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01-12-2008, 03:06
Colonel Burns De' Grei the 3rd

As a Lieutenent, Burns was leading a stormtrooper raid into a Tau city, when his platoon was ambushed by Firewarriors. Impressed, and a little scared by their weaponry, and exasperated by his own lack at sucess at killing the Tau, he called a retreat. After being reprimanded and threatened by teh Regimental Commissar, due to the loss of life, and lack of progress, Burn went off to speak to an Enginseer who owed him. The Enginseer explained what modifications needed to be done to the hellguns to accept hot-shot power-packs, but refused to debase the weapons' spirits himself.
Later that day Burns received orders to re-infiltrate the remnants of his stormtrooper platoon back into the city to succeed in their objective of destroying the cities' sheild generator. He explained the modifications to his stormtroopers, who grudgingly accepted them. The alternative was that if they failed in their mission again and survived, they were all to be sent to a penal legion.
When the fighting grew the thickest, Burns ordered the stormtroopers to switch to their special loads. The resultant hellgun fire cut through the Tau at close range with dramatic efficiency, with some unexplained friendly casualties.
After successfully executing their mission, and returning to their own HQ, Burns and his survivors went to turn in their weapons. The Troopers were at a loss as to explain the damage to their weapons. But the Enginseer explained to them that the hellgun was never designed to take such dangerous power loads, and warned against repeating the trick ever again, as 9 of Burn's platoon had lost limbs from over-heating weapons, with 2 fatalities.

Reprieved, Burns went on to lead several more missions until his first failure was forgiven, and he started to advance in rank. His successes may have something to do with the modifications to the weapons his men use, but they are only ever issued 1 power-pack each, and warned only to use them in dire cercumstances, as they are now fully aware of the danger which their own weapons pose!

Colonel Burns De' Grie the 3rd Command squad consists of Colonel Burns and 5 Guardsman


WS 4
BS 4
S 3
T 3
W 3
I 3
A 2
Ld 9
Sv 4

Hellgun w/ targeter
Frag and Krak grenades
Carapace Armour
Locator Beacon

Options: All the guardsmen may be replaced with Stormtroopers at a cost of 4 pts a model.
2 may be echanged for veteran stormtroopers as an additional cost of 6 pts each. The veterans may be a medic for +5pts, or a standard bearer for +5pts

Transport options: Chimera, or may infiltrate or deepstrike. The loactor beacon may not be used the same turn that he deepstrikes!

Army special rules:

Stormtroopers as troops

Taking you life into you own hands!:

ALL las based infantry weapons may take a hotshot power-pack at a cost of 1 pt per trooper. The effect lasts for 1 shooting round only for each squad in the entire battle, as further use would guarentee that all of the weapons would be destroyed.

Effect: All las weapons gain +1 S and -1 AP for 1 round of shooting, and also gains the Gets hot! rule for that turn. eg, Laspistol/lasgun becomes S4 Ap6, hellpistol/hellgun becomes S4 AP4

Lascannons will overheat on a roll of 1 or 2, and if they do, they inflict 2 wounds, but they go to S10 AP1 for that turn!

As Colonels De' Greis success' mount up, someone is bound to start asking questions over the amount of dysfunctional weaponry they bring back, and the troopers lost to mysterious burns, but not until the fighting is over, at least...

01-12-2008, 14:01
Comparison time!

10 guardsmen w/ basic lasguns vs orks

Long range 10 shots w 5 hits, = 1 2/3 wounds, 1.38 kills =6-12pts of boyz!
Firing hotshot!
Long range 10 shots w/ 5 hits = 2.5 wounds, 2.5 kills = 12-18pts of boyz! (total of 1 2/3 overheats with 1 1/9 failed saves = 7-14pts of dead guardsmen from their own weapons!
Break even!

Short range
20 shots w/ 10 hits = 3 2/3 wounds, 2 7/9 kills = 12-18pts of boyz!

Firing hotshot!
Short range
20 shots w/ 10 hits = 5 wounds, 5 kills = 30 pts of boyz! Total of 3 2/3 overheats with 2 2/9 failed saves = 14-21pts of dead guarsmen from their own weapons!
Slight advantage to the guard! (until the orks get into CC, but we know how that ends)

Not exactly fear inducing, is it?!

How about a stormtrooper vs Tau comparison?

here we go!

Long range hellgun fire
9 shots (sergeant can't take a hellgun iirc) w/ 6 hits, 3 wounds, 1.5 kills = 10-20pts of Tau. Not enough for a morale check (assuming squad of 12)

Long range w/ hot shot ammo

9 shots w/ 6 hits, 4 wounds, 4 kills = 40pts of Tau. Better. Should need to take a morale check. Overheating will be 1.5, with 0.75 failed saves = 11pts min of storm trooper.
Not too bad.

Short range
19 shots w/ 12 2/3 hits, 6 1/3 wounds, 3 1/6 kills = 30-40 pts of Tau. Might get a morale check out of it.

Short range w/ hotshot ammo
19 shots w/ 12 2/3 hits, 8 4/9 wounds = 80-90 pts of Tau. Really should get a morale check out of it. Total of 3.16 overheats, with 1.58 failed saves = 11-22pts of dead stormtroopers from their own weapons!

Slightly better.
Of course the return rapid fire from the Tau ain't gonna be pretty... C'est la vie!

Now, the ideal way would be to infiltrate the Colonel around the of the enemy infantry, try to survive the first turn, and then on the 2nd w/ healthy use of improved comms, drop 30-50 stormtroopers around him after he's moved up, and gunfire the enemy infantry down...

Put it this way, i wouldn't take him Vs any power armour or better... But against nids, orks or tau, he'd be a decent choice imo.

oh yes, i ignored special and heavy weaons on purpose. They'd just get in the way of the maths!
And yes i know, averages are far from guarenteed! I'm a natural low roller... good for leadership, rubbish for everything else, including vehicle damage

So i defend my 1pts cost per trooper on the above stats! But i will adjust the Colonels' base cost.

No one asked about his name?!
WTF, not funny, or no-one see it?

01-12-2008, 16:51
Colonel Burns De' Grei the 3rd

Impressed, and a little scared by their weaponry, and exasperated by his own lack at sucess at killing the Tau, he called a retreat. After being reprimanded and threatened by teh Regimental Commissar, due to the loss of life, and lack of progress...

Surely the commisar would just have shot him for cowardice, at the very least, he would be commanding a penal legion on a one way ticket.

01-12-2008, 22:41
ah, but there's a difference between incompetence and cowardice... plus the commissar wasn't there at the time! Or maybe it was just lack of progress due to Tau not being good, dead, Tau?

02-12-2008, 07:34
[QUOTE=Hi_ex_lover;3108934]Colonel Burns De' Grei the 3rd

hi yes we get it BURNS DE' Grie as in thirid degrree burns?

lol its quite nic but as ur maths shows only really worth it with stormtroopers