View Full Version : First go at daemons, 2k

22-11-2008, 18:38
keeper of secrets
level 4
soul hunger
siren song

Skull taker 150

Herald of slaanesh
Battle standard
Icon of despair
allure of slaanesh

15 bloodletters
full command

14 bloodletters
full command

5 flesh hounds 175

14 demonettes

5 screamers 150

3 flamers 105

Total: 1997

Any tips/advice be great, looking for a list thats competative but not one thats all about winning.

23-11-2008, 14:34
Against popular believe i am gonna go ahead and say i think bloodletters are a terrible unit and deamonettes are a mediocre one (decent at best with herald)
Only good deamon cores are units of 10 horrors or blocks of plaguebeares with herald.

24-11-2008, 03:56
looks ok, but I think you would bet better off with a herald than skulltaker, as he makes the bloodletters hate making them a better unit, I tend to agree that letters are the worst without a herald, second unit of nettes would be better

perhaps even just keep it to 2 characters at 2k if your using GD

none of the funky demonic icons? I think you could do with some more speed in there, and get the herald up to level one your a bit light on dispell dice