View Full Version : 2000 pts of Orcs and Goblins trying to make it at Great Devourer

01-12-2008, 07:01
pts: 1999/models: 146/units: 9/pd: 4/dd: 8

Black orc warboss - wyvern, heavy armour, Shaga's screaming sword, Bigged's kickin' boots, enchanted shield - 446

Black orc big boss - heavy armour, battle standard bearer, Mork's spirit totem - 164

Goblin shaman - staff of sneaky stealin' - 105

Night goblin shaman - dispel scroll - 75

21 orc boyz - full command, additional choppas - 177

21 orc boyz - full command, additional choppas - 177

30 night goblins - full command, spears, 2 fanatics - 190

30 night goblins - full command, spears, 2 fanatics - 190

5 squig herds - 150

6 squig hoppers - 90

rock lobber - orc bully - 75

Doom diver - 80

2 pump wagons - 80

The list is simple enough. Most units romp foreward and hit things (obviously changing their attack lsightly, but that's on a game to game basis), except for a few exceptions.

The warboss is there mainly as a flanker. If there is a nice gap in the opponent's line then he'll try to weasle his way into that, facing down one flank (usually the one with more people) and will make a right nuisence of himself with terror (which could in theory send one unit running about 48" to the side and off the board since you have to keep running if there isn't space for you to stop), he also stops marching and is a prety big threat to any opposed unit's flank within 20" of the direction he's facing. If there isn't really space for him, the same tactic will be employed, but behind the opponent's line (maybe having to wait a turn to get over them), preferably next to the majority of opposed characters for amplified killing power.

The squigs generally deploy behind or in cover, making full use of their move through cover ability and that they don't need LoS to charge.

The pump wagons will secure the flanks of my army, stopping fast cavalry and other perstersome units from running circles around my slow blocks of infantry, but avoiding cover if possible (sacrifices may sometimes be necessary if a juicy charge presents itself)

Aside from that, all the units do what's expected of them. The artillery shoot rocks or goblins at the best suited enemy unit, the fanatics target anything that needs some battering before it reaches me and the rest just try and hit things down to size.

What'd' ya' think?