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25-11-2008, 01:41
118 - Thane - shield, fury, cleaving, stone
205 - 20 Warriors - Full Command, shields.
205 - 20 Warriors - Full Command, shields.
205 - 20 Warriors - Full Command, shields.
205 - 20 Warriors - Full Command, shields.
205 - 20 Warriors - Full Command, shields.
205 - 20 Warriors - Full Command, shields.
205 - 20 Warriors - Full Command, shields.
205 - 20 Warriors - Full Command, shields.
120 - Organ Gun.
120 - Organ Gun.

I'm sure it wouldnt be too fun... but with all these units I'm sure to overrun the enemy with combat res. Each unit will get 4 or 5 (5 if I outnumber) plus any for flanks which I should get with 8 units.... Obviously I'll be winning by flanking the enemy... with like 4 units in the front and 2 on each side.

Will this be effective? I dont care about it being fun.... I've already got my 'for fun' dwarf list.

25-11-2008, 01:59
You will die horribly against artilley, missle fire and too a lesser extent magic.

25-11-2008, 02:10
i would not want to face this army, but you can make it harder. it needs a bsb, and a gyrocopter for marchblocking. then the implaccible march of the dwarves can commence!

25-11-2008, 13:53
Flanking isn't all that easy with Mv 3 dwarves. Nice idea, though!

25-11-2008, 14:06
you'll have a hard time fighting:
-bretonnia (they charge, have 2 ranks, banner and wounds), you've got ranks and banner, outnumbering probably for the bretts...
-empire (they'll shoot you to pieces and chop up what's left)
-elves (they shoot, magic, dispatch of what's left)
-chaos warriors (they fight better)

also, setting up those flank charges will require some terrain that allows you to do that.

I do like the list though :D starting from this idea, what about 6 units of warriors, 2 organ guns, 2 cannons, a bsb and some anti-magic? I figure nobody will advance on a flank with 2 organ guns or 2 units warriors or a warriors/organ gun combo...
Your centre will be dead hard with the BSB keeping the lot in line and enemy magic won't hurt a bit.
the cannons can take care of enemy war machines and other nastyness that might harm your army in an unpleasant way...

25-11-2008, 14:10
You would want to give them great weapons to make them more effective.

Nice idea! Core + Rares ftw ^_^

Gorog Irongut
25-11-2008, 14:29
My dwarfs do just fine at flanking... and charging.

As to the army list, it's a bit too monotonous. There are various things that would work really well with an offensive advancing dwarf army. What are those?
1. Gyrocopter
2. Anvil but this would cut into your points.
3. Miners are cheap and great.
4. A naked dragonslayer can be amazing. I had one hold up a flank before rolling a unit of clanrats and pinning another down. 50 points that can be amazing.
5. I always like to have the MR of Grungni somewhere. It's 50 pts that can keep your hoarde, staying a hoarde. It can be very effective against shooting and even helps against magic.

Now, by way of critique, I find that warrior units don't need musicians... ever. I also find that it's not worth putting champions into a unit unless a character may need challenge protection. That's 120 pts you could save right there off the list you've got now.

I also find your thane to be too expensive. Give him the R of Stone, a shield, and a great weapon. Maybe even give him an oathstone. He doesn't need anything else. You might WANT to give him the MR of Challenge though. Even giving him the MR of Challenge, you still net16 pts back from these changes.

Next, any combat dwarf army HAS to have a BSB. He doesn't have to have any spangly runes. Just do the math, he's much more important to keep your battle line together than even have a dwarf lord's Ld 10. Give him the MR of Gromril. Spend another couple points to boost his WS to 7 so that attackers with WS of 3 or lower will be hitting him on 5's and give him either the rune which makes him immune to flaming attacks and or the R of Preservation. In a cheap amount of points you have a character that will shrug off most attackers and will do more than anything else for holding your battle line together.

Lastly, a couple of cheap bolt throwers can go a long way to being a legitimate threat on the cheap. Plus they are throw away units that can create false battle lines and otherwise distract your opponent.