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The Blades of reason
26-11-2008, 20:38
ok then so i would like to know how set up your beast herds or how you were slaughtered by amazing beast herds?
please say what
- command you use(if any)
- number of gors
- number of ungors
- do you give your ungors shields?
- what do you give your gors 2 hand weapons/hand weapon and shield
- do you have different equipment for different herds?

i have 2 herds at the moment both number 10 gor and 8 ungor both with full com 1 unit has gors with 2 hand weapons and the ungors then have shields and the other has gors with shields and ungors just with spears.

27-11-2008, 00:26
I usually run 8 Gors & 12 Ungors, 2 hand weapons for the Gors. Standard Bearer and usually a foe-render and nothing else.

They either win on the charge or lose and are killed.

28-11-2008, 11:05
Veilwalkers set out seems to be very common on boards like the herdstone, but I for the life of me cannot see why myself.

I've always played using the basic box 12 gor 8 ungor, 2hw on the gor then full command. I have never had a problem.

The problem I have with the 8 Gor tactic is that in my experiance 8 Gor just wouldn't be enough and I want the Gor to be doing the fighting not the Ungor.

That is for your average mid-size Herd, small decoy/speed bump/march block herds would only be 5 gor 5 ungor expendable units, while if you really want some punch a "Superherd" about 30 strong can do some real damage.

The Blades of reason
28-11-2008, 12:17
yeah i would use the standard box sizes but i got given two of the 10/8 gor/ungor units so thats why i use them. when i get some boxes though i will use the spares for converting lords/spawn etc...

28-11-2008, 14:24
I once saw an all chariot army at gamesday. It was incredible. Except for the fact that he was playing an empire gunline with 4 cannons. Needless to say, chariots went bye bye fats.

29-11-2008, 08:11
[QUOTE=The Blades of reason;3104700]
- command I use
Always musician, sometimes Foe-render, seldom standard bearer as I usually only use my beast herds to bait or as screens for my heavy units (like khorngors) so including a standard would just be giving away 100 free VPs.

- number of gors
Between 5-8

- number of ungors
usually more than the gors, to be able to field a larger screen, cheaper.

- do I give my ungors shields?
I've modelled all my ungors with sheilds... but sometimes I do not pay for them and let my opponent know, I don't think sheilds are really worth it.

- what do I give my gors? 2 hand weapons or hand weapon and shield?
Always two hand weapons. If my gors charge I want them to do some damage, and if they die, well that doesnt really matter.

- do I have different equipment for different herds?
No, not really.

29-11-2008, 22:47
the regular box is good enough for beast herds. I usually run 11 gors, 7 ungors because when I ambush, I'm in combat because of staff of darkoth and The Dark Heart.