybe not"
"but they keep the troops at check"

22-11-2005, 21:49
"I f you ask me theyve got the wrong idea, a leaders role on teh battlefeild is to protect his men at all cposts, not kill them" Ruben voiced his opinion but kept his eyes on the boy.

22-11-2005, 21:49
[Yes, the letters will kill you if you do not write them properly.

They are watching you, with their I's.]

The Mannequin grew suspicious of the man now standing near him, and checked his plasma pistol parts again to ensure the man had not stolen any. Content that he had not, The Mannequin reassembled the gun and replaced it into his right arm. Until this shifty man moved away, The Mannequin decided he would not remove the pistol's twin from his other arm for inspection.

22-11-2005, 21:54
"but I wasn't on a world now was I and i do know of thoes threats but have only fought ork pirates"
Jonas hated this beucarats
"LISTEN IM NOT HERE TO SEE WHO DID WHAT IM HEAR TO SERVE MY SENTACE AND THEN GET THE FRAG OUT OF HERE!!!!" Jonas had had enough he pulled out both of his pistols and cocked them pointing it at the 2 guardsmens faces

Thane McHammer
22-11-2005, 21:54
Fox was insulted. From the man's face, he could tell that the man thought him a theif...which he was...but not a common criminal.

"If I was going to steal anything, I would at least have the decency to make sure you didn't notice me." He chuckled.
Turning, and heading towards the bar, he called back over his shoulder.

"And keep that other compartment locked."

A long and loud internal monologue began, mostly curses and swears. He had given up a chance to hit the palace of a certain well-to-do govenor...for this?! Arggg!!

22-11-2005, 22:01
Ruben smiled as the boy aimed the pistol at his face, in a falsh the veteran sergeant was crouched down, plasma pistol aimed at the boy. "You better put them down son, this thing can do some serious damadge2 Ruebn warned, ready to shoot if he saw any trigger tention.

22-11-2005, 22:01
[Thane, check my profile picture, I have a metal mask on. I guess you didn't check that. You could easily change it to "the man's actions", though, it would make sense.]

Although The Mannequin hadn't heard what the man had said at first, he heard the man's threat. The Mannequin grabbed his large power sword off his back and examined it.
"And you better keep them hands of yours to yourself, or it won't be my pistols you'll be worrying about," said The Mannequin as he brushed some dirt off the blade and returned it to its sheath. Although he was sure the man didn't fear him, rather despised him, after his threat, he was content that in this room full of people, that he would not attempt a robbery, and took out his plasma pistol out of his left arm and began to examine it in much the way of the first.

22-11-2005, 22:05
"this wouldn;t be the frist time i got shot but how good would it look to kill a boy? speicaly if you shoot the first round?" he said with a smile

General Samuel of the 101
22-11-2005, 22:06
"oh little boy want to kill guardsmen"-holding his bolt pistol in his hand-"dont try anything funny"

22-11-2005, 22:08
"You underestimate the Imperial forces," said The Mannequin as he peered down the now removed barrel of his pistol, "They'll easily pass it off as an execution for murde of one of 'The Emperor's most high Commissars'." This last he did in a squeaky voice and used air quotes to show his disapproval of the Emperor's 'love me or I'll kill you' policy.

22-11-2005, 22:11
"no i don;t want to kill a guardsmen, i want to kill a ignorant Prick!"

Jonas allready knew this wasn;t gonna end well

Thane McHammer
22-11-2005, 22:12
Fox was sprawled on top of the bar, a tall glass filled with the drink he had mixed slowly feeding him the alcohol he needed via a long straw.

"Welcome to the most disfunctual party on the planet..."

General Samuel of the 101
22-11-2005, 22:15
he took his Power sword and helding it "say it again,i dare you"

22-11-2005, 22:17
The Mannequin replaced his fully-functional plasma pistol within his arm and looked at the 2-way gun situation next to him. He thought it would be fun to make it a 3-way gun situation, but he was getting paid too much for this job. He stood up and wandered over to a door, then turned to look back at the boy, the sergeant and the general,
"Oh, sergeant, general?" he said, they glanced at him, "I believe the Inquisitor would be mighty unhappy should you kill one of his hired goons before he even meets him," The Mannequin opend the door and leaned out to see where the Inquisitor was. The decorated golden and marble hallway was empty, so The Mannequin returned to his seat inside the room.

22-11-2005, 22:17
Jonas slowly backed away form the genreal he wasn't a close combat man as he backed away he slowly spoke


OoC/its soo much fun playing a punk!!!/OoC

General Samuel of the 101
22-11-2005, 22:21
"well, i never have the reasons to kill him,maybe to incapacitate him a bit?"
putting back the sword where he belonged
"maybe incapacitating his hands to make him unable to shoot his pistols again?"

22-11-2005, 22:22
"Hey, if that happens he can borrow my hands," said The Mannequin removing one hand with the other. He then replaced it and began humming soem drum and bass tune to himself.

22-11-2005, 22:23
Jonas put his pistols away he spined them on his hands and threw them in the air letting them fall directly into there hostlers.

jonas went down to bar and ordered a drink normal the bartender wouldn;t have gave it to him but he didn;t want to get killed

22-11-2005, 22:26
"thans back there i could have took either one on alone but not if they both came at me" Jonas said to the Mannequin

22-11-2005, 22:32
"It's okay," replied The Mannequin, "the one you wouldn't have killed would have felt the wrath of the Inquisitor... if he ever gets here."

23-11-2005, 00:17
With a piston-like exhalation the doors slid open and Sophie strode in, her light step a harsh contrast to her blood-red armour and quite open armament. With a passive face she looked around the room, glancing over all of the patrons but eyeing noone in particular. She shrugged to herself, having overheard only a small amount of the phallic comparisons going on between the men and found herself an uncomfortable but nonentheless serviceable pillar to lean on.

Sophie crossed her arms and let her gaze wander again, this time taking in the room's occupants properly. She let herself sigh, realising that this was going to be far from easy, considering the group she would be serving with. It definitely wasn't like this in the Bloodhawks, though she doubted she'd be seeing any of the usual action she saw with the Bloodhawks. She missed her squad's Valkyrie, the Crimson Raven already. Dropping her arms to her sides she let her right hand toy casually with the handle of her Katana while her left played upon the grip of one of her Bolt Pistols. She smiled to herself; her weapons always let her feel at ease.

23-11-2005, 00:47
OoC/BMaxwell, there are no bars here. Its a Puritan Inquisitorial Base. No drinking, as alcohol is a sin./OoC

Inquisitor Ryker entered the meeting room and looked around. Quickly withdrawing his bolt pistols, he shot both at the wall.

Quickly silencing all the commotion, Ryker turned to them all and sat down.

'I am still waiting on people to complete the journey here. Once they have arrived, I will give the briefing and your specific orders,' Ryker said in a commanding voice as he rehosltered his weapons. 'I will now merely sit here and referee the more brutish of my recruits.'

23-11-2005, 00:58
Sophie grinned at the Inquisitor's display, laughing to herself as she thought of the poor bastard who'd have to fix up the new craters in the wall. If everyone's behaviour kept up, even if only to a slight degree, she decided she'd find this journey very amusing. She just hoped she'd never give the Inquisitor a reason to silence herself.

23-11-2005, 02:25
"We're here," the pilot called back ino the small passenger bay as the tiny shuttle touched town inside the hanger of the base. The pilot flicked a few switches and the entire suttle went dark for a moment, and then was lit dimly by the red backup lights. He looked back at the single figure onboard his shuttle.

"Why didn't you go down with the others?" the pilot asked, stepping into the passenger bay.

"I had to finish givng a report," the man said, not looking at the pilot.

"A report? On what?" the pilot asked, knowing he was being too inquisical.

"Debriefing from my previous assigment. Now I suggest you stop asking questions before you lose the ability to speak all togeter. The pilot frowned slightly at the man.

"Need any help with your bags?" He asked

"No thank you," the man said, slowly standing up.

"Are you sure, it's no problem," the pilot said, bending down to pick up the man's bag. The man's hand shot out and clamped onto the pilot's wrist with a vice like grip. The pilot gasped slightly and looked up at the man. He had a cold, furious look in his eyes. "I'm s..s..s..orry," the pilot sputtered out as the man let go of his arm.

"I'm sorry if I seem rude," the man said as he picked up his bag as if nothing had happened, "But I am a little protective of my belongings." The pilot just nodded, staring wide eyed at the man. The man reached for a chainsword that he had racked before the shuttle took off, and pulled it down, slinging it around his back. "Be seeing you," the man said as he turned and exited the shuttle, waving goodbye to the pilot with a claw-like hand.

The man swiftly crossed the hanger, moving towards an awaiting servitor. "I am looking for..." he started but the synthesised voice of the servitor cut him off.

"Are you with Inquisitor Ryker?" It asked him.

"Yes, I am Kalendris Mave, I ne...." but Kalen was interrupted again, the servior brining a strange instrument up to his eyes.

"Retinal scan match. Kalendris Mave, your tardiness has upset Inquisitor Ryker." the servitor said.

"I know, I was simply," Kalen began, but the servitor interrupted him yet again.

"There is no excuse Kalendris Mave, be warned that this type of behavior will not be tolerated in the future," the servitor said. "Follow me," it said, turning on its treads and moving towards the door. Kalen followed it through the door and down several cold, steel hallways, the hum of the servitors engine the only noise audible until Kalen heard two loud bangs. "This is the room," the servitor said, stopping in front of a door. Kalen put his bags down and unslung his chainsword, handing it to the servitor.

"Deposit these in whatever quarters I have been provided," Kalen said, opening the door. He briefly glanced around at the others assembled in the room and his face grew hot as he saw Inquisitor Ryker. He hurriedly walked towards a chiar in a corner and sat down.

[[Alright, I will not be able to post for the rest of the night, just FYI]]

23-11-2005, 02:38
Jonas sat down and had a drink of water he opened up a small flask that he had him self and put a slight bit of lemon spice really woke him up and allowed him to think straight.

he hoped something like what just happened wouldn;t happen again when theyh were on assingment he might not be able to control him self

OoC/sorry about that slaz/OoC

Captain Marius
23-11-2005, 12:15
The door to the chamber hissed open and a large silhouette seemed to fill the space. The shadow stepped quickly into the room and saluted the Inquisitor. "Sergeant Anton Octavian, reporting as ordered, sir," he barked.

"You may take a seat, sergeant," the Inquisitor replied.

Octavian was a bull of a man, built like a Catachan. He wore dark green carapace armour over a black flak suit. His combat sword and hellpistol were at his hip, along with his helmet and a variety of grenades in webbing. The harsh light of the chamber glinted off of his short, steel-grey hair, and iluminated the short horizontal scar on his left cheek. A tattoo of the Imperial Aquila adorned his forehead.

The storm-trooper took a seat and surveyed the room quickly, assessing potential threats in an instant as he had been trained to do. There were an assortment of figures here, many of whom Octavian determined to be quite dangerous. He recognised a brother storm-trooper and gave the man a respectful nod, then saluted the Cadian General who sat opposite. The rest seemed to be civilian scum, but he made eye contact with each in turn, nodding politely.

"What's all this about then, sir?" he asked loudly.

<Cor blimey that's quite a few posts to plough through :eek: Good to see the spelling and grammar is improving though!>

Commander X
23-11-2005, 12:58
OOC: Uhm yeah, what Marius said... :OOC

'Some party they assembled here. I hope they didn't mistake me for some sort of criminal, most here could easily pass for those...'

After looking at what had entered and started all but fighting in here, Shur didn't really feel comfortable. The way things were looking, most of the others would be happy to see eachother killed. Perhaps that was the whole intent of him being here, but he'd await whatever that Inquisitor had to say.

The only persons that Shur didn't immediatly see as unworthy bothers were the last two to come in. One Sergeant who appeared not to be intent on getting anybody killed anytime soon, and another Pitfighter. Shur decided not to speak up, this place wasn't any good, and he wanted to get out as soon as he could.

23-11-2005, 13:10
"Ah, Inquisitor Ryker," said The Mannequin as the man marched to his chair, "finally decided to join us. You were worshipping the Emperor no doubt, you puritan types usually are worshipping the Emperor instead of getting anything done."

Captain Marius
23-11-2005, 15:06
Sergeant Octavian raised an eyebrow at the tone of the masked Mannequin. "Hey hey, watch it friend, you don't speak like that to the boss." He looked directly into the visor of the mask and continued "I'd also personally appreciate it if you didn't speak so lightly of the divine Emperor. He's watching, you know." The storm-trooper grinned and touched the tattoo on his forehead with his index finger, then leaned back and took a swig of water from his canteen.

23-11-2005, 16:33
Ruben strolled over to teh fellow sergeant, plasma pistol now holstered, he sat by him. "hello, veteran sergeant Ruben Quinn" he offered his had, always glad to meet other sergeants.

23-11-2005, 18:40
"Oh please," said The Mannequin, "don't try to convert me, not even your 'most holy warriors' the Adeptus Astrates believe The Emperor to be a true god. He is a powerful and intelligent yet misguided man, or, at the very least, he has lead his successors to be misguided. Be assured that I am only here as my hatred for chaos, is far greater than my hatred of the Imperium and my love of the Xenos.
"But now," The Mannequin said as he pulled his feet off the table and leaned forward, "is not the time for policial and religious discussion. Now is the time for you telling us what we have to do, Mr. Ryker?"

General Samuel of the 101
23-11-2005, 18:50
"well,so Inquisitor Ryker?"-said the general taking a seat in front of the inquisitor
"what job you have for us?"

23-11-2005, 19:07
Ooc/From now on, I say, until Ryker speaks, that all actions done by other characters are done before GS101's last post./Ooc

24-11-2005, 04:29
From a shadowed corner of the darkened room, whose flickering candlelight cast twisted shadows across the granite hall, he watched the unfolding scene. Bolters were brandished, egoes were flung bodily at one another, while graceful warriors artfully rattled their metaphorical and rather non metaphorical sabres. Pelthalos studied each one in turn from behind his hooded cowl. Thus far, they had taken him for a servitor, a comparison he was not fond of, but would serve him for the moment.

He imagined the wounds that each weapon in turn could make, and imagined the kind of surgery that would be required to heal each one. Bolter wounds - he had seen many of those. Typically they required heavy steel sutures, sacred oil 1076 and split thickness skin grafting. Or cyber replacement/augmentation. Plasma weapons on the other hand, those were difficult. Both for the bearer and those they fought, and for the apothecaries who tended them. Typically, they required immersion in sacred oil 2072 for several days, plus regular dressing changes and then cyber augmentation/replacement, which was typically complicated by the genious scourge, putule formation and incomplete, disordered neural reversal. Grim work, thought pelthalos idly.

The Inquisitor made his enterance as floridly and dramatically as the others had attempted to, however, unlike the others, the Inquisitor succeeded in making an impression. Hmm, so that's what our commander is liken to be.

His cloak gathering about him, pelthalos stood up and slowly strode out of the shadows, his grey cloak flowing about him. Using his cyber augmentation, he focussed in upon and magnified the image of the Inquisitor's face, storng it in the memory banks of the implant. Likewise his stored photos and close ups of each of the assembled gathering, with particular reference to their iris identification. Later he would take skin shedding samples and store their DNA profiles. He had seen some few and extreme examples of what the Empyrean could do to a man's genotype/phenotype, but the body of literature in regard to this was heavily guarded. He would add this information to his personal research - besides, it would be interesting to see how those exposed to a malleus Inquisitor's service would change over the months ahead...

/OOC I have exams finishing in 1 week, so I'll be a little quiet for not too long. Esp considering the rate at which posts are going up on here, geez/ OOC

Captain Marius
24-11-2005, 13:57
Choosing to ignore the heretical ravings of the masked mercenary, Sergeant Octavian shook the offered hand of Veteran Sergeant Quinn. "Malphesteron Guard eh?" he asked, recognising the man's uniform. "I fought under the command of one of your officers on Darnock Two. Man knew what he was doing, we completed our objective with zero casualties. I'm from Bellerephon, proud to be serving the Inquisition." With a sly grin he continued "though I hear these fellas have a knack for getting us into the worst kind of trouble."

24-11-2005, 14:04
Ruben grinned "yeah, ive heard those rumours too, but whats the guard for if not getting in and out of trouble" ruben joked, "and you served on darnock II you say?, yes our regiment often gets atached to the caidans, in fact some of our troops are cadian. Our officers generaly know wht there doing, you see ,alot of them started out as regualr guardsmen rather than officer cadets, they know what its like on the battlefeild, not that theres anything wrong with officer training" ruben retorted.

24-11-2005, 14:45
Jonas wacthed the men talk he was a bit to harsh. but he wouldn't apolgoize to the guardsmen. he wouldn't bring him self that low

25-11-2005, 04:39
Sophie stifled a yawn, continuing to lean against her uncomfortable yet serviceable pillar, despite the slight ache in her back that was developing. It was too hot in here, and she was tired of the mens' banter, instead she was more interested in what the Inquisitor was going to offer them.

25-11-2005, 14:52
Pelthalos allowed his cloak to billow behing him as he briefly knelt on one knee in the shadows of the pillars and cloaks. Reaching down with one gloved index finger, he touched a strand of black hair that had fallen, carefully lifting it from the dusty chamber floor. He unfastened a chased silver flask in the other hand, and tipped the item in for future analysis.

He stood up, blankly regarding the dark, balefully fixed eyes of the female asiatic whose hair he had poached. Gently twitching a corner of his mouth in the folds of his cowl, he turned away to face the Inquisitor, who seemed as if about to speak.

General Samuel of the 101
25-11-2005, 19:26
(how asiatic?,this isnt terra)

Well,so are you in the guard ,lady?-the general pointed his head againts sophie

General Samuel of the 101
27-11-2005, 00:29
( so when is this going to continue)

27-11-2005, 07:30
Sophie looked up, eyebrows raised in mock surprise. Nodding slowly, she spoke.

"Takahashi Bloodhawks, as we're known. What about yourself... sir?"

Somewhat unsure of how rank was played out in this situation, she cocked an eyebrow at her question.

(Samuel, seeing as you don't seem to bother looking in the Recruitmen/OOC thread I'm going to ask again... try and keep the OOC out of this thread - it really spoils the mood. Especially in the form of a double post :()

General Samuel of the 101
27-11-2005, 18:37
"Cadian 101th Regiment under direct order of Lord Castellan" the general said
"Supreme Commander of the Regiment Pointed by Cadia High Command"

Captain Marius
28-11-2005, 00:08
Impressed with the seniority of the General, Sergeant Octavian inclined his head to the man. "What brings you to this neck of the woods, sir?" he asked, idly scratching the tattoo on his forehead.

General Samuel of the 101
28-11-2005, 00:15
"well,the satisfaction of working for the ordo Malleus and of the destroying of Chaos"-said the general-"that all,soldier"-"and Inquisitor Ryker a Old Friend of mine"

28-11-2005, 12:31
OoC/Sorry about the long delay. Upgrading the internet connection to 22mg broadband and it took the new router a few days to get used to its new role.

Also I do believe a few ground rules need to be settled in. OoC comments in the recruitment thread unless its abosutely neccassary. Second, if I do disappear for a few days, please bare with me, sometimes its reality interferring with my Warseer time ok? Lastly, SonofAbbadon I give the orders and the directions not you. Not remove the OoC posts please as they are not really neccassary and I would appreciate if you allowed me to GM, not yourself ok?

Ryker looked at everyone and stood up.

'I have summoned you all here as I have reasons to believe this sector of space brinks on the grasp of the Great Enemy's forces and anything either way can tip the balance,' Ryker said pointing to a hololith display. 'I have contacted the Inquisitorial prescence in the sector and they have agreed to aide us. The Ordo Xenos controls that part of space because of its proximity to an Eldar craftworld and I will be doing my operation with their full support. I cannot say anymore other than once we get to Asteriod #T03-54Ret78, we will be investigating Tretos Prime, the home of the Lord Governor of the sector.'

Ryker scanned everyone, allowing a silence to settle in.

'Any questions?' asked Ryker.

28-11-2005, 12:38
At the Inquisitor's sudden movement Sophie spun around, her complete attention on the man. Mulling over his words for a few seconds, a few things occurred to Sophie, only two of which she deemed impotant enough to bring up. Raising a palm she gained the Inquisitor's attention, and with his nod she spoke up.

"Can we expect any Eldar interference, or for that matter... support? Also, do we have any expectations of the situation on Tretos Prime? Just what sort of world are we looking at?"

The words spilled out rather hurriedly, and Sophie suppressed a smile as she finished divulging her queries. It was an odd, almost heady experience working for an Inquisitor, and they hadn't even really begun.

28-11-2005, 13:17
Raising an eyebrow at the quick witted questions of what he now knew to be a bloodhawks stormtrooper sergeant, he turned back to survey the chamber and the unfolding briefing - brief though it was, thus far.

Pelthalos studied the hololith display. It was an area of space that his second-last tour of duty, a cruiser named the sword of righteousness, had been operating in 3 years previously. During that time the small battlefleet had come under attack by a significant Eldar force. He knew little of it, mainly tending crew wounded by the ferocious energy weapons employed by the xenos.

It was far more likely, thought Pelthalos grimly, that they would be encoutnering what the sergeant so nonchalantly referred to as 'interference.'

It occured to him to say as much, but it was not wise to pre-empt the response of an Inquisitor...

28-11-2005, 13:22
"Do we get any kind of temporary command over anyone? Or are we loney pawns in your galactic game of facist chess?" asked The Mannequin in his usual disrespectful manner.

28-11-2005, 14:16
Turning to Sophie, Ryker nodded.

'The Eldar seem to be busy with other matters and according to records from the Ordo Xenos, the Eldar raiding parties and other attacks have not been as frequent. There are a few contacts within the Asteriod base that can get us in contact with the Eldar if the need arised,' Ryker said looking at Sophie directly. 'As to their interference, only they truly know what they are up to and as stated have been quiet as of lately. Still if any Xenos is met, kill with extreme predjuce unless I say otherwise.'

Ryker heard the Mannequin make his usual comments and Ryker calmed himself at the man's lack of respect. If the man was not useful, Ryker would have had him shot dead. Maybe he still would.

'I have a company of Grey Knights in waiting, in case things get messy,' Ryker said bluntly. 'We are not going into a war saturated society. The 13th Black Crusade has left this area of space relatively untouched and we will be utilising methods of indirect approaches until armed forces will be needed. Is that clear?'

28-11-2005, 16:10
Jonas was upset it looked like he would have to not use his trusted lead throwers for a time being.

Captain Marius
28-11-2005, 17:02
"Well sir, I'm ready to follow your orders to the letter," Sergeant Octavian stated. "Any opportunity we get to make this galaxy a better place."

He leaned over to Veteran Sergeant Quinn; "Damn, he's got a force of Grey Knights on call? Sounds like we might be in for a whole world of trouble." He grinned; "Not that that bothers me or anything."

28-11-2005, 19:01
Ruben grinned back at the sergeant "he he, sounds like we've got competition, best make sure we kill plenty of trators" Ruben chuckled before turning to the inquisitor "Sir, i am glad to be seving under you sir and I was wanderingg waht kind of chain of command we are following, are we following guard command and if so were does this plase these... indivduals" Ruben asked motioning to the non-imperial members of the group.

General Samuel of the 101
28-11-2005, 22:30
"yes"-said the general-"Inquisitor,I am Ready to Fight Chaos to Make the galaxy Safer"-"As Sergeant Ruben Said"-turning to Ruben-"what Chain of Command can we Expect?"-"and about the Grey Knights,I have Worked with then before,so i am not incomfortabla around them"

29-11-2005, 00:24
Jonas had never heard such Purtain talk in his life it made him some what sick to his stomach.

he guessed that these people were to small minded to figure that out but he would wait and see

29-11-2005, 00:38
Sophie nodded at the Inquisitor's words, more to herself than for any other sake. At the mention of Grey Knights however, Sophie perked up. She had heard the rumours, wild tales of daemon invasions and banishments. She'd even heard the tallest tale of all, rumours of a daemonic war that had shattered Armageddon, ending only with the Grey Knights' involvement. She'd never believed the tales entirely, letalone expected to have anything to do with the Grey Knights themselves. She almost snorted at the General's questions. Noone had worked with the Grey Knights and survived, everyone knew that - only the Emperor's holiest, the Adeptus Astartes were spared after contact with the Grey Knights. She kept this tidbit to herself however, and joked with the man instead.

"Worried about losing rank to rank-and-file troopers, General?" She teased, letting the playful jest show upon her face.

General Samuel of the 101
29-11-2005, 00:42
The general looked at the girl-"is not that ,S-O-L-D-I-E-R ,but i think the ones that should be in command should be the ones with more Tactical Training and Experience"

29-11-2005, 01:46
Sophie grinned and looked pointedly at the Inquisitor, her meaning very clear.

"No disrespect General but I don't believe we're in the Guard now, and I daresay those with the relevant experience most definitely are in command. Of course, if you'd like to step up I'd love to get in the situation where those Grey Knights are necessary. I've never had the pleasure of working with legends before."

29-11-2005, 01:50
Pelthalos smirked in the shadows beneath his cowl.

If being a commander was about tactical training and experience, it would appear that the General was in a hereditary position. He silently thanked the Emperor that as a Navy Officer, he was outside this man's direct chain of command.

Nevertheless, there were many unanswered questions in the Inquisitor's briefing. He decided it was time to make his presence less silent.

Pelthalos finally let his hood fall from his face, revealing his gold-embroidered high collar and Navy Tags.

"My Lord Inquisitor, if we are using 'indirect approaches,' are we to be travelling (he winced as he pronounced the cliche he was called upon to use) Incognito? If we are indeed a clandestine mission, what shall be our cover? Are we to be meeting Inquisitorial agents that are already upon this world?

Along this vein My Lord, might I humbly request a short precie of the history and traditions of the world which awaits us? I shall look toward to reviewing its historical achives in due course, but an introduction to the relevant aspects of the culture, history and custom would be invaluable to creating some semblence of subterfuge..."

29-11-2005, 09:40
Ryker looked at the Navy Officer and nodded his head. Ryker already had that planned.

'This has already been taken care of, Pelthalos,' Ryker said as he operated the hololith before him. It changed to a planet that looked like an agricultural world than anything else as it flickered on and off on the screen. Ryker quickly slammed his fist down and the flickering stopped. 'Deus Ex Mechanicus.'

Ryker then stood up and waited for complete silence.

'This is Tretos Prime, its an agricultural planet in the mist of an Industrial revolution,' Ryker said clearing his throat. 'In another hundred years or so, this green filled planet will be nothing but intoxicatants and coast to coast of industrial forges. Till then, the natural beauty of the planet remains. We are arriving during a special event that celebrates the day the Tretos sector was freed from Chaos by the Saint Joan of the Roseblood Sisterhood and her battle sisters. To use this event, I have been given security codes and other markings to have us registered as entertainers. However, you will not be required to 'dress up' as I plan to keep the retinue divided into smaller groups as it will be easier to operate. Also the Abrites and the Planetary Governor does not know of our mission, nor would I like to be revealed. If we are revealed, I will have some one's head on a stake.'

Ryker sat back down as an acolyte gave everyone a datapad.

'On this datapad is the entire briefing and additional information about the planet itself and this event. It is the reason the Great Enemy are now choosing to strike, but the question is when and where, and with what. Steel your souls and pray to the Emperor, my friends,' Ryker said with a pause, 'as His Love is all you will ever need. If anyone is touched by Chaos on this mission, I will have you excuted. Anymore questions?'

29-11-2005, 12:49
"Yeah," said The Mannequin picking at a metal fingernail, "what fethin' entertainer am I? Man of Metal?"

Thane McHammer
29-11-2005, 13:38
The Fox flipped thought the data files.

"Unfortunetly, Inquisitor, I do not think that an 'entertainer' fits in my job description..."

Riker gave him a look.

"You aid that you wanted this to be a low key opperation, correct? I say, put some people in the crowd, but let some of us infiltrate the higher echelons of the population. If the governor is throwing a party or ball, let me work it, and see what I can discover. There's no better place for gossip than a court."

Captain Marius
29-11-2005, 14:11
"Sounds like a plan to me, sir," Sergeant Octavian accepted the mission briefing. "One question though. Are myself, Sergeant Quinn and Sergeant...?" He raised an eyebrow at Sophie, having not yet learnt her surname - "are we going in fully armed and armoured? I'm a big fella you see, sir, I don't tend to blend in too well if you catch my drift. I'm sure you've made provision for this though, sir." With that, the sergeant took another swig from his canteen and leaned back.

29-11-2005, 16:47
Ruben sat back, he knew what he said must be chosen carfully or he could get burned, "Sir I agree, not all of us would be suited to... 'entertainers, prehaps some of us could take a more... direct role and provide a distraction, of course I will gladly go along with whatever assignemnt I am given, even if it is more... covert" ruben said politly and respectfull choosing his word's carefully.

Commander X
29-11-2005, 17:36
"Yeah, I've got a question."

Shur spoke for the first time with this strange company, and only because it was neccesary to do so.

"How do you define 'tainted by Chaos'? Knowing that might help us all survive this, or atleast get killed in a more honourable way than execution for taintedness... "

29-11-2005, 19:40
Ryker looked at the people and growled.

'So many questions from those that are considered faithful? You are not permitted to know my standards, but if I was you, I would not faulter in the face of the True Enemy. If any one of you even thinks twice, I will shoot you when faced with the Enemy,' Ryker said, his face stern. 'As for the entertainers, do not worry. You are all hired muscle and I am your Boss. We are going in with entertainers, so we must dress like the lower elements of society. Everything will be provided when it becomes neccassary to use it. Now please retire to your quarters.'

Ryker stood up and turned his back on everyone and was about to leave when he paused.

'Oh one more thing, nobody holds rank. You are all troopers until I chose a second. Is that clear, General?' Ryker asked, his back turned to the General. 'Oh Mannequin, I would suggest you behave yourself, as I don't think you want another visit to the Cell again, now do we?'

OoC/SonofAbaddon, the Cell being a stasis tube where you are left in half-stasis, therefore your mind is awake but the body is numb. I would reckon Ryker would not trust your character so he would have taught the Mannequin obediance as he is a Puritan./OoC

General Samuel of the 101
29-11-2005, 19:52
"yess, Inquisitor"-"pardon me but i am going to my quarters"-
this wasnt good he thinked, he was already customished to Command and to wear Commoner clothes,may im more incomfortably

29-11-2005, 20:37
Ruben stood, he was doubtfull of these mercs the inquisitor had hired but deceded to be obedient. He bid farwell to the general and sergeant Octavian, he regarded Sophie with a nod and left for his quaters.

He eneterd the basic ship room, a bed; slightly bigger than standard, not a bunk, a multipurpose cabinet, a desk with his dataslates on it, and a bathroom, sink and shower. he picked up his bags from the middle of the room and began to unpack. He plced his military fatigues into the wardrobe, urban, desert, polar, jungle, dress and many more.

He packed in an oofficers cap and his personal 'spare' carapace and helmet. He put a box of personal plasma pistol cells in the botom weapons area. he pushed in some grenade boxes and mounted his bolter on a rack, a box of shell was pushed in beaneath this.

He placed in some lho sticks, alchol and other 'necceities' too. After packing he removed his main armour and sat in his dress fatigues on the bed. He lay for a secnd before realising how tired he was and falling to sleep.

General Samuel of the 101
29-11-2005, 21:03
after saying farewell to the people on the team he trusted(guardsmen and inquisitor ryker) he left for his room
the room the entered was a regular non-descript room with a bed, a desk and in a second room a Bathroom
well,he didnt liked traveling overburdened so everything he has is some changes of fatiques,2 suits of Special Designed Carapace armour,his trusty weapons his Power sword and a Bolt. pist..He began to put some bolts in it,Krakken bolts to be exact,good at range and close perfect for him.
He them taked a flask of Water he has on his bag,it feeled so refreshing
and putting all nessesary for the travel on his bag,he finally sucumbed to sleep

29-11-2005, 21:50
The Mannequin, who was horribly aware of the horrid boredom of the Cell [standing still not able to feel or move anything was creepily boring for him] watched as Ryker went to exit the room then, just as Ryker had stepped outside, made cat hissing noises at his back. When the tall man looked back, The Mannequin looked away as if he were admiring the ceiling. Then he decided to retire to his quarters.

Standing in the bathroom he sighed and wondered how long he could keep up this facade that he was playful and careless. He preferred it to his actual attitude towards life which was horribly too similar to that of the inquisition to his liking. He took off his hat and placed it next to the sink, he removed his mask and looked at his tortured face.

One half was covered with metal and his left eye was large, golden and made of metal. He groaned under the stress of the constant but dull pain of his enhancements. He removed his coat and his single boot. he walked over to the bed in his quarters and stood with his back to it, he carefully released himself from his large bionic leg, and let himself fall back onto the bed. He removed the excess armour and spiked plating on his arms and layed them on the side table.

Hartus, or The Mannequin as he called himself, lay back between the grey sheets and cried.

30-11-2005, 00:44
At Octavian's gentle but relevant probe into her surname, Sophie had just looked at him dully. After sitting past the few questions left in the group and being dismissed, Sophie retired to the small quarters that had been allotted to her, returning Ruben's nod with her own and farewelling the General as she left.

Entering the small but serviceable room, she made a quick once-over of her surroundings. The usual; a small bed, appropriate shelving for equipment and an en suite of sorts, though with none of the luxurious connotations such a comparison gave. A simple bathroom setup was all.

Easing herself onto the bed she let her right hand fall to her Katana once more. Family was comforting, once upon a time. She eased the blade out of the sheath's soft leather clasp and ran a delicate left palm over the flat of the blade. She sighed, sheathed her weapon and stood.

Though not tired, Sophie knew each moment of rest was precious. To that end she began to disarm, stripping each section of carapace away and stocking it carefully on the shelving in her small quarters. Down to her jet fatigues, she slid herself onto the bed and lay, considering the events of the previous few hours. This would be one hell of a trip, one way or another.

30-11-2005, 00:47
Returning to his qarters, Pelthalos slumped onto his naval issue cot and examined the datapad that the Inquisitor Lord had furnished them with.

Pelthalos quickly read through the massed verbeage of Imperial Gothic historical documentation. It seemed rather standard thus far, a law abiding agri-world which paid its tithe to the Imperium... but then again, a world once in the grip of Chaos might once again suffer its scourge... The battle sisters freed the world on... when they discovered...

Pelthalos felt a wave of nausea as he fought back the memories. His knuckles clenched as his right hand twitched toward the sabre that hung above his cot... Taking a few deep breaths, he removed a swab from his coat and, flexing the prescribed set of muscle contractions in his forearm, flicked a hypodermic from his 4th finger. Preparing a vein with a clenched fist, he delivered himself a small dose of Clonaz serum. His heart rate slowed, and the sweat cooled off his brow.

Damn. I will have to get used to this, working with the Ordo Malleus. It hadn't been so bad at the time, but the aftermath, and the memories... He wondered if the Inquisitor would consider him tainted and have him shot. Surely the Inquisitor knew already what he had been through. His fixed, usually self assured eyes locked onto the Imperial Eagle hanging on the wall. The data pad scattered to the corner of the cluttered medical bay sidequarters, details of what the sisters found and fought beaming 'censored' across the ceiling, Pelthalos dropped to his knees and began to pray.

30-11-2005, 00:53
Jonas stayed in the room. He didn't want to go back to his room it was to uncomfotable and besides he had every thing he owned right here on him. He leaned back in the chair besides they would all gather back in here when it was morning this ship wasn't that large anyway

Captain Marius
30-11-2005, 11:27
Sergeant Octavian saluted the Inquisitor and left the chamber, following the others towards the hab-sector. He came to his quarters and keyed in the access code. He entered, ducking to avoid banging his head on the low door-drame.

Sitting on his cot and leaning against the wall, Octavian thought how pleasant it was to have a whole room to himself, albeit a tiny cell. The privileges of rank, he supposed. And yet the Inquisitor had made them all equals. Octavian felt a hint of envy at being seen in the light as the civs. The fellow who called himself the Mannequin disturbed him, and he didn't like the look of the others, but then he was a military man through and through. He felt secure with the presence of Quinn and Sophie, even if she hadn't given him a name. He felt sympathetic towards the General - surely Ryker couldn't expect him to consider himself equal to the plebs? Finally there was Pelthalos, the Navy medic. Always good to have a medic along, Octavian thought, even a space-head one.

He took his tattered copy of the Uplifting Primer from a pouch on his belt, muttering a couple of hymnals to pass the time. He laid back, grunting as he found the cot was too small for him to stretch out. Slightly hunched over, he fell into sleep...

Commander X
30-11-2005, 15:29
Although he wasn't particulary happy with this answer, Shur let it rest and walked out. This sounded like something bad was going to happen to all of them, most likely arranged by that Inquisitor.

'Perhaps it's best to just sneak out of here at the first opportunity, then somehow get myself back to a nice Pit where I'll probably meet opponents less intent on killing me than those lunatics over here...'

Deciding that was probably a true thing, he now wanted to know what kind of place they were going to. All he knew was that it was a celebrating place somewhere on a forest-filled world. That sounded quite attractive, so maybe if he pulled if off right, he could get the Inquisitor to let him stay there without having the trouble of needing to escape and the such.

01-12-2005, 22:59
At dawn the next morning, the team was boarded into a shuttle that docked onto the Solar Flame, the Inquisitor's personal Strike Cruiser.

Thirteen hours later the Solar Flame was making the slow and perilous journey through the asteriod field that required two small escort class ships to 'tow' the massive cruiser.

Inquisitor Ryker was on the main deck, his team assembled around him, as they watched and felt the cruiser make the narrow escapes and other events that would have killed any sane (or insane) pilot.

Ryker was growing tired and edgy, he hated waiting on massive cruisers. One thing in a million could happen and kill him in an instant and he would be powerless to prevent it. Only his Faith in the Immortal God Emperor would protect him and to this, Ryker held dearly.

Suddenly a siren went off as the Solar Flame shuddered violently.

'What was that?' roared Ryker as the captain looked at Ryker and bowed.

'It was an attack from the rear,' the Captain said back with zero emotion. 'Orders?'

'Code red. Order the engagement and notify the Fortress. Imeediately!' barked Ryker. 'I want to know what this enemy is!'

After a few minutes of the escorts being attacked as well, as well as chatter from the Inquisitorial fighter wings deployed, Ryker learned of their enemy. It was an Eldar cruiser. It was alone and was single-handly cutting through the Inquisitorial task force.

A warning bell screamed as the Solar Flame's engines cut off as seconday explosions damaged the coolant drives, leaving the strike cruiser a plump target.

It was then Ryker turned to his team.

'Safety off, shoot to kill,' snapped Ryker as he rulled on his Stormtrooper helmet. The reflective screen hiding his entire face. 'Target is Xenos. Possiable Eldar, possiable pirate Eldar. Be ready for both types.'

As Ryker led the team, the Captain radioed that the enemy had breached in three places and the enemy forces were already heading towards the engine room, hangar, and the bridge. Ryker knew they had to defend the bridge at all costs.

'Seal off the entrances and set up barricades. Once they break through, shoot at chest height. Make every shot count!' barked Ryker as both his retinue and the human serfs did as they were ordered.

The bridge doors finally gave way as it was blasted off of its hinges. The Eldar warriors broke through the doors and charged in, forcing their way in.

'SHOOT!' roared Ryker as he took off his bolter and shot towards the left entrance. 'Guard both exits! Pick one and defend it!'

OoC/Welcome to the first combat round. Its bit rushed, but alas, I wanted us to be at this point. Right, I reckon there are thirty warriors and they are Eldar. Dressed in a dark blue mesh armour with bronze trim. Shoot to kill and if you get your hands dirty, just be ready for challenges ok? Imagine for now they are Storm Guardians, so they are suited for close combat.


General Samuel of the 101
01-12-2005, 23:05
He went to the left Part of the hangar
Ha Ha Ha! Xenos Scum-thinked the general
and putting behind the cover of the barricade,he began Shooting
One,two,three Xenos Death
"Ok,What do you Want Xenos?"-spoke the general
"Only your death,Mon-keigh"-Said the One who appeared to be the Leader
"Never,I Shall hold you back"-Shouted the general
"Try"-Said the Eldar in laughter
but those eldar were fast and were rapidly getting to the barricade
and holding his Power Sword in the air he prepared for the charge

02-12-2005, 00:10
this is what Jonas was good at he thought as cocked his pistols. at the sight of the frist eldar he rang off a shoot directly into the lense of its helmet killing the xenos insantly.

Jonas moved to the side takeing careful but accuurate shoots at the eldar. with help form the other he was able to keep them back bottlenecking them but then he heard the genreal yell something.
"glory hounds" he thought to him self

the man then lept up and was ready to attack the eldar at close range.

Jonas swicth his one pistol to full auto and let the bullets fly it was a technquie he had learned when he was hired to kill a hive noble. let out a slavo of fire pinning down the oppent with on gun while waiting with the other to pick them off. he saw the arm of the eldar quickly doing a double tap sending bullets into a eldars arm.

Jonas rolled behind a console qucikly emptying the clip and puting tow fresh clips in. GOD he loved this stuff!

02-12-2005, 02:52
As the bridge's doors groaned Sophie was already reaching for her weapons. Split seconds later the steel walls groaned as the bridge door collapsed within its ruined framing and Sophie had taken aim. Scores of Eldar plunged through the opening, their shuriken pistols howling off shots and their blades poised, partnerless but waiting to join their own dance of carnage. Already moving, Sophie let off a shot at the nearest target, the bolt detonating halfway through the Xenos' skull, sending miniscule shards of wraithbone armour spinning through the air coated in blood and followed by brain matter.

Satisfied she leapt behind the only cover available - a service panel alcove and gave herself a second to think. How had they managed such a rapid assault on the bridge? She couldn't believe that the defense teams of the Solar Flame had been taken that easily. If so, it left little chance for their own survival. Forcing herself out of the alcove she took aim again, only to catch sight of 'The General' making a charge. She'd never seen anything so foolhardy, reckless or stupid in her entire career. At least not from a seasoned General. Taking careful aim, heedless of the shrieks of shuriken fire cutting past her she laid down a two-shotted burst of cover fire and ducked across the corridor into the sister alcove of her original cover. Unable to see the others over the crossfire, she roared her request to her fellow servicemen. "Guardsmen, covering fire for the General! They can't close on us. We need to keep them supressed with firepower, not swords!"

Her voice drowned out in the firefight, Sophie again leapt into the corridor, Bolt Pistols blazing in unison as she made a fallback to better cover. Reaching Jonas' console she ducked in, only to catch a heavy weight in the chest. Thrust back by the impact she rolled as she hit the ground behind Jonas and looked down to see a heavy impact in her Carapace chestplate. Gritting her teeth behind her helmet she swore and got back on her feet. Glancing across at the man beside her, she grinned. "Mind the company?" She quipped.

Captain Marius
02-12-2005, 12:04
Sergeant Octavian rested his hellpistol on the barricade, waiting for the perfect opportunity to fire. He had never come into contact with the enigmatic Eldar, but he hesitated for a only a second upon seeing them. They moved with a fluid grace greater than even the most talented human dancer. A salvo of fire met them, but their mesh armour absorbed much of the damage.

With shurikens whizzing about him, felling serfs and damaging equipment, Octavian took aim and pulled the trigger, his pistol emitting a red beam of super-charged energy. It caught one of the aliens in the arm, spinning it before someone else put it down for good. He snapped off three more shots in quick succession, felling another just before the barricade.

Octavian heard the General's charge and hefted his combat sword, before running to support the man. "For the Emperor!" he roared, before an alien blade crashed into his own...

02-12-2005, 18:32
Ruben hir the battlefeild with a roar a huge volley coming form his bolter sending eldar to their graves or to cover. He skimmed to a halt and slung the bolter over his sholder pulling out his plasma pistol and powersword. He pulled the trigger sending a bolt of blue plasm screeming through the chest of one of teh charging aliens, he spun and pulled agin, the bolt blowing through its head...

General Samuel of the 101
02-12-2005, 18:46
the general was enjoying this,for sure
he liked the excitement of battle and was little concerned of getting kill for the emperor
more Eldar keep coming,
well for him it was nothing but is these eldar keep on pressing they wont last long
"Die,Eldar!"shouted the general at the one that Defied him
"no way,Mon-keigh"said the Farseer
and they swords Clashed
the two were very agile,obviusly the eldar was faster for sure but the general has a determination that was unsurpased by a weakling Xenos
Power sword and the Withc blade stroke each other
but in a Moment of confusion the wich blade wounded the general in the arm,this left time for the general to cut the xenos head
"Die eldar,i say Die!"
now he was hurt but at least the leader was defeated
"General,retreat"-Shouted one in the background
"of course"replyed the Wounded general and he backed of the front line

03-12-2005, 01:01
"Not at all" Jonas smiled.

"to bad we got some xenos to kill other wise we might have time to talk" Jonas said as he rolled out behind the console. Haveing his guns drawn and there all ready blazeing with the shells hitting off the floor.

"could use some support!" he yelled back to Sophie

General Samuel of the 101
03-12-2005, 01:32
The general do not liked to be wounded and to be on the back line
but he could barely move so he retretead and left the rest to confront the attack
"stay stiff"-said the Acolyte and taking a very long siringe he putted off some medicine
hell i hate siringes-trought the general
and he taked the siringe sting without complaying
"that all"-continued the Acolyte
and he tryed to return to the front line but he was incapacitated so he have a idea
"Jonas,get out of that computer and let me handle it,you go back to the front"

03-12-2005, 16:26
The Mannequin, who up until this point had not been fighting but merely dodging and blocking the attacks that the Eldar threw at him, and also trying to explain what the Imperium was up to, The Mannequin decided that the Eldar cared only for their destruction, and not the destruction of chaos. He sighed and, as he leant back to dodge an amazing kick from one warrior, he unsheathed his sword and brought it around two-handed, it buzzed as it turned on. The Mannequin smacked the Eldar that had just kicked at him with the flat of his sword, the energy warping the alien's armour and throwing him hard off into a wall where he lay dead.

The Mannequin turned to 3 warriors standing in front of him. With a bloodthirsty glint in his eye he spun his sword around in his hand to bisect one Eldar lengthways, then swung his sword up to do the same to his companion. With blood lapping around his feet, The Mannequin swung his sword which perfectly beheaded the forth alien.

03-12-2005, 21:28
Ruben roared as xenos blood splattered across his face and he tore his sword from its crumpled frame. He turned and slammed an eldars balde to the floor and jumping away to doge another. He swung his sowrd and the parried, a flick from ruben's sliced of teh eldars hand, blood spraying from the stump it fell to its knees and howled in agony. Ruben slased his sword across its chest, slicng teh armour open and spilling guts across the ground. He plunged his sword through the xeno's head, pulling it out it fell to the floor and his carapce was splattered with more blood.

General Samuel of the 101
03-12-2005, 21:59
as the boy didnt seemed to care the general was tryng to found a way to help the front line,as he was wounded by both the syringe and the wound made by the witch blade,oh by the emperor,how much he hated Syringes
then he thinked to go back to the frontline,almost instantly the wound seemed to basically stop hurting him and running he tried to get back to the frontline
the frontline of the barricades was still under heavy fire but the ones defending havent left a eldar Pass it
and suddenly killing a aproximmatted eldar
"Missing me,ruben?"-spoke sarcastilly the General

03-12-2005, 23:05
Slashing a huge gash through the chest of an Eldar warrior, something pinged off his metal mask. He looked around for his attacker as many more shots pinged off the ground near him and ricochetted off his armour. He identified the group of warriors standing on an overhead walkway. The Mannequin sheilded himself from their shots with his wide sword. A lucky shot ricochetted off the floor and jammed under his knee.
"AAAAARRGGGH!" he screamed as his blood mingled with that of the Eldars' he had killed, "Ok," he said as he sheathed his sword, "now I'm fething ANGRY!" The Mannequin whipped out his two plasma pistols and fired a shot off at the walkway. The plasma vapourised the steel supports, the gantry collapsed and the Eldar fell over each other in a heap. One managed to stand up, The Mannequin fired a burning stream of pain through its head. He walked forwards towards the mess of stumbling Eldar and rubble. The Mannequin fired both his pistols, each one finding its mark in an Eldar's skull. The final Eldar stood up out of the rubble. The Mannequin holstered each of his pistols and swung his arm around the Eldar's neck. He punched the alien's head with his one remaining arm and continued to as he spoke, "Don't you ever attack me again!" he said. He finally punched his hand straight into the Eldar's head. Letting the body fall to the floor and staring for a short time at his bloodstained hand, The Mannequin looked around and saw that the fighting was beginning to end and so far it had gone on the Imperium's side. Which, generally, was a good thing, as without the people on this cruiser the chaos within this sector would spread and destroy.

Captain Marius
04-12-2005, 12:41
Sergeant Octavian grunted with pain as a whirring alien chain-blade sliced into his left arm. He dropped his combat sword as blood spurted from the wound, and the Eldar warrior swung its weapon in a wide arc in preparation of the killing strike. It never came as fire from behind the barricade felled it, giving Octavian a chance to grab his sword and fall back. "Emperor's Teeth," he cursed, "these bastards won't give up!"

04-12-2005, 15:08
Jonas saw Octavian's wound he knew how bad xenos weapons hurt. Jonas stood infront of Octavian to give him voer fire as he contuiend to carefully make shoots at the Xenos.

Jonas then saw a small grate behind him he ran over to it kicking it done and dove into it. He had a idea as he crawled in the dusty air shaft until he came to another grate hic pushed that one open and jumped out.

right in the midst of some xenos

Jonas begun to fire at them killing 5 within the frist few seconds some of the xenos begun to fall back which was good. if he could cut some of them off the team on the bridge would have a easyier time

04-12-2005, 20:46
Ruben ducked as an eldarblade swung overhead, he arced his sword chopping the xeno's legs down to stumps. he stood and belowed over the fire "Stay together" he advised, scanning he couldnt see the boy, then he saw him, in the middle of several xenos. Ruben cursed and charged towards him, slicing down the back's of two eldar.

05-12-2005, 13:27
Ryker swore at the top of his lungs when he saw his new recruits taking damage.

'Is the faithful so weak in the face of the enemy they fall to injury from Xenos weaponary! You are all heretics! Stand up and renew your faith you worthless slime! Stand and fight or I'll kill you myself!' roared Ryker as he withdrew both bolt pistols and started to press an assault blasting into the enemy.

Ryker cursed he had not doned his power armour as the eldar weaponary hit his flak cloak. He had not been wounded, but he knew that would happen at some point, when it happened, Ryker would exact his vengence. He was not immortal, but he was a warrior of the Emperor and with his Faith strong he would be victorious.

He punched out with his bolt pistol and hit a helmetless Eldar in the face, knocking it backwards as the second pistol pumped round after round into the Eldar's gut. Ryker quickly rehosltered the right pistol while snapping off a quick round and withdrew his sabre.

Fighting in the close combat as crew of the ship were doing, they were holding off the assault when he came.

Ryker could feel the Eldar witch dancing its way through combat, delicately killing as all was an impossiable dance that no mere human could ever comprehend. Ryker shook off such thoughts and shot at the witch.

The shot missed and the Eldar charged him. The two were locked in combat as they dueled, the Eldar having many chances to kill Ryker, but not following through. Ryker began to see this and was angry the witch would toy with him. Treating him as a mere toy than a real oppenent.

I do not want to kill you, Jonathan Ryker. All I ask of you is that you cease hostlities and allow us to commune as civil beings. Once we parley, you may do with me and my ship as you wish. We will not respond if you kill us. My only mission is to deliver this information, the Witch said to Ryker telepathically.

Ryker faultered and stopped. The Inquisitor part of his mind kicking in as he analysed the information. It was a risk, but the Eldar seemed to speak the truth. Was it another trick?

'Cease fighting!' roared Ryker as the Eldar too suddenly stopped as the order was passed around, all aboard the ship. Guns still pointing at one another the two enemies ceased fighting. Unsure of what to do, the tension was thick, just waiting for the spark to fuel the anger and rage from the ceased hostilties.

'What do you want, witch?' spat Ryker.

'I am Farseer Al'Dun of the Isha's Blood craftworld. We have seen the future of this sector and it relies on you, Inquisitor Jonathan Ryker. I have come to give you a small gift,' the Farseer said in a very fluent High Gothic. He sheathed his sword and handed it to Ryker. Ryker took it and looked at the Eldar.

'What should I do with this? Is this a trick Farseer?' questioned Ryker as he held the runesword.

'I do not know, all I know is that you are the one chosen to wield it. I was its keeper. Now you are its keeper. The Darkflame runesword is a mysterious weapon and our Craftworld has guarded it for centuries until now, when you shall take it. This is your destiny. The fate of the Tretos sector rests on you, Inquisitor Jonathan Ryker,' the Farseer said with a bow.

Ryker was shocked and looked upon the Farseer. He knew the Farseer had to die, it would be a crime against the Emperor. Even now, he was commiting a sin. Ryker snarled and withdrew Darkflame. The runesword glowed in a continous dark blue flame and Ryker could feel its raw power surging through him.

Meeting Farseer Al'Dun's eyes once more, the Farseer not showing any emotion and Ryker killed the Farseer.

'Order the execution of all xenos!' commanded Ryker as living security agents gathered the Eldar and disarmed them. The Eldar went quietly as outside in space their ship was destroyed.

2 Hours later:

'Inquisitor, the Solar Flame has been repaired and is now ready to move out,' the newly promoted Captain responded.

'Tell the guide ships to carry on,' Ryker said as he went down to the medical bay. Almost everyone was there and if not, Ryker already had them contacted.

'Debriefing in ten minutes,' warned Ryker. 'The debriefing shall commence in my quarters. If you do not know where it is, ask some one.'

OoC/Okay thats that. So feel free to describe anything that your character may have done throughout my post ok?

Welcome to Path of the Radical gents./OoC

05-12-2005, 16:42
Ruben sheathed his blade and pistol and retired from the battle, disapointed that they could not finish the xenos scum.

2 hours later

Rubens cuts had been stiched o lasered up, nothing serious. He walked through the corrisors, asking a guard were Rykers quaters were. Ruben arived ahead of anyone else and signaled the buzzer.

05-12-2005, 18:43
Jonas went to the armoury and got new magazine's for his pistol's they had worked tride and true just like every time.

He begun to walk around the ship wacthing the tech-preist working on the engine's he then made his was to the breifing room. he hadn't been present when Ryker had talked to the Eldar but it was quite odd the rumors that he heard

General Samuel of the 101
05-12-2005, 23:08
"where are the inquisitor Ryker Quarters?"-he questioned a Acolite
"Down that hall,my lord"said humbly the servant-
and following the directions he arrived at the quarters
it was a very big room,for a bedroom standards at least
everything was quite solemn and he caught the inquisitor praying
"sorry is i interrupt,my lord but i am here"

06-12-2005, 02:40
Pelthalos studied the gaping wound that had almost severed the arm of Sergeant Octavian. During the battle, Pelthalos had clipped off a few rounds from his hotlaser, but he wasn't the best shot, and he hesitated to shoot into the swirling melee.

Now, arterial blood stifled by an improvised tourniquet, Sergeant Octavian slumped at attention, like many Imperial Soldiers had done before him, awaiting the prognosis of the Naval Chirurgeon.

Quickly assessing his vital signs, Pelthalos inserted a venous access port, and raised the ans blood pressure slowly. He administered a dose of analgesics before examining the stable but ruinous gash.

The deep laceration had severed his triceps Brachius tendon proximus to the Second Brachial articulation. More problematically, it had severed his Neurus Ulnarius - and nerve injuries took a significant time to heal completely.

Well, there were two options. Firstly, I could attempt to suture the wound and apply approriate balms and dressings. This was mildly problematic because of the course of accellerated rehabilitation would take his arm several weeks to recover - he would have partial function in his fingers in the meantime, but not all. Alternatively, he could have a bionic augmentation, but this was rather a minor wound to merit the discomfort, psychoneurological adgustment and purified acceptance serums that would be required following such an operation.

"Sergeant Octavian. Would you like me to attempt a repair of your arm, which could require several weeks of recovery time and perhaps 2 months of miildly diminished function, or would you prefer a Bionic replacement, which would take no small amount of psychoneurological alteration and conditionining?"

Captain Marius
06-12-2005, 18:15
Octavian snorted as Pelthalos gave him his diagnosis. "I don't want to be taking up too much of your time, doc," he said, looking around at the others who had suffered wounds in the battle. "Just patch me up, I can look after it." The sergeant looked at the medic. "Cheers, doc, I owe you one."


Shortly thereafter, Octavian caught up with Sophie on the way to the briefing. "Hey, serge, good fighting back there," he said by way of a greeting.

07-12-2005, 01:19
Pelthalos smiled in spite of himself. He far prefered the noble art of surgery to the rather dull and mechanicus approach of cyber augmentic replacement. He was glad the soldier saw him as a doctor rather than as a glorified mechanician.

As he stitched, Pelthalos, unbeknownst to the sergeant, took a small skin sample and stored it along with Sophie's hair in his slowly growing sample collection.

He quickly surveyed the remaining less dangerous wounds of the battle company. Where he could, he took a sample while surveying a minor wound.

Finally, he reached the Inquisitor. He did not need to steal a glance at the sword, as he had already stored a picture of it, with polyspectral analysis, in his cyber enhanced eye. Having had stayed behind the barricade with the Inquisitor for the duration of the battle, ready to attend the wounds of the Inquisitor. He had questions, but did not dare ask the tense, irratable and somewhat blustered face of the Puritan Lord. Instead he surveyed a minor shuriken laceration, and took another skin sample while injecting a sclerosant.

07-12-2005, 11:30
During the fighting Sophie had stayed back, laying down hails of covering fire as best she could. It wasn't until the Eldar's final stand before the Farseer's arrival that Sophie had charged in, her powered Katana pirouetting in her arms as nearly the rival of several of her opponents. Sophie had stood down at the Inquisitor's order, eyeing her opponent with hate-filled respect. She respected their skills and their training, but such Xenos could never be trusted.

After the battle she had followed Jonas' example and made a short trip to the armoury to secure replacement ammunition for her Bolt Pistols. She'd gone through a full three clips during the fighting, and all but three of those shots had found their mark. The shredded and charred remains of Eldar body parts adorning the ship's Bridge were testament to that. In addition to the clips she'd run through she also secured herself an additional few clips, as she knew she'd require them. She also considered securing herself a pair of small Hellpistols for an emergency, but thought better of it at the time. She would do so after the Inquisitor's debriefing; she knew he would not like being kept waiting.

Falling in line just ahead of Sergeant Octavian, Sophie turned at his greeting. She nodded and smiled to the man. "You didn't do too badly yourself there until the fighting got too close. It was brave of you to charge in for the General to say the least. I do however think it was rash of the General to lead us into the fray like that, to be honest. I don't want to be stirring trouble, but I think we could use some more sense in our heads for the next time we get in a firefight - no sense in letting any of the group lead us to our deaths; we don't want to lose good men."

Cocking her head towards the man as she finished her observations she smiled again, then turned to the doorway several meters down the corridor ahead of them. "I think this is the room." She spoke flatly as they rounded into the door alcove and entered slowly.

08-12-2005, 13:20
The Mannequin listened in to Octavian and Sophie's conversation from the shadows of the corridor. The Mannequin had good experiences listening in to conversations from the shadows, and thought back...

"Sir!" shouted Hartius Mannequin, his commanding officer turned around, a commisar standing by him. Hartius was horrified to hear that instead of a tactical retreat to restock and reinforce their forces on Armageddon, his Senior Officer was sending a full thousand troops to their deaths, whereas they could otherwise be saved. His Senios Officer stared at him from behind golden bionic goggles.
"Yes, Hartius?" he said slowly.
"Did I just hear you correctly? Are a thousand members of the Armageddon 108th going to die tommorow?!" Hartius's senior Officer grunted as he realised Junior Officer Mannequin had been eavesdropping.
"You should not listen into conversations you do not understa..."
"I understand perfectly! You are sending them to their deaths without reason or cause!"
"I have reason, and they have a cause. We must all make sacrifi..."
"SACRIFICES THAT DO NOT NEED TO BE MADE SHOULD NOT BE DONE!" shouted Hartius, he knew what his stupid puritan S.O. would do next.
"Commisar Furg, show Hartius to the torture chamber, make him pay for his betrayal." The commisar came at Hartius, and The Mannequin drew his sword...

...But that was a long time ago, alot had happened since then. He sighed and began to slowly follw Octavian and Sophie to Ryker's quarters.

08-12-2005, 19:47
As everyone sat down, Ryker had his back turned to them all. On the massive wooden table laid the Runesword. It no longer glowed and was nothing but a well decorated and lavishly designed bastard sword.

Ryker slowly turned around and looked at the sword, his gaze lingering on it. For a few minutes of silence, Ryker just kept staring at the weapon.

'I have consulted the Emperor's Tarot,' Ryker said looking at everyone, 'and it seems our path lies with this Xenos weapon being with us. I want you all to know, the Eldar are not our allies. They are to be killed on sight is that clear? They dare give me an artifact, claiming it is my duty! The Xenos are impure. I apologise for preventing you from finishing off the enemy and giving it to my firing squads, but killing unarmed xenos is not your role.'

Ryker breathed in and released the breath slowly.

'We are in dangerous times and the Emperor's Tarots cannot show the future clearly, but it warns of great peril and loss of life if this sword is left behind. I will carry it with us, but you must all understand that no one is to go near it. I will bare the sin alone,' Ryker said with his head down. 'Now I called you all here to congragulate you all on the defense of the Bridge and other parts of the ship. Alcohol and food are being provided in the other room. Indulge yourselves, for the Emperor's Chosen shall have a feast suiting of heroes.'

Ryker dismissed them as a Acolyte showed them to the buffet room, where a few tables were scattered around, a bar and four tables full of food.

'The Inquisitors wishes for you to help yourselves,' the acolyte said with a bow.

'Will he be joining us?' came a voice.

'No, the Inquisitor does not drink or eat rich food. He, however, wishes that you enjoy this food and will be joining later,' the acolyte said with a bow as he closed the doors. Little did the team know, the doors were sealed.

OoC/Eat and drink, chat, the usual social event. I decided to bring this back, but as an after party, to develop character bonding etc.

Oh and before you try, no there is no way out. You cannot escape unless you are God. Thats the line.

General Samuel of the 101
08-12-2005, 19:54
i was waiting for this!-thinked the general, the last time he eated this food was on a long ago when he was still on service of Cadia
"i wont be drinking alcohol"-spoke the general-that a sin,he thinked
but food was not a sin so he began picking the plates he was going to eat
"so ruben"he spoke to the guardsmen"are you customized to this?"

08-12-2005, 22:37
The Mannequin watched as the others sat down and got stuck in. He sat next to Jonas in a reluctant manner [as though he hated to sit near anyone else, but feared that Jonas would dislike him for sitting near him] and thought. His flashback, to when he had first started to hate the Imperium seemed so much... clearer. It seemed as though he had not remembered it, but that someone had showed it to him in detail. It seemed... strange. The Mannequin sighed and decided to sit and rest, instead of showing any part of his face while he ate. Slowly, he fell to sleep in his chair.

08-12-2005, 23:34
Jonas looked sat at the table before anyone else if didn;lt want to have to pick who to sit next to but he was glad that Mannequin was one of them at least he wouldn't get in a fight with the man. he looked around and saw that sophie had not sat down yet

"Sophie! over here!"

Jonas though not of legal age begun to fill his glass of the strongest ale. thought some of the people here were 3 times his age he was no light weight. but when it came to food he wasn;t really picky when it came to that he just picked what he knew he liked.

09-12-2005, 12:05
The Mannequin snorted in his sleep and then sat upright, the others were getting into the feast of rare meats, delicious ales and sweet fruits. Looking about the table, Mannequin's mouth began to water, and he decided he would risk showing his neck, mouth and chin. He undid a zip up the back of his neck to loosen the leather and pulled it up until he could fit his hand inbetween his head and his metal mask enough to feed himself. He grabed a small ball of meat and herbs and popped it in his mouth, crunching it as he devoured it. He reached for a bottle of what was commonly known as Bull's Breath, because that was what it smelled of, and downed around a third of it in one go before banging it down on the table in a drunken fashion.
"Sho..." he slurred to Jonas, "how long you've been in the goo-reela.... go-rilla... urban fighting buisness?"

Captain Marius
09-12-2005, 14:22
Sergeant Octavian followed the others in and joined Sergeant Quinn and the General after taking a selection of food and liquor. "Damn," he said as he chewed one of the exotic foodstuffs. "This sure beats normal rations, I'll give you that."

"Good fighting back on the bridge," he said to his two comrades. "Shame the bastards cut me, but I took out one or two of 'em." He took a swig of the liquor and gasped with satisfaction. "Strong stuff," he grinned.

09-12-2005, 17:03
"since i've been able to walk"

Jonas rember his frist memoery was running form some sort og explosion deep with in his home hive world.

"but I don't think you can find many people as young as me that quite as talented as me" Jonas pulled out a small bullet form his pocket and begun to filp it between his fingers. across and under his knuckles as he kept it moveing faster and faster.

"what about you how long have you been doing what ever it is that you do?"

09-12-2005, 17:26
"I've been doing... whatever it is I do for quite a long time, since I was about 30, I can't remember how old I am, the warp distorts time."
"The warp?" asked Jonas.
"Yesh, for many years I've been living near the Maelstrom doing mercenary work for ages now. It's good work, and one of the few places to run to when a dictatorial and oppresive government rejects your pacifistic veiws. I think I'm anywhere from forty to eighty Terran years since my birth, but I'm physically about fifty something. Emperor only knows how old I actually am."
"What?" said Jonas slightly confused at The Mannequin's last and all together too Imperial remark.
"Sorry, Greater Good only knows how old I actually am."

10-12-2005, 11:00
Ruben turned to the general "well General, I wouldnt turn good food down but it is not something I am used to sir, the last time I ate like this was after the Burman campagin 3 years ago sir" Ruben reported, proudly pointing to one of his campaign badges.

Ruben tryed some of the liquor Octavian was drinkng and nodded "sure is" He agreed, "Shame we couldnt finish those xenos, I think i took one of two with my blade, but this is the real killer for me" Ruben said, patting his customised plasma pistol.

General Samuel of the 101
10-12-2005, 18:05
looking at the pistol the general said "weapons that explode in your face is none of may liking, if you have a bolt at your side!"

11-12-2005, 00:24
Sitting down at the ornate chinaware, Pelthalos took a side of some kind of herbiverous creature and started to dissect it, as was his wont when faced with a meat dish of which he had no knowledge. He gathered that the dish was the flank of some form of reptilian xenos game creature - possibly akin to an oviraptor such as found on Demios IV. He shuddered and turned to the converstaions around him.

"According to suppressed Imperial Chirurgeon Archival studies, Plasmaweapons as they are currently used have a 1 in 9 chance of incapacitating an Imperial soldier with each and every shot. Its a wonder you don't have any surgical scars already from repair work. Unless you aren't quite as trigger happy as you seem..."

11-12-2005, 11:03
Sophie shrugged to herself as Octavian broke off to join the other guard servicemen. She knew she would be welcome enough and quite in-place but she felt like a change. Emperor knew she'd been in the Guard long enough to want some non-Guard company. She half chuckled to herself as Jonas called her over.

Strolling casually to the young man she stood at his side, watching as he took his drink and inwardly rolling her eyes. Looking down at him she flipped him a wink before turning her attention to the laden tables. Eyeing over the food quickly she frowned slightly. She wasn't fussy, least of all when it was good food on the table. She would, however, have preferred plain, simple food after the firefight they'd just been through. Having tended to the small scrapes and bruises she'd suffered, then having to find her way to the armoury and then to the Inquisitor's quarters on such a maze of a ship had taken up almost all of the time between the Eldar assault and now. She decided she'd be safe nibbling some plain looking meat. Takin a bite she pulled a face at the unique spicing method. She decided to try and find something a little more to her current tastes.

Making her way to the room's door she thumbed the appropriate keys, only for the doors to remain shut. She frowned and turned away. Noone had noticed, and she supposed it wasn't worth alerting the others that they'd been shut in here. She'd keep it to herself and force down something from the rich feast. Making her way over to the other Guardsmen she nodded to the group, picking up the gist of the conversation and commenting to the General "I quite agree, I prefer the solid kick other weapons have over Plasma when you fire. That and, as you say Plasma has its risks. The risk has its uses... some people deserve to die in so ironic a fashion."

Captain Marius
12-12-2005, 17:10
Octavian shook his head at the conversation on plasma weaponry. "I've never fired one myself, but I've lost several good men to them. If they weren't so damn good at obliterating the enemy I'd pass over the plasma gun. The pistol on the other hand seems a bit more stable, especially a good well-crafted one like Sergeant Quinn's here. Still see the odd hand burned off here and there though."

The Sergeant took another swig of the strong liquor he'd chosen. The dull ache in his arm had faded already. "Hey, doc," he called to Pelthalos. "Cheers again for the job on my arm. Feels like it's gonna be a good heal. I took a las-round in my leg once and didn't have time to rest it after the field surjery. Doesn't hold me back but it sure can sting sometimes."

12-12-2005, 20:02
"nothing better then a soild slug weapon in my Exprince, easy to find ammo and you don't have to worry about a energy rupture. the users often seem to cocky and trusting of their weapon." Jonas said as he took a another pint of ale in with one slug.

"but if they want there bodies burned away be my guest"

12-12-2005, 21:35
"Sure slugs are tough, but a plamsa bolt will incapacitate alsmost any enemy with one shot, and this pistol... its one of the best, a gift from the black templarforge back on malphesteron, a sace marine pistol" Ruben reminiced.

General Samuel of the 101
12-12-2005, 21:38
"but Marine pistols can also explode on your face"-spoke the general
"and i only give Plasma to soldiers of mine"-
-"dont want to get kill by mi weapon"

12-12-2005, 22:45
"If yoush want any chansh at taking out any kinda tanksh, you need some ionised gash to takes it out," said The Mannequin as he chugged down more alcohol, or at least a liquid with more alcohol than anything else in it.

13-12-2005, 09:54
'Emperor please forgive me for I have sinned,' Ryker said in a faint whisper. 'I will carry forth this burden, this sin, in your name, I will vanquish the enemy.'

Ryker kissed the Aquilla hanging around his neck and went to the crew room. As he entered, he heard the drunk Mannequin rambling and the General talking about plasma weaponary.

'Plasma weaponary only kills the unfaithful,' Ryker said from behind the General. 'So are you not willing to prove your faith by taking on the plasma weapon or do you really fear for your soul?'

Ryker sighed.

'Do not worry, the Emperor rewards those who can sacrafice their own men for the service of the Imperium,' Ryker said calmly. 'Its not as if the Guardsmen that serve the Emperor are nothing but meat for the meat grinder. Is that what you imply General? That your guardsmen's lives are less important than yours?'

OoC/Ryker is just showing how he feels about using people. Yes an Inquisitor not enjoying 'using' people for meat shields. Sorry about not being online, my internet connection keeps 'flickering' on and off. I am using wireless as the port in my room is not working, so it has been touch and go, but it seems stable. Please forgive me if I disappear for days on end. Also I am working pretty much non-stop, so bare with me./OoC

13-12-2005, 15:37
"Plashma weaponry doeshn't only kill the unfaishful," said The Mannequin, sipping more of the beverage, "if that were sho the Shpace Marinsh that follow Chaosh would not carry shuch weaponsh. Unfortunately, Ryker, many of ush have to deal with factsh rather than religioush shpeculation." The Mannequin wobbled a bit in his chair, slightly surprised that he could remember the word 'specualtion' and what it meant, then he fell backwards onto the floor, unconcious from the alchohol.

Captain Marius
13-12-2005, 18:00
"I'll deal with this, sir," Sergeant Octavian said. Tapping Sergeant Quinn on the shoulder, the two stormtroopers rose and went over to the unconscious form of the Mannequin. "Come on, buddy," Sergeant Quinn said as they lifted the Mannequin and helped him over to a couch at the side of the chamber. They ensured he was comfortable before returning to the table.

Sergeant Octavian helped himself to some more food. As a big man, he could eat quite a lot. In the field he was forced to compliment his rations with various pills, but right now he was able to satiate his hunger.

In response to Inquisitor Ryker's lamentation on the sanctity of soldiers' lives, he said "Many a good man has his life in service to the God-Emperor. But for each man who dies, many loyal citizens are saved. I'm glad to put my life on the line for the Emperor. Anything to make the Imperium a little safer."

13-12-2005, 18:10
Ryker watched the Mannequin fall to the floor in a drunken stupor.

He is becoming a liabilitly already, Ryker thought to himself.

Ryker would have a chat with the Mannequin and remind him that his heretical tougne and radical attitudes would not be tolerated. Ryker knew that the Mannquin was loyal to the Imperium, but more out of necessity than anything else.

'The Traitor Marines may use plasma weaponary,' Ryker said to the rest that were apart of the chat, 'However, their weapons are poorly maintained. I cannot count the number of times I have seen plasma weaponary explode in the hands of the vile and hated, compared to the loyal subjects.'

Ryker was begininng to wish he had not joined this social event, he hated them and all he wanted was to move on, but there was still another day of travel.

'Not safer Octavian,' Ryker replied. 'Everything we do is for the Emperor's Grand Vision for humanity. The things we do now will peserve the Imperium until the faitful day that the Emperor is ReBorn and the End Times happen. Till then it is our role to make sure that prophecy happens. That is our role now.'

13-12-2005, 19:49
Hartius Mannequin swabbed the floor of the cargo decks indside the trader vessel 'Jormundar's Dream'. Although he was doing menial tasks, he was, in fact, the captain of the vessel. Although he was not registered as such, the Imperium would find Jormun Klarr was the registered captain, whereas he was actually Hartius' First Mate. It was all in the interest of protecting the crew and their true intentions. A small amount of the crew were highly skilled warriors who would help protect the planet they were landing on, the rest of the crew were merely there as a front, and to maintain the ship.

The ship was approaching Armageddon, it had been a long time since Hartius had seen his homeworld, but it was under threat again, this time it was the Orks. Although Hartius had a very lenient attitude towards Xenos, he knew that Orks knew only war, and in that respect, they were worse even than the Imperium, which at least strived for peace. The Mannequin had suffered wounds the last time he was on his homeworld, and had suffered more since he left, he now sported much artificial skin and bones, along with a new right arm.
"Hartius?" buzzed his personal intercom, Hartius proped his mop against the wall and brought the device up to his face.
"Yes, Jormun?"
"We have enemy craft incoming, it is a small Ork rok."
"Can we out-gun it?" Hartius began running to the bridge.
"Yes sir, but it has powerful defensive sheild, our guns will have little effect." The ship shook as the Ork rok blasted away.
"Try to evade it! Get into Imperial air space!" Hartius shouted. The ship shook again, throwing Hartius to the floor.
"Sir, the lowest cargo deck has been blown off!" Hartius scrambled to his feet as the deck he was on, the second lowest, shook and started to tear from the rest of the ship. A huge chunk of the wall blew in and Hartius grabbed a bar on the wall to stop himself from falling out onto the ground far below.
"Sir! We are being boarded by the Ork craft!"
"Escape while you still can! Get to the Port Escape pods!"
"Sir... they're all disabled, we have no means.." there was a loud bang, and then blackness...

The Mannequin sat up suddenly and looked about the room. He rubbed his head.
"What was I drinking?!" he said as the pounding headache got worse when he tried to massage it with his metal hand.
"Bull's Breath," said a voice, The Mannequin just identified it as Octavian's, "the only drink that gives you a hangover in under two hours."

General Samuel of the 101
13-12-2005, 19:58
"see,this what happens after making a sin as high as drinking that"-Spoke the general
and then he turned to the inquisitor
"as you can see,Inquisitor,We all ready to die for our glorius Emperor"-
"but some lives are more important than others..."
"or you think that the life of yourself is the same as of a Lowly acolite?"

13-12-2005, 20:05
Ruben shook his head, teh mannequine was an odd one, a liability. "I belive we will all die someday, might as well go out good and in teh name of the emperor, with a fire in your belly and dying enemies in your eyes" Ruben said.

13-12-2005, 20:24
'The Emperor Protects,' Ryker said after allowing Ruben to speak. 'Aye Ruben, you have the idea. As to whose lives are more important and such, my life is part of a higher cause. You are all His subjects and I am His left arm. I seek out the enemy from within, the art of preventing the Acoplaspe that can happen with the vile traitors, rebels, xenos and even the greatest enemy of all, Daemons. My life is just as important as an acolyte General, however it is the Emperor's Will that dictates rather mine is more important than the acolytes.'

Ryker sighed. He knew this debate could go on forever.

'Thats enough General, I was merely making a point as you were, but we should end this debate. It is not important as long as you are loyal to the Emperor,' Ryker said as he drank from his glass of water.

General Samuel of the 101
13-12-2005, 20:36
"so,inquisitor"spoke the general
"when and where is our next assignment?"

13-12-2005, 20:48
'Rendevous at the Asteriod fortress,' Ryker said looking at the General. 'Once there, we will head into the sector and its captial and begin our operations. I hope you will all be ready to deal with the trials and tribulations I shall be putting you through. This is an indirect war General, we won't fight on battlefields, we won't be fighting in cities, trenches or anything you have grown accustomed too. We will not have an idea of the enemy movements, nothing. This indirect battle will take place in taverns, people homes, churches, and other places you would not fight in. I hope you know how to fit in with the populace as if you don't you could destroy the entire mission.'

Ryker allowed that to settle.

'Don't worry though, the Entertainers we will be traveling with will be able to use you as muscle I think,' Ryker said with a slight chuckle.

13-12-2005, 22:35
Jonas had started to feel the ffects of the booze on him. he got up stumbled a little bit but was other wise fine. he went to find some sort of food to put into his stomach to settle it down.

"Glad you couldc *HIC* join on Ryker" as he stumbled and put his arm around the inqusitor

"so whats your story how have you found your way into such a lofty postion?" Jonas said as he some what fell adn twirled away form the inquistor into a chair.

14-12-2005, 14:13
"Hold on a sec," said The Mannequin as he [just] managed to sit up on the sofa, "I am getting paid for this, right Ryker?"

14-12-2005, 21:07
Ruben frowned at teh manequins comment, 'pay shouldnt matter, you should be happy with your life' he thought scaldingly.

15-12-2005, 00:08
'In the usual manner of being sparred the arco-flaglant chamber to finish the job on yourself,' Ryker said looking at the Mannequin. 'You will leave me in the Emperor's Graces, along with being sparred further investigation unless you become noticable once more and some starting money to maybe do something useful.'

Inquisitor Ryker knew what the Mannequin really wanted, but that was something Ryker could not deliver. Never.

OoC/Go on SonofAbby, feel free to narrow down what Ryker is mentioning, to give me a plot line or two ;)/OoC

15-12-2005, 13:57
Sophie shook her head over The Mannequin's passing out. It was exactly reasons like this she didn't drink. Antisocial as that may have made her, it had also saved her life on several occasions. As the conversion moved over The Mannequin's interruption, Sophe retired to the edge of the group, relatively unnoticed outside the general chatter of the others and lounging comfortably but boredly in a cushioned chair. It was for this reason she despised space travel. It was so... dull.

15-12-2005, 17:24
"If my services are not worth your money then maybe you are not worth my trust." The Mannequin remembered the last time someone didn't pay him for his services...

It was a stormy night on Kraag, and The Mannequin was waiting down an alleyway, waiting for his contact, the years of mercenary work had now given him another bionic arm. His lated mission was one that could have him executed under Imperial rule, but he had covered his tracks well. The Mannequin turned at the sound of footsteps, his contact was running down towards him.
"Finally! I've been waiting for ages!" said The Mannequin, "Now where's my fee?"
"I don't have it on me, I'll tell you where you can pick it up!"
"That's what you said last time! I want my money and I want it now!"
"Sorry, Mannequin, you'll have to collect it!"
"I was meant to collect it here! Unless you give me my money, I'm afraid you'll have to pay the price in your life!"
"Oh really?" the contact clicked his fingers, five figures appeared on the rooftops, their guns aimed at The Mannequin. The Mannequin groaned,
"REVEAL!" he shouted, and three men leapt from the shadows, one putting a gun to his contact's head, the other two leaping to the rooftops and tearing the enemy to sherds with expertly sharpened blades, "My money, or you'll go the same way as your men."
"I don't have it!"
"Then your life shall be my payment." The Mannequin took his power sword from him back, and lifted it to the sky...

...But Ryker was a man not to be argued with, and The Mannequin's men were not with him, even if they were, killing an Inquisitor was far worse than what he had done before. The Mannequin sat back on the sofa and pulled his hat down over his eyes.

16-12-2005, 15:05
As the social went into the evening, everyone was allowed to leave and get some rest.

As everyone slept, they came into port with the Asteriod base and the Solar Flame was anchored. As Inquisitor Ryker and his entourage walked from the boarding tube to the base, an acoylte came running towards them.

'I am Interrorgator Sirius of the Inquisitor Lord Jermane of the Ordo Hereticus,' the acoylte said with a bow. 'My master wishes the representive from the Ordo Malleus a plesant stay and has the full compliments of the Asteriod base at his use.'

'Tell your master Interrogator Sirius that I would like a meeting with him, to deliver a gift from my Ordo and a few more requests,' Inquisitor Ryker said with a slight bow. 'My name is Inquisitor Ryker and this is my retinue. I would like them fully bunked for the night with food and drink, and other activities such as drilling, target practise, and sword dueling for the day while I discuss business.'

'Follow me,' Sirius said as Ryker and the retinue followed the long limbed man with close cropped brown hair down a series of corridors and entrances until they reached the Inquisitorial Stormtrooper training bay. Ryker paused and looked at his team.

'I need you all at peak condition,' Ryker said loudly. 'This is an Inquisitorial Stormtrooper training facility. You may practise shooting, close combat, and other skills. I have a meeting to attend to.'

'I will stay here my Lord,' Sirius said with a bow. 'Acolyte Regina shall show you the way.'

A bald headed woman in a simple blue robe bowed before him and Ryker follwoed her.

OoC/Have fun training. Its just something to keep you guys amused, feel free to start challenges and have duels against one another. Just ask me if you want to do anything special that requires GM intervention or a dice roll :)/OoC

16-12-2005, 17:41
"Well I'm going to the desert training area, see if I can beat my best time at clearing a building there..." The Mannequin looked about and strode down a pathway inbetween the huge jungle training area and the slightly less huge city training area. He remembered the last time he was in a training facility such as this...

Hartius leapt round the corner, his power sword slashing through two men, the mesh of their fake bodies melting and falling to the floor. Hartius had managed to clear the fake suburb in three minutes and twenty one seconds, which was below his record by twenty four seconds.
"Hartius Mannequin," said the intercom, "proceed to Senior Officer Burmark's quarters in ten minutes." Hartius sheathed his sword and exited the training area.

Hartius walked down the corridor on his way to Burmark's office, he saw a Commisar and Burmark walk past the corridor's end. Something made Hartius flatten against the wall and listen in.
"...Of the war on Armageddon, Lord?" said the Commisar.
"The Armageddon 108th..."

The Mannequin shivered at the memory and entered the desert training area.

16-12-2005, 18:02
Ruben Woke and showered before heding down to the training area. Ruben entered the polar traing area. He programed a tough scenario into the computer and was suddenly in an imperial bunker. Sirens blaired and men ran around franticly. Explosions shook the walls and Ruben stumbled into teh armoury, grabbing an autogun.

Five minuites later he was fighting in the trenches. His rifle butt slammed into a downed enemies face. He stood and let off a point balnk shot through and enemies skull blowing it apart. He rolled away from a sword swipe, slamming teh said assailnt in the belly ruben stood and pulled a knife from his boot, stabbing it into his neck.

He dived back into a trench and his rifle pressed against another enemies chest, he pulled teh trigger blowing blood across the trench.

Captain Marius
16-12-2005, 18:10
After getting fully rested up in the cramped barracks, Sergeant Octavian made his way to the training facility. He found that the Mannequin and Sergeant Quinn were already using two of the chambers, but decided that he would rather take part in a team simulation. He decided to wait for someone to join him before beginning.

16-12-2005, 18:17
Jonas looked around as he pulled out his knife.

"anyone interested in some spareing?" he smiled as he walked into the gym

16-12-2005, 18:49
The Mannequin's blade tore one of the servitor controlled opponents open, and looked down at the mangled wire mesh...

"Why are you doing this, Hartius?" said Burmark as Hartius slashed the Commisar down to the floor. Hartius turned and pointed his sword at Burmark's throat, the Senior Officer aimed a bolt pistol at Hartius's head.
"Why? You are making unneccessary sacrifices! Those men could be saved!"
"They can but they would die..."
"EVERYONE DIES! Sooner or later. It is within my interest that few people die young, in pain and for a bad cause, which is what you're doing!"
"The Emperor is a bad cause? MANKIND is a BAD CAUSE?!" Hartius stopped and thought, it was true, he was renouncing the Emperor, the highest servants of the Emperor were bringing down humanity.
"Mankind is insignificant in the search for peace and prosperity. You have signed the death warrants of a thousand men, you deserve no forgivness."
"NO! How dare YOU kill those that might be saved!" A piercing noise sounded out around them, an alarm. "Here," said Hartius, he ducked and swung his sword around, tearing off Burmark's legs, "Something to remember me by..."

"...Two minutes fifty nine seconds," said the intercom, announcing the time it took for The Mannequin to clear the building.

Captain Marius
17-12-2005, 14:09
Sergeant Octavian examined the young man Jonas with a calculating eye. "I'll accept your challenge, boy," he said, with a hint of mirth in his eye. What threat could such a young person offer?

"Knives?" he asked, to which Jonas nodded. Octavian selected a combat knife from the weapon rack, swinging it in a tight arc to test the balance. He had rarely had cause to fight in hand to hand, but he was nevertheless experienced in training. "First blood then, best of three; no serious injuries, yes?"

20-12-2005, 10:57
Pelthalos followed the two men to the duelling chambers, a glint in his eye. Combat knives were the staple weapons of the ground pounders in the Guard, but he lovingly caressed each of the sabres in the trainer armoury before selecting one on the basis of its weight and heft.

He methodically placed his healing salves and surgical tools on the ground in a corner of the room, the other duelists casting bemused glances in his direction. Once he had finished, and the other two were about to spar, he whipped out his sabre with a flourish and the high pitched whine of tempered steel.

"May I duel the winner?"

20-12-2005, 19:10
Jonas twirled the Blade in his hand waiting to make his strike.

droped to one knee and shoot in at his oppent ready to slice the mans calf with a deep cut. Frist blood matchs usally ended quick or.

the man moved but he hoped he would. kicking his legs to back to his feet he quickly fliped back to face the man frist blood macths were either quick. or were gureling dog fights

General Samuel of the 101
20-12-2005, 19:14
looking another way of the fight the General Shouted"so who wants to play a little game of Swordplay"taking out his second regular sword

Captain Marius
20-12-2005, 19:33
<Bmaxwell, your post doesn't make any sense :eek: >

Octavian played defensively, parrying the initial attacks of the youth with smooth, orthodox techniques honed by years of practice. He grinned confidently and feinted, drawing Jonas into his range. Flicking his knife forward, he attacked with the intention of drawing a line across the man's torso, but the wiry youth didged back and instead carved a wound across Octavian's knife arm.

The storm-trooper sergeant sprang back, surprised that his over-confidence had cost him the first round. "Alright kid, nice move," he muttered. He decided that he would use his bulk to his advantage, play defensively until the youngster tired himself out. That was if he didn't surprise him again!

20-12-2005, 20:44
The Mannequin watched the sword fight with interest, they were good fighters, although The Mannequin believed he could match either man, if it weren't for his bionic leg, he still remembered how he got it, all those years ago on Herria...

It was a cold night on the Hiveworld, and it was only marginally warmer inside Hive Hokk. The Mannequin knelt down on one knee behind a dumpster, his sniper rifle staring down the alley, then a man, who The Mannequin identified as his target, stepped out into the street. Tracking the man as he walked across to a building, The Mannequin waited for him to step inside the house he had decided to visit before launching a bullet into the back of him head.
"Bad move, dawg," came a voice from behind him. The Mannequin stood and turned to see four men all holding bolters and one man holding a pistol and a sword. Two of The Mannequin's trained bodyguards turned into the alleyway, aiming their guns at the nearest threats.
"Yeah, we thought of that too, yo?" said the man holding the sword, and four more men, also holding bolters, appeared at the other end of the alley, trapping The Mannequin. He looked around and assessed the situation.
"Now drop that gun!" shouted the man with the sword, The Mannequin nodded, held the gun by its barrel and threw it straight into the man's stomach. In a quick movement he took his sword from its sheath and decapitated one of the men behind him, his men began their slaughter of the others now behind The Mannequin. He swung his sword and slit the throats of two more of the men then stabbed the last through the chest.
"NO!" came a shout from behind him, the man with the sword had recovered and lunged at The Mannequin, though he missed his target, his sword tore through The Mannequin's leg.
"URG!" groaned The Mannequin as he fell to the floor and one of his men stabbed the man through the chest. The Mannequin was happy to see that it wasn't a man after all, but one of the few women who trained under him. You could barely tell it was a woman, her hair and shapely figure was tucked away under a tight, aerodynamic suit. The Mannequin knew that he had his best student protect him on this mission, Lucciel Mannor. She was an amazng student, quick and small yet strong and brutal, The Mannequin knew she would turn out to be a most brilliant warrior, and The Mannequin had fallen in love with her. He had bought special bionic arms that, although weaker than his normal arms, had special synthskin across them, he had got them not for her, but to show her he would expend any amount of money, time or energy to show how much he loved her.

Lucciel took off her mask, and Hartius looked up into her face. She took a piece of rope from her waist and tied it round the end of his bleeding leg.
"It can't be reattached," said The Mannequin, "power weapons never cut cleanly, there energy field tear at nerves, I'll need a bionic leg." Lucciel beckoned to the other man, they helped him to his feet, or rather foot.
"There are plenty of illegal bionics traders in this city," said Lucciel, "we can get you a new leg." The Mannequin sighed.
"Though," he said, "it will be slow and will ache, it'll be better than nothing... but..." he looked longingly into the distance, "it'll never be the equal of imperial technology. It's amazing what facism can do for you..."

Octavian had lost the first round, but he seemed to realise his bulk as an advantage after assessing Jonas's skill. The Mannequin would have bet, but probably not paid up, that Octavian would win the second round.

20-12-2005, 23:30
OoC/ Sorry about that I was useing Wrestleing talk/OoC

Jonas was able to win the frist round against the man. Jonas felt his blood movieng he loved this feeling. He wiped the blood off his knife with his shirt for such a big man he was fairly good at Knife fights.

Parrying the man Jonas would dip lowering his stance takeing a jab at the mans leg. One of the times the sargent kicked him causeing him to fall back trying to spin away form the man but a the knife plunged cutting his shoulder. Jonas looked over to were the knife was it was sticking into the floor.

"don't get over zealous man dam could have really hurt me there" offering his hand Jonas took it and hoped to his feet

1-1 the next fight would be very interesting. Jonas couldn't wait

21-12-2005, 15:04
Ruben dropped more traitors as he fell back through the corridors, he had almost completed teh scenario. He steped into teh hangar and therw down two demo packs before running into teh transport. The doors closed and an explosion signaled he had blocked the traitors off, suddenly he was back in the pola training area station. NEW RECORD. he looked at his sats 11 minuites 50 seconds, a personal best he scrolled down. 15 kills and 7 enemies injured, 3 minor wounds to himself, hangar blocked, a god round. He left the station and moved back into teh main training area, he watched Octvian and teh boy duel for awhile befor exploring more of teh training complex.

He spent awhile in the livefire area, shooting targets but he quickly got bored and tried out teh desert training area. He chose the raid scenario and was suddenly in teh back of an open topped jeep along with 3 other vehicles speeding towards a traitor outpost. He gripped the gun until they were in range and opened fire, his shots hit a couple of stone buildings before hitting barrels, blowing them upand openeing a hole in teh plasticrete wall. The jeeps sped in as klaxons ounded and taritors scrambled from their holes. Ruben unleased a torrent of fire on a bulding killing a small horde of tariots, the jeeps formed into a defensive position and teh gunners provided cover as theuinfantry moved towards the bunker.

21-12-2005, 16:39
Ooc/Stop saying teh dammit! And you can't suddenly appear in a scenario, thanks to Imperial industry they ACTUALLY build buildings in their ships and on their station, no holograms.

And stop saying teh./Ooc

The Mannequin watched as Octavian won the second round, and thought to himself that if Octavian had lost then he would have paid up if he had made a bet, but Octavian didn't so he wouldn't. The Mannequin decided to stay to see how the fight turned out, then he would go fight servitor controlled beasts in the forest training area.

Captain Marius
21-12-2005, 18:43
Sergeant Octavian breathed deeply as he and Jonas circled each other. His defensive tactics had paid off and he had been quick to strike when the opportunity arose. Now was the final round, and the next strike would win.

Jonas launched a complicated series of feints and thrusts, driving Octavian back before the onslaught. His style was unlike anything the storm-trooper had faced before, but on reflection that was probably due to most of his opponents in the field having been shot from range.

The youth was breathing quite heavily now and Octavian felt that the time to counter-attack was now. With precise arcs he deflected Jonas' blade and drove him back. Jonas made a desperate lunge and Octavian was able to grab his arm... he slashed at his opponent's leg... Jonas twisted from his grasp and rolled to safety.

Octavian grunted and leapt at the smaller man, eager to achieve his victory. His hastiness was his undoing however, as Jonas swung wildly, slicing open a wound on his injured arm. The storm-trooper sprang back with a savage curse and glared at the victor for a moment, before accepting that he had been defeated by a youngster.

He looked at his arm, which was bleeding quite seriously but not dangerously. Jonas was panting for breath, but when Octavian offered him his hand he took it. "Well done boy, looks like I've underestimated you," the storm-trooper grinned. Looking at his wound again, he added; "I think I'll get this seen to." He nodded at Pelthalos. "Sorry doc, should've taken more care. You're up now though." With that, he headed off to the apothecarion.

21-12-2005, 19:10
[i wanst aware you were the gm and unless slaz has a problem im going to continue]

One of the jeeps exploded, Ruben span his gun around and filled the traitor position full of ammo, the roketeer was hopefully dispatched before he turned back round to cover the bunker.

21-12-2005, 19:32
OoC/I'm not the GM, I'm stating facts. Read Dead Sky Black Sun if you don't believe me./OoC

The Mannequin chuckled as Jonas won the fight, the boy was good, perhaps he could be persuaded to join The Mannequin's team. He turned and walked towards the huge one kilometre square area that was the Jungle training area.

22-12-2005, 07:16
Pelthalos had studied the duel with care - duelling second would grant him a certain advantage. The Sergeant was defeated because he was surprised, he thought to himself. Now the youngster would be tired, and if I play my cards right, he may also, with a modicum of luck, be taken off guard...

"Please Sergeant, that laceration hardly warrants a long journey to a chirurgeon who is likely to be less competant than myself. Allow me."

Pelthalos quickly injected a small phial of epineph serum to the bleeding wound, which quickly stifled the flow, before willing a plasma sterilized instantaneous suturing needle from his finger augmetics and completing the stitches in under 15 seconds.

"lets see how much more the youngster can offer, shall we sergeant?"

Striding to the centre of the duelling rink, sabre drawn in his right hand, he adopted the timeless fighting stance of the Imperial Navy, handed down from th dawn of history. Standing at over 6 feet of Lanky Imperial Officer with a 4 foot sabre extended toward his foe, Pelthalos had a very long reach.

The youngster, being clever and ingenuitive, will attempt to deal with this subterfuge and trickery, thought pelthalos to himself, as he viewed the pertinent parts of the previous duel on his ocular implant replay. A smile came to his lips. I am capable of trickery as well...

22-12-2005, 14:26
Jonas was ready for this he took a deep breath the only thing that he did that had some order to his life.

then he begun moveing faster and faster some times crossing his legs while circleing sometimes he just brings his heels together. throwing his blade up in the air spinning it. Pelthalos eyes were focused on it. when it was horztial again he grabed it and jumped with the blade breaking the air in 2 as it went straight for the mans chest.

Captain Marius
22-12-2005, 15:59
Sergeant Octavian rubbed his stitches with some disbelief. This space-head doctor was implanted with seriously advanced tech, more akin to the equipment of an enginseer than one of the Army medics. Pelthalos had done a damn good job too. He'd have to take more care. No more foolish duels; he fought his battles in thick carapace armour, he had no reason to fight. Still, he was interested to see whether the doc could defeat his wily opponent. Jonas looked a little tired, but Octavian now knew firsthand that that did not indicate an easy victory...

24-12-2005, 23:42
The youngster leapt straight at Pelthalos, a surprise move timed almost to perfection from the flickering feints that the wily pistolier had distracted him with.

Pelthalos leapt backward, his sabre still extended forward, but somehow Jonas had passed the tip of his sabre even thus. Desperately slashing in a series of downward and circular strokes, pelthalos parried the knife and caused a few blows of his own, equally parried by the knife, which Jonas had doubled back over his wrist to block with.

Seeing this, Pelthalos used a circular stroke for the head, ably parried before swinging it around through Jonas' legs, or at least the space where Jonas' legs were half a second before Jonas had jumped away.

Pelthalos being quick as well, the sabre took a bite of shoe rubber, and Jonas landed unevenly, but rolled away as pelthalos's sabre shot sparks from the ground where he had been a second before.

He rolled to he feet, and the two men circled once again, chests heaving.

By the Emperor, this child was superbly agile and astonishingly persistent.

26-12-2005, 03:42
He stalked his prey, little did this poor fool know what he had stumbled into, soon his flesh will bake and his bones will no longer be whole. With perfect aim, the killer strikes. Wild blasts of plasma and bullets fly as one marine fall to the floor, the horns on his helmet clattering against a tree trunk. The two remaining traitors stood still, listening, then it came again, a whirling debris of leaf and wood as ionised gas burst towards them, they both fell to the ground, the last of them had died. Stepping forth from the forest stood a man, a good 6' 1" tall, his dark brown coat flapping silently as he approached his eliminated foes. His guns by his sides, The Man with the Metal Face grunted as a click reverberated throughout the forest,
"Three minutes twenty three seconds," it said as The Mannequin stepped over the servitor-controlled machines on the floor. He decided to do no more training, and see how Pelthalos was getting on with Jonas. Exiting the jungle area and putting his Plasma Pistols away, he wandered back to where they had been fighting. He heard the clang of the sabre against the knife as he turned the corner to look upon the scene. He walked over to Octavian who was watching with interest.
"Still the first round?" asked The Mannequin, the bloodstains on the floor were the same as after Jonas beat Octavian, it was unlikely more blood had been spilt.
"Yeah, and they're still going," replied Octavian as Jonas deftly parried a swing from the sabre. The Mannequin was entranced by this dance, the swords twirling and the light reflecting off the metal, the two figures twirling, forever trying to draw a bit of crimson liquid from the other, forever locked in a dance, that may yet prove fatal.

The Mannequin looked at the younger, then at the elder. The elder's mind was logical and calculating, no doubt he thought he could win this fight easily, indeed, Jonas should be tired after the previous fight and Pelthalos had time to study his technique. But Jonas, he felt, had the gift, the gift of combat, whereby instead of using tried means and methods, he adapted. If an opponent parried an attack that he was sure to finish him, he had another one coming his way, if an opponent stabs instead of slashes, he could roll out of the way and slit his throat in one fluid movement, if anything unexpected happened, he had the upper hand. The combination of ingenuetiy, precision and courage in the younger's mind allowed him practical combat perfection.

The Mannequin looked at the younger, yes, he was perfect.

26-12-2005, 04:30
Jonas moved useing his blade wasn;t gonna to work. at least not for getting to draw blood.

Jonas dove at his foe's knees grabed them tackleing his oppent to the ground he was trying to get the sabre away form his foe hand once that was done he would then draw a small amount of blood form the mans cheek. holding the mans wirst down he tried to throw it causeing the hand to let it go and send it sprawling

"YOU PUNK LET GO!" Jonas yelled at his oppoent he then drew his hand back then suddenly the older man used his hand and cut Jonas hand. Damit he got me

Jonas rolled back and got up offering his hand to the older man.

"2 more rounds to go" Jonas sayed as he smiled

26-12-2005, 06:42
Pelthalos shot a lopsided grin up at the proffered hand, and ignoring it, shoved downward with his hands, slid his left foot back, pulling himself straight to his fencing stance. He cleaned the needle of his finger augmentics, and drew his sword once again.

True, thought pelthalos, I have won that point, and surprised him with that move, but I had hoped not to have to use that trick except as a last resort.

What the kid didn't know was that the finger augmetic needle was still full of aneasthetic when he had struck. He waited until Jonas tossed the knife to the pricked hand, gauging the right amount of time for the aneasthetic to have its effect, and struck out with his long sabre, each move simply attempting to ensure that he couldn't pass the weapon back to his good hand.

Pelthalos struck methodically and efficently smiling quietly to himself. Opposite him, The kid's eyes slowly registered horror as his hand slowly stopped sending messages to his brain. As he parried yet another downward stroke, the numb hand finally lost its grip on the knife and it clattered to the floor - Pelthalos suddenly swept forward and spun, slashing the now disarmed and surprised youth on the arm - an Identical wound to the one caused to the Sergeant.

Sergeant Octavian frowned, uncomprehending, as the mannequin's bearing showed some semblance of suspiscion. Now serious, Pelthalos turned back to look down from his imposing height on his youthful opponent. "Allow me to heal that wound Jonas. I have won the bout, but I am an Imperial Navy Officer, many years your senior. For your age, you are a truly gifted fighter."

Jonas's face registered a look of resentment. He knew he had been cheated, to some extent, and truthfully, Pelthalos felt that he had cheated also. Nevertheless, had the kid had the same opportunity, he would have used it undoubtably. Sowing up the wound as effficiently as he had the previous soldier, Pelthalos quickly took a small blood sample from the end of his needle and added it to his collection of genotypes for future study and reference.

26-12-2005, 17:30
The Mannequin looked on, he had seen Pelthalos strike Jonas with his needle, and that raised the possiblilty of injection. Although, they had never agreed on a set of rules, so it was still technically legal, but then again, they had never said 'no guns' so, technically, Jonas could have shot Pelthalos' leg open.

Ah well, at least the boy has learnt a valuble lesson; wear thick gloves.

Then The Mannequin's suspicions grew greater as Pelthalos seemed to take a sample of Jonas' blood, no doubt he had taken one of Octavians as he sewed him up, and he had probably searched for skin and hair samples in Ryker's quarters and the room where they had feasted.

Well, it would be hard for him to get any of The Mannequin's DNA, not with this all-over toughened leather suit.

Unless, that bottle of Bull's Breath...

Captain Marius
27-12-2005, 13:49
Octavian cheered and patted Pelthalos on the arm; "Well done, doc, seems you space-heads are full of surprises." Then he took Jonas' hand and shook it. "Better luck next time, kid," he grinned, though the young man only blinked at him in return. Fellow was pretty worn out, Octavian thought.

He looked over at the Mannequin; the masked man made him feel uneasy, though he would never admit such a thing. He just preferred to see a man's face, to know that they hadn't been touched by the Dark Gods. He wondered where Sergeants Quinn and Sophie were, as well as the General. Ah well, they were probably in the training simulators no doubt.

"Who wants a bite to eat?" he suggested, heading towards the refreshment vendor.

27-12-2005, 14:53
Jonas take deep breaths trying to get his composure together. then walked over to the Mannequin.

"How'ed I do" he said as he put his hands on thw all and leaned against it finaally starting to be able to breath with out being close to hyperventaliting

28-12-2005, 16:17
Lord Ryker stood before the Inquisitor Lord of this Ordo Xenos, the legendary Inquisitor Lord Jermane, the man who suirvivied a venture into the Dark Eldar's realms to assassinate a Dark Eldar Wytch Lord, among other notable sacred crusades. Ryker kept his gaze lowered as he stood, waiting for the Lord Inquisitor to aknowledge him.

'Lord Ryker,' Inquisitor Jermane said after a few minutes, 'please take a seat. I trust this is not a social visit, so get to the point.'

'My Lord,' Ryker said with a bow. 'I have come to the Tretos sector as I have uncovered numerous evidence that suggests that a Daemon Prince from the Horus Heresy is being resurrected with dark magic and other daemonic rituals. His banishment to the Warp is nearing its end since the great Primarch Sanguarius slew it. I need not tell you the details of what would happen should a this Daemon Prince be ressurected.'

'Inquisitor Ryker, your mission is no doubt been blessed by your superiors and you have my permission to use all of my resources to complete your mission. The Eldar have been quite active as well. I understand a Farseer gave you something?' asked Inquisitor Jermane, his chiseled features creasing as his black eyes connected with Ryker's.

'That is correct my Lord,' Ryker said quietly. 'I have had contact with the filthy Xenos and I fear they have corrupted my enternal soul with their accursed gift.'

'Do not fear young Inquisitor,' Jermane said a hearty laugh. 'The Eldar are mysterious creatures, but if a Farseer approached you and handed you something, then it is in both of our species interests that you succeed. Now I do have a small request; you take Interrogator Sirius with you. He is a compentant warrior and excels in translating the Eldar language and other native Xenos to this sector of space. Also he needs a field assignment as I fear he is growing too restless for the chores I assign him.'

'I gladly accept your request, Interrogator Sirius shall serve alongside us,' Ryker said with a bow. 'Now excuse me my Lord, I need to begin my investigation.'

'Of course,' Jermane said with a nod. Ryker left the office and headed towards the library.


Interrogator Sirius had watched the retinue duel with one another and was impressed with their skills. He moved towards them as he heard them saying they were hungry.

'Come with me, I believe the chefs have just prepared a meal and alcohol will be served as well,' Sirius said with a grin.

'Anyone up for food and drink then?'

28-12-2005, 16:30
"Good," said the Mannequin at the promise of food, "fighting fake foul fiends really takes it out of you sometimes," he continued as he followed Sirius.

General Samuel of the 101
28-12-2005, 21:56
As none Has Taken interest in Him during the Duels
he stood of the chair he was sitting and followed the Interrogator to the meal
"So This mean we will have to work with filthy Xenos?"Spoke the general

29-12-2005, 16:47
OoC/What? Seriously, what are you talking about? Your character doesn't know the Eldar have the same goals as ours, so you can't ask if you have to work with them, unless your character went crazy!/OoC

General Samuel of the 101
29-12-2005, 19:06
OoC/He has a Bad streak for Xenos,that all,he knowns how the Eldar are able to manipulate you to do what they want,so he cant accept even the possibility/

29-12-2005, 22:01
OoC/Well, that does actually work out, sorry./OoC

24-01-2006, 20:15
Did everyone in this thread die or something?

24-01-2006, 23:16
no one's heard form slaz in like a month so i guess for now it is

Hate Train
24-01-2006, 23:56
OOC: Once Slaz returns, I'm sure that it will get underway. Until then, patience. And join the Scumdog Penal Legion! :D We'll be sure to be getting some new "recruits" after our recent losses.