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01-12-2008, 09:52
hi, ive been asking around and play testing some ideas for a pure death guard army (basically an excuse to have feel no pain on my lords and terminators), tried a few special characters that give the main army bonuses like the loyalist marine codex, feel free to take away/add to this.


lords - 135pts, has feel no pain, initiative reduced to 4, must have MON (not included in points, that increase in points is fair for feel no pain i think)

sorcerers - 145 points, has feel no pain, initiative reduced to 4, must have MON (not included in points)

Daemon prince - 155 points, does NOT have feel no pain (to overkill) must have MON, has nurgle rot which does not count as its 1 psyker power, also get an extra d6 str3 I3 attacks in close combat representing the nurglings that swarm around princes

NEW CHARACTERS (these characters provide bonuses for the army like the loyalist marine codex special characters)

Solun Decius (THE FLY LORD) a chaos lord, does not have terminator armour, has daemon weapon, feel no pain, mark of nurgle, grants any models in the army the shrouding ability from Codex Grey Knights representing the clouds of flys that swarm around him NO POINTS LIMIT SET FOR THIS CHARACTER


Typhus - as Codex Chaos Spce Marines, plague zombie (see troops) now become 7-28 instead of 7-14

Death Shroud - not sure about including these guys, id like to but i think they maybe just hang around with mortarion and wouldnt lead armies on their own

Foulspawn - a spawn model who get to regenerate wounds on a 5 or 6, eg if he kills 3 models in combat he rolls 3 dice, any 5 or 6 restores a wound (does not fill a HQ choice) NO POINTS LIMIT SET FOR THIS CHARACTER


Chosen plage marines - 27pts each, as codex chaos space marines, does not have access to heavy weapons, still gets 4 special weapons, these guys are basically just plage marines who cost 4 points extra but get 4 specials instead of 2, reduce to I3 and give blight grenades and feel no pain

Chaos terminators, 50pts each, as codex chaos marines, reduce to I3, add feel no pain

Possessed - not sure what to do with these guys, maybe just remove them altogeter?

Chaos dreadnought - 100 points, as Codex Chaos spaced marines, has the same extra nurgling attacks as a daemon prince


plague marines - as Codex Chaos space marines

plague zombies - 7-14 in squad unless led by typhus (see HQ) WS2 BS0 S3 T3 W1 I2 A1 SV-, has no armour save but has feel no pain, is fearless, slow and purposeful


may only take plague marine squads mounted in rhinos, any troops with a rihino become fast attack choices


obliterators - as Codex Chaos space marines

predators/vindicators/land raiders - not sure about these, the death guard were an infantry force, if ii included these id probably just add the nurgling attacks that the daemon prince and dreadnought have and charge 10pts extra?

Defiler - 160pts, as Codex Chaos space marines, has the same nurgling swarm attacks as the daemon prince and dreadnoughts

feedback welcome

vampires are cool!
01-12-2008, 10:02
Give the prince FNP as at 155 he's going to need it. I'd say make the extra D6 attacks part of an upgrade for him - 20pts or so. Give him more of an options list.

Possessed. Keep 'em. Just say they can auto choose FNP as well as rolling again on the mutations table.

Death Shroud. The idea works, but the fluff (you correctly assumed) wouldnt support them running around by themselves or working for anyone other than Mort. Maybe make a 'Nork Dead dog' equivilant but their a pair of special Daemons who are sent by Nurgle.

01-12-2008, 15:21
45 points for FNP on a chaos lord, in addition to an Initiative drop? Far too expensive, really. FNP does not work against the sort of stuff that kills chaos lords, and the dropped I stat will make that problem even worse since he enters a realm where other characters can kill him before he gets to strike.

The Sorcerer suffers from the same problem. That kind of character usually gets squashed by a power fist, or cut up with a power weapon or equivalent, and FNP won't help here again. Keep in mind that these characters rarely get shot since they lead units, and small arms fire is what FNP works against.
Terminators basically gain immunity to small arms fire, which is good, but neither T5 or FNP help vs the most common stuff that gets fired at Terminators with the expectation of actually killing them. IMO not worth 50 points at all, more like 40.

Typhus needs Eternal Warrior, or at least genuine T5. His current incarnation is a joke for his points gamewise, and fluffwise even more: being the Herald of Nurgle and a heresy veteran should mean that he should not drop dead in every stupid single skirmish. (the lack of Eternal Warrior on the Chaos special characters is one of my main gripes with the codex, that includes Kharn and Lucius)

You definitely should not drop the tanks. That would just make the list even blander than the 3.5 DeathGuard.

01-12-2008, 15:58
ok cool, had a post a while ago discussing death guard terminators and people were torn between 45-55 points each so i think were narrowing them down now.

feel no pain on the characters isnt really there for game mechanics, more just for the right to say these are proper death guard but yeah maybe it is a bit pricey

not really sure about giving typhus true T5, i mean fluff wise yeah you could get away with giving more zombies or even buffing them by including typhus. 220 points does seem a lot but remember he has a poisoned daemon (extra attacks) force weapon, hes the only terminator in the game with grenades and has 2 psyker powers which he automatically passes and still gets to use the force weapon, if we coud justify fiving him eternal warrior and true T5 fluff wise go for it. worst case scenario he can always just be added to a plage marine squad who will soak up wounds for him

vehicles, death guard have always beenan infantry force so if we're not removing them all together maybe limit them in some way? 0-1 each or somthing?

what you think of the idea of special characters buffing the army? ive tried solun decius and hes a lot of fun, gets across the idea of plague marines advancing through vast clouds of flies pretty well and foulspawn was pretty entertaining, anybody come up with anything for ignatius grulgor?

02-12-2008, 17:52
No plaguebearers?

03-12-2008, 03:05
Take a look at my sig.
I can give you a template which you can alter and fill in the gaps.

03-12-2008, 11:16
lol forgot plaguebearers! how about adding the nurgle daemons from codex daemons to their slots in this codex to flesh it out a bit