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Guardian of the Rage
01-12-2008, 05:35
Hey all,

This is my Corsair themed list for DE

Master: Heavy armour, seadragon cloak, khaeleth pendant, sword of might, shield - 150
Sorceress: level 1, dark cloak, scroll -150
Sorceress: level 2, scroll, dagger (for the slaves) - 185

Slaves (10) warriors - 60
Corsairs (15) command, seprent banner - 200
Corsairs (15) command - 175
Corsairs (15) command - 175
Crossbowmen (10) - 100
Darkriders (5) crossbows - 110

Coldone Knights (6) Command, Deathpiercer (killingblow), banner of murder (armour piercing) - 252
Shades (6) addition hand weapons - 102

Hydra - 175
Hydra - 175

Points 1999
Models 87

- a core of corsairs
- hydras form the spearhead
- coldones to deal with 1+ save merchants
- darkriders and shades to harass enemy warmachines, wizards and pick ranks off
- slaves with the sorceress to fit the theme (corsairs as slavers)

Any thoughts?


01-12-2008, 10:12
Move the Banner of Murder to some Corsairs, or even scrap it, not a fan of 6man CoK units (for manuvability)
You need a Musician on your Dark Riders
Do you intend to actually do stuff w/ the 'slaves' or just sit back with them? 10 isn't enough either way (Dagger can make you take Panic tests after all)
Regarding Shades, GW> +1HW, as S3 really won't be doing as much for them if they actually get into combat

01-12-2008, 21:53
No harpies in a corsair themed list? even worse: No harpies in a DE list? :wtf:

I would drop a unit of corsaris and with those points get 2 units of 5 harpies and more warriors for the dagger unit. I would also drop the frenzy banner; it has more cons than pros unless u put an assasin in it.