View Full Version : What would you put in a 1500pts dwarf army?

25-11-2008, 18:49
As the title asks, what would you put in a 1500pts dwarf army?

25-11-2008, 19:52
me, my 1500 pts list usually is:

Thane----runed out for mob killing
2x rune smith------one for anti-magic---the other for resisting

25 warriors-----shields and full command a very solid unit
2x 10 thunderers-----defend my flanks--with musician only
10 warriors----great weapons and musician-----defends my warriors flanks

2 bolt throwers-----both with engineer and one with ROpenertrating
20 slayers----good tarpits for small games and excellent in CC

organ gun-------good at killing heavy cav in small games

hope this helps as my list never fails me


26-11-2008, 10:26
Thank you! What units do you put your characters in?

26-11-2008, 16:16
Mind you, I don't get much of a chance to play while im in school, but my 1500pts list is as follows:

Thane of pain w/oathstone. 162pts

Rsmith w/shield, MRBalance, scroll. 147pts

dragonslayer 50pts

2x BTs w/engineers; 1x RPen, 2x RBurn. 155pts

20x warriors w/shields and FC. 205pts

20x Ironbreakers w/FC and MRGrungni. 290pts

10x quarrelers w/shields. 120pts

18x slayers 198pts

organ gun 120pts


if I swap the IBs for longbeards I'd split the slayers into two units, since the dragonslayer lets me field 2 units of slayers. Dropping the MRGrungni on the IBs' banner is an option too, to allow for some more rank and file.