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29-11-2008, 14:23
Three bloody days, and still nothing but trees and mist and more trees. Ragnarok Ironeye was not a happy ogre. Bored he ripped a small tree up, roots and all, and threw it at a nearby gnoblar who managed a squeek before dying messily.
Ragnarok was about to pick a new tree when he saw movement ahead, swift forms between the trees. Trees and ,Ragnarok smiled to himself, the soft shapes of elves. Swinging his Tenderizer Ragnarok gave the call to his waiting minions "It's supper time lads!"

had a 2000point match with a gaming buddy today. This is all by memory I'm afraid, as we both forgot notes and pictures at the club..

Ragnarok Ironeye, Tyrant with tenderizer etc
Butcher with bangstick
Hunter with sabertooths and biting blade (just to ignore those pesky wardsaves)
3x3 Bulls ehw and bellower
3x3 IG standard
2x20 gnoblars
2x2 Leadbelchers

lord on eagle, bow of loren, HoD, panic-arrows
alter noble with GW
3x5 wild riders
3x10 glade guard
5 waywatchers
3x9 dryads

Deployed somewhat like this:
WR1 --TMan-WR2--------GG1-Dryad2--GG2 (in wood)---GG3 (in wood)


-------------IG1+T--gnob bulls2 lead Gi lead----wood--gnob
Hunter---------------------IG2+but IG3------waywatch-bulls3

OK 1
General advance, gnob and bulls on right turn right to keep an eye on the flanking force... some angling and such in the middle to make flanking possible. The hunter took aim, shot and nearly felled the treeman, causing 4 wounds (!). The butcher blasts 5 elves to smithereens (GG1) and casts trollguts on his own unit and toothcracker on the bulls2. he also managed to heal one wound (my opponents dispelling skills were not exactly impressive J )

WE 1
Advances carefully for the most part, except the treeman who runs to whitin an inch of my bulls. Arrows fly all over the place, killing one leadbelcher from each unit and wounding some ironguts. The treemans roots strangle the life out of one bull, giving the Tyrant LOS...

OK 2
Gnoblars 2 squabble. Tyrant and bulls1+2 charges the treeman, and the tyrant makes kindling out of him. Everyone overruns.
The Hunter runs up, as well as a general advance all over. One leadbelcher blasts the remains of GG1 killing 4, the lone elf bravely stands though. The butcher once again blasts elves left and right, nearly killing the lord and eagle (2 wounds each) with the bangstick.

WE 2
Wild riders 1&2 charges my bulls1 while dryads charge my bulls2. I tried to do some clever fleeing, and some unlucky leadership rolls later my left flank was running. Bulls 1 and 2 + the IG behind them all fled. The dryads failed their charge and both WRider units hit the tyrant. The tyrant however killed three, while taking nothing back actually winning combat, they held. There was more shooting picking off an ogre here and there, but nothing to serious.

OK 3
Most stuff rallied
Sabertusks charged in to help the tyrant and together they wiped out both units of wild riders, overrunning the stragglers. Gnoblars and IG2 charged the dryads winning combat solidly and overrunning further in., IG 3 charged the lone elf, who stood defiantly shooting before beeing squashed by the bull rush. They overran into the dryad2 unit. The butcher, having bravelly left the IG’s, killed the lord with a bonecruncher, and drove a unit of GG of the table with braingobbla, the eagle survived and stood a lonely watch over its masters corpse.

WE 3
The elves overran the right flank winning over the bulls (combo charged by WR and Dryads) and overran into the waiting gnoblars.
The alter noble charged and fought the butcher, winning combat and easily running him down. The dryads fought to a standstill against stubborn IG’s
OK 4
The IG/Dryad combat was violently resolved when the giant and tyrant joined the fray, the Giant stuffed a dryad in his bag “to make fire later” and the tyrant killed the rest. The WR and Dryads soundly trashed the Gnoblars.

WE 4
The WR charged a rallied bull in my DZ, and despite him killing one they won but he amazingly managed to escape (the WR couldn’t get him as the waywatchers was in the way, hope we played this correctly)

Rounds 5&6
General mop up, rallied IG 1 and Bulls 2 kill of the last dryads, the WR kill of a bull and the last GG unit wins cc against a sabertooth (having shot the other one when charged). More importantly the gnoblars gave the heroic eagle a fitting death, broken bottle to the head! (of twenty shots 1 wounded).

At the end there weren’t many elves left, waywatchers, a reduced GG unit and a pack of Wildriders, while the Ogres still had a Tyrant, Hunter, Giant and several more or less intact bulls and irongut units.

Sitting on the remains of the fallen treeman Ragnarok gave his favored victoryspeech to the assembled bulls and 'guts; "Lets eat!"

29-11-2008, 14:28
Short and sweet, love it. Espescially the stories XD

29-11-2008, 15:27
way to pound those pointy-eared tree huggers into submission.

29-11-2008, 21:21
Great little BatRep. Nice and clear and the fluff was short but effective and fun.

Congrats on the win.

30-11-2008, 01:15
Thanks guys, this was done very fast, but all the great bat-reppers around here have inspired me to write some batreps of my own (this was my first after all).

The Red Scourge
30-11-2008, 02:17
WE 4
The WR charged a rallied bull in my DZ, and despite him killing one they won but he amazingly managed to escape (the WR couldn’t get him as the waywatchers was in the way, hope we played this correctly)

You probably didn't. You only move figures after having determined flee and pursuit distances, and if the pursuers rolls higher you remove the fleeing unit before actually moving it :)

Nice game besides that :)

30-11-2008, 10:14
I think Red Scourge has got it right. (at least that's the way we play it around here)

Nice battle report and good job on winning with what the internet deems to be "the weakest army around".

Were these armies designed to fight all-comers or specifically tooled up for use against one another?

A couple of maps or pics would go a long way in clarifying things, but the report is still well-written and easy to follow!

Needless to say, keep them coming!

30-11-2008, 11:54
Nice report. Glad to see the ogres in action. Excellent casting results there, taking out the lord solely on spells. Hopefully we'll hear more from Ragnarok soon.

P.S: It's always nice to see those hippie elves get slammed. Good job!

01-12-2008, 12:15
well we have an ongoing rivalry so more OKvsWE will come. Next matchup will probably be a woodland ambush though and I don't really favour my chances if he goes heavy on glade riders...

Checked the rule on flee/pursue an The Red Scourge got it right. Oh well live and learn

01-12-2008, 17:19
wow. that was an old school pummeling by the ogres. nice job, glad to see leadbelchers do somehting. they always misfire or miss when i;ve seen em used.