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29-11-2008, 08:11
Here is a link to the BATTLE REPORT: "The Battle of Ravenswood"
aka: "Traubensaft Tag", aka, "BURN THE VINEYARD!"

A few extra bits of info: This battle featured 4 armies at 2500 points each; Empire vs. an allied Skaven and Daemon Horde. Special rules and scenario listed below...


Two Cults for Traubensaft Tag
It is almost time for Traubensaft Tag (grapejuice day) - an annual celebration of wine. Bogenhafen's Merchant Guilds will likely earn a great deal of money during the festivities... but these aren't the most prosperous of times.

The Steinhager family has paid The Cult of the Horned Rat (a group humans in league with the Skaven) to sabotage the Haagen winery.... and the Haagen family has paid The Black Meadow (a chaos cabal) to sabotage the Steinhager winery. Unfortunately for the citizens of Bogenhafen - The Black Meadow has little experience with controlling Daemon summoning, and The Cult of the Horned Rat is just a pawn in the Skaven's game.

A Skaven army from Reikwald Forest attacks the Haagen winery... just as a summoned Daemon host causes destruction at the Steinhager winery. The two unleashed forces combine and threaten to destroy the town. Bogenhafen's troops must defeat the invaders. Luckily, a High Elf army has come to participate in the Traubensaft parade.

2500 pt armies.
The Empire army must include at least 5 units of Militia, which may be detachments or independent units. See “Two Cults” below for further details.

The celebration is commencing in three days and the anticipation of the festivities has impacted the coherency of some soldiers defending the town.

Any Empire or High Elf unit/model that ends its movement within 6” of a wine vat must pass a Ld test or drink some wine and may do nothing else for the remainder of the turn.
Roll a D6:
1-2 Unit becomes Stupid for the remainder of the game.
2-3. Unit becomes Immune to Psychology for the remainder of the game.
4-6. The unit becomes Stubborn for the remainder of the game.

Any Skaven or Nurgle unit/model that ends its movement phase in contact with a full wine vat can decide to poison the wine and do nothing else for the remainder of the turn. Mark the Vat with a Poison token. All models in a unit that drink from this vat must pass a T test or lose 1 wound with no armour save... but still get to roll their D6 as normal.


Burning the Town:
Forest: T 6 W 10
Vineyard: T 4 W = # of vines in vineyard (average of 4-6)
Orchard: T 4 W = # of trees in each orchard (8 each)
Building: T 6 W 10

Any fire based attack can be targeted against terrain features designated as flammable.
Any flame based spells that target units in flammable terrain, also risk setting a blaze.

Each hit scored by a fire based attack will set a blaze on a 5+.

Every turn a terrain feature is aflame it and any unit in contact take D6 S3 hits during the Shooting Phase.

TORCHES are carried in to battle by Skaven Clanrats, Stormvermin, Gutter Runners, Night Runners, and Pack Masters, and skaven characters who may throw them at flammable terrain within 1” (no LOS required). A unit throwing torches may ignite flammable terrain on the roll of a 5+.

Any Skaven unit champion or character may be equipped with WARPFIRE FULE POTS for an additional 10 points per pot. These count as an enchanted item, and count toward the normal allotment of magic items, with champions allowed a maximum of two pots.

A model equipped with warpfire fuel pots may use them like a thrown weapon with a range of 8”, using the scatter and artillery dice to see where the pot lands, using the small template. Any models touched by the template take a S4 hit.
1-2: SELF lg temp on model –unit takes panic
3-4: fumbles 2D6 plus scatter die, use lg template
5-6: HITS TARGET with lg template. Causes double dmg. on terrain

Such is the intense flame generated by these weapons that ANY flammable terrain feature hit by one will be set aflame on a 2+.

Any Nurgle unit/model that ends its movement phase IN CONTACT WITH a vineyard, orchard or field will cause it to rot. Each turn spent in contact causes the rotting terrain to blacken and fester, causing D6 S3 hits to the terrain feature at the end of each Nurgle magic Phase.
In addition, roll a D6:

1-2: One nurgling base is generated within the terrain feature, which must remain in the terrain until it has completely rotted, at which point a unit is formed from the newly created nurgling bases.
3-4: Any non Nurgle unit within 1” of the terrain must pass a T test (using the lowest T in the unit) or it takes D6 S3 hits with no armour save.
5-6: Any non Nurgle unit within 8” of the terrain must pass a T test (using the lowest T in the unit) or it takes D6 S3 hits with no armour save.


The Skaven and Daemon player each secretly designate one unit of militia to be their cult, and separately choose the turn in which the traitors will strike. This information MUST NOT BE REVEALED TO ANY OTHER PLAYER, INCLUDING THEIR ALLY. At the Start of the designated Daemon & Skaven turn, they must reveal their minions, who then come under the control of the Daemon / Skaven player. As the cults are in opposition, once both are revealed, they must charge the other cult unit if they are able the start of ANY subsequent turn, friend or foe (as per the rules for frenzy).


Evil armies:
Each Vineyard of Orchard below wounds = 1 VP
Each Poisoned Wine Vat= 1VP

Empire Army:
Each Vineyard of Orchard above wounds = 1 VP

There were 9 vineyards, 2 Orchards, and 9 Wine Vats on the table, plus a bonus point for destroying or protecting the prized vine (growing on the wall of the Villa T=4 W=1).

29-11-2008, 13:28
That was really enjoyable, to bad the burning and rotting options weren't exploited but thats the thing with experimental rules.
Thanks for posting :)

01-12-2008, 10:35
That was a great read, very entertaining! I'm glad you were creative with the pics, it made the battle seem more cinematic rather than just some shots looking down at the table.

Nice work :D

01-12-2008, 22:01
Amazing. I loved the pictures, the table was excellent, and the map...it really made things feel real. I was really rooting for the Empire the entire time because of it. I really hope that you make more BR in the future.

Golden Lion
02-12-2008, 07:43
Superb report, thanks a lot for sharing it! The armies look great and the special rules are original. I also really like the photos and little stories to highlight parts of the battle. A gret sight to see our beloved empire prevail, but there was no mention of high elves, was there?

02-12-2008, 17:26
Our High Elf player missed the game.

02-12-2008, 20:29
Interesting game and fantastic terrain.

More like this would be great :)