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30-11-2008, 09:07
I've been trying to name my two titans, and I've come up with a couple of names, I'd just like to make sure I've got my declensions right.

Bellator Obscuri, Warrior of Darkness (Reaver)
Viator Noctis, Messenger of Night (Warhound)

This is what I've been working from:
Bellator and Viator are 3rd Declension Nominative Singular, and keep their -or endings.
Obscurum is 2nd Declension Neuter Singlular, and so has Genetive ending -i
Nox Noctis is 3rd declension and has genetive singular Noctis.

Just trying to make sure I've got things right before painting the names on the hull.

30-11-2008, 09:41
My High-Gothic ( ;) ) is a bit rusty, but I'd say you got it right as far as the endings are concerned...

However, Viator doesn't mean "messenger" but rather "traveller" IIRC... Nuntius is the word for "messenger" (and for "message" too BTW).
And Nuntius Noctis makes for a nice alliteration which is always a plus...

30-11-2008, 13:21
Viator -oris m.
(1) Traveller, Wayfairer
(2) Messenger

I do like Nuntius Noctis though, many thanks!
Glad my endings are apparently in order.

The Legion is Legio Astorum, so I'm going for an eclipse/darkness theme.

01-12-2008, 10:35
"Viator" is, of course, a mutation from "via" - way or road. In that respect, it would normally mean a wayfarer but obtained the specialized meaning of "messenger" later on when specialist messengers would run or ride along the roads with messages. As common sights on the Roman roads, that was the origin of the transition.

However, High Gothic, as one must often remind people isn't Latin. It isn't even close to Latin. It just bears a slight resemblance to it. So when making up names in High Gothic there is absolutely no obligation to remain true or faithful to actual Latin. You're better of starting from English and working backwards. So, for example, for "Messenger of Night", you could draw upon words like nuncio, apostle or angel (probably not the latter, as it appears a good deal too often already). For "warrior", consider words like gladiator, belligerant, soldier etc.

Nuncio Tenebrae
Apostolus Noctis
Angelus Sable

Belligerans Tenebrus
Gladior Obscuratio
Militarius Sepulchrum

Etc. None of those decline, none of them agree and most of them are only barely Latin, but they all work fine as "High Gothic". Rule of cool applies.


01-12-2008, 11:36
Thank you everyone for your advice. :)

01-12-2008, 17:19
Titans are, in my opinion very macabre and morose machines; I believe Gothic is the word I am looking for. So you have a couple options;first get so depressed you want to kill yourself, paint your titans, name them and send them to me. Second; Read the bible and find the most disturbing passages/ names your can, name them that and send them to me.

As for some names here a few ideas.
Exitus Mortis
Ira es Deus
Pugna Castigator
Demens Imperator
Mortis Venatio