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01-12-2008, 11:35
Well, its that time again. well done to everyone to who entered the last competition (see here (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=161679)) and especially to Jamsessionein for his winning entry of the Waaargh! Boss. however, no one can rest on their laurels forever, so the time has come for December's Design an Apocalpyse Datasheet competion, and this month i think we have something that everyone can pitch an idea for, AND a PRIZE!

(don't get your hopes up its not a good prize.)

anyway, here's the pitch:

the Codex: Space Marines has been out for a little while now, and we've all had time to get over any initial shock and settle down with the book. and this month we've been given some Datasheet in WD, but lets face it, they are not the greatest are they? and surely we are not going to be out done by those?

okay, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a Datasheet that uses or is inspired by Codex: Space Marines. it does not have to have Space Marines in it, but it must relate to the book in some way. the rules are the same as the last time:

1) anyone can enter, and you may post as many entries as you like, but only your last entry will be judged. all entries must be posted on this thread.

2) the cut off date for entries will be Jan 5th 09 (sorry, that's when i get back from holiday), and no further posts on this thread will be judged. details of the judging process will be post then.

3) factors that judges will be asked to take into account when voting are inventiveness, interestingness, simplicity and playability of the design.

4) the winner of this competition will set the theme for the next Design an Apocalypse Datasheet competition.

i think that's everything.

01-12-2008, 11:42
Points: 530

Movie Marine Chapter Master
WS: 10 BS: 8 S: 7 T: 7 W: 5 I: 5 A: 4 Ld: 10 Sv: 2+/3+*

Unit: 1 Movie Marine Chapter Master
Unit Type: Infantry
Equipment: The Chapter Master has movie terminator armour, a master-crafted power weapon and master-crafted movie storm bolter.

Movie Terminator Armour: This armour, in addition to the standard benefits from Terminator Armour, gives the Movie Chapter Master a 3+ invulnerable save and allows him to move freely through difficult terrain.
Movie Storm Bolter
Range: 48" Strength: 8 AP: 2 Special: Assault 2, Blast

Special Rules: Independent Character
God of War
Eternal Warrior
Orbital Bombardment
Dramatic Entrance: The Chapter Master is equipped with a highly accurate teleporter to ensure the success of the mission. He has the Deep Strike rule and must always deep strike onto the battlefield. Thanks to his highly advanced teleportation system, the Movie Chapter Master does not scatter when deep striking. He may act normally on the turn he deep strikes.
Superhuman Might: The Movie Chapter Master's massive strength makes his attacks in assault count as Destroyer attacks.
Protagonist: The Movie Chapter Master's foes know that, whatever it may look like, they are not beating him and never can. As such, the Movie Chapter Master and any squad he joins will always win combat by at least one, regardless of actual wounds caused.
Preferred Enemy: Avatars of Khaine

Son of Sanguinius
01-12-2008, 16:53
DEVASTATOR COMPANY...................100 points + models

1 Company Captain or Master of the Forge
0-1 Command Squad
0-1 Chaplain
0-1 Librarian
0-3 Techmarines
10 Devastator Squads

.......One unit of Devastators may be upgraded to Veterans for +5 points per model.


All units in the formation must deploy within 12” of the point of Deployment of the Company Captain or Master of the Forge.

Coordinate Targeting:
If all Devastator units within 6” of the Company Captain or Master of the Forge leading the formation choose to shoot at the same target in the Shooting phase, they immediately gain the Tank Hunters and Acute Senses special rules for the turn.

Each model in a Devastator unit upgraded to Veterans counts as having Ballistic Skill 5 and Leadership 9.

01-12-2008, 22:43
Operation Ground and Pound - 150 points + models


Command Rhino
+3 squadron of 3 Whirlwhinds
0-1 squadron of 3 Vindicators

Command Rhino: Each model in the datasheet that is within 12" of the command Rhino may re-roll a scatter dice.

Unison Bombardment: Each squadron may choose to combine its fire at one target. It has the following effects:

-Whirlwhinds may choose one of the following ways to fire:

+Heavy Minefield: Take a 12"x6" piece of terrain and place it on the table to represent the minefield. Place it at the location you want it put. Roll to scatter and then put it on the table. If any part touches the table remove it. Any models under the minefield after the scatter roll must pass and armour save, with any vehicles suffering a glancing hit. After all rolls are resolved place the minefield down and put whatever units are underneath, ontop of it. The minefield remains in play for the remainder of the game. Any vehicle (skimmers included) moving over/through/in the minefield always takes a glancing hit. Units moving through must pass an armour save for each model that moves into/through/in the field, taking a wound if failed.

+Napalm Strike: Use the following profile- Strength 6, AP 3, 10" Ordnance 1

-Vindicators fire with the following profile- Strenght 10, AP 1, 10" Ordnance 1. In addition, any model wounded by the vindicator fire takes D6 wounds or loses D3 mass/structure points. Any terrain under the template is removed on a 3+.

02-12-2008, 08:39
White Scar Hunting Lance - Points:100 + Models

White Scars are born in the saddle. For them, it is a way of life, as well as war, their bikes equally as important as their bolters or armour. It is no surprise then, that this practice extends into their veterans and upper echelons.

1 Chapter Master or Captain on Bike (Not Kor'Sarro Khan)

0-1 Honour Guard Bikers (See below, if Chapter Master is taken)
0-1 Command Squad on Bikes (if Captain is taken)

1+ Sternguard Bikers (See below)
1+ Vanguard Bikers (See below)

Bikers Every model in the hunting lance is riding a bike. This costs +15 points per model for Honour Guard, and +10 points per model for Sternguard and Vanguard. Vanguard may not purchase jump packs, and no one may take a transport. Note that the Sternguard's Special Issue Ammunition applies to the bike's twin-linked bolters, but they may not purchase a heavy weapon.

Expert Horsemen Every unit in the formation has the expert riders, furious charge and hit and run special rules. The entire formation counts as have the Flank March Strategic Asset.

Power Lance Any model with the option for a power weapon may instead take a Power lance for +20 points. It counts as a power weapon which grants +1S and +1I on the turn they charge (Cumulative with Furious Charge).

06-12-2008, 10:01
wow. i guess i shouldn't be, but i'm surprised with the amazing quality of the work so far. there are some brilliant ideas here and all of them really help build on the background of the SM. now i've just got to try and make my entry as good. keep the ideas flowing!

@ Kurisu313: are you sure you want the Hunting Lance to contain a limitless number of Veteran Bikers? that could potentially get seriously out of hand.

06-12-2008, 11:58
No matter the cost:

Sometimes loosing a battle is not an option if the continued existance of the chapter is to be possible at all. When time allows, the chapter master might order the entire armoury emptied and every piece of equipment sent to the field for one final do-or-die mission in such a case.

Points: 200+models

1-3 Masters of the Forge
5+ Techmarines
0-3 Thunderfire cannons
Each techmarine not manning a thunderfire cannon and each Forge master must take a servitor body guard.

The formation must deploy at the start of the battle. It must be the first formation deployed by that side and if time runs out during deployment of this formation, continue until finished. The opponents get twice the extra time taken as a bonus for their deployment time.

Each techmarine without a thunderfire cannon and each master of the forge may choose to apply one of the following to any one terrain piece in the players set up zone. If he also choose to use his bolster defences special rule, he must apply both to the same terrain piece. This is part of deployment and must be announced during that step (including demolition charges). It should also be represented by suitable markers or models. Only one affect may be applied to each terrain piece.

Ammo dumps: Any non vehicle space marine unit inside this terrain piece may reroll all to hit rolls. They are also unaffected by the 'more bodies than bullets' special rule of gaunt swarms but do not get the reroll against such units.
Defensive charges: All space marine units inside the terrain piece count as having defensive grenades and all charging enemies treat the terrain piece as dangerous.
Demolition charge: As long as one techmarine or master of the forge of the formation lives and is not in combat, the owning player may automatically remove this terrain piece and replace it with rubble at the start of any of his turns. All models of units at least partially inside are automatically wounded with no armour or cover saves allowed. All models within d6" but not part of a unit at least partially inside are hit by a S6 AP4 hit, all saves allowed. If the terrain piece was a bridge, everyone on it simply falls to their death and no collateral damage occurs.
Remote control station: All servitor units inside the terrain piece ignore the mind-lock special rule as long as at least one other space marine model of any kind is present inside that terrain piece.
Repair station: One techmarine inside the terrain piece and not in combat may give up all actions for the turn to automatically fully restore one vehicle within 6" of the terrain piece. That vehicle may not move and all weapons to be repaired do not function for the turn.
Spare parts dump: All friendly repair attempts withing 6" of the terrain piece gain +1 to the roll and all failed saves against overheating plasma weaponry may be rerolled.
Armoury: One space marine unit per turn inside this terrain piece may decide to replace any or all of it's upgrade weapons with another legal option. The correct model must be available and the weapon cannot be used in the turn it is replaced.
Entrench: This works exactly like the Bolster defences special rule but can be applied to any terrain piece. It does not stack with bolster defences.

10-12-2008, 01:28
Chapter Serfs
This is inspired by all the pictures of huge battles involving space marines in which there are random humans doing various things (like the 4th edition codex cover- there's a bionic-covered guy nailing litanies to a tyranid's head at Calgar's feet).
For many reasons, chapter serfs can often be found on the field of battle alongside space marines. Whether recording the deeds of their superhuman charges, repairing armor, loading weapons, or nailing litanies to dead enemies, the serfs are there to assist the Astartes whenever possible. This tends to be only in the largest of battles, as during the Marines' typical surgical raids the serfs can only get in the way. When not occupied with other tasks, the serfs can join the fight. Though not as well armored or armed as the battle-brothers, serfs were once proud candidates for initiation, until some part of their induction went awry.

Unit: 10-20 Chapter Serfs.
Points:8 each Ws:3 Bs:4 S:3 T:3 I:3 A:1 W:1 Ld:7 Sv:5+
Equipment:Laspistol and close combat weapon
Up to three serfs may replace laspistols with bolters for +2 points. Up to three serfs may replace close combat weapon with power weapon for +10 points.
The unit must choose a specialty from this list:

The unit must be attached to a space marine squad that is deployed on-table. The unit must remain within 10" of the squad at all times. If the marines are killed, the unit must attach itself to the nearest surviving Space marine squad. The unit grants bonuses to the attached squad according to their specialty:
Loaders: Use in your shooting phase. The serfs must pass a leadership test. If successful, the space marine squad may count all bolters fired in that phase as twin-linked.
Artificiers: Use in enemy shooting phase. You may automatically pass one armor save of your choice for the attached unit. Alternatively, during enemy shooting phase or either assault phase, you may take a leadership test. On a pass, one marine may take a save where normally this would be disallowed (against power weapons, for example.)
Historians: Knowing that their deeds will be recorded for all time, the Space Marines fight all the harder. Models in the marine unit may strike back even after being wounded by enemies with higher initiative in the assault phase, as if fighting an opponent with equal initiative.
Sanctifiers: The serfs administer holy ungents, litanies, seals, and napalm unto slain enemies of the Imperium. This allows the Marines to focus on more important things when normally they might hesitate to make sure the enemy was dead. If the marine unit they are attached to wipes out an enemy unit in the assault phase, the serfs may purify the corpses (or wreckage). If the serfs pass a leadership check, the marine unit may immediately fire their bolters at an enemy unit. You may not make use of this rule if the bolter fire it grants wipes out an enemy unit.

10-12-2008, 02:11
{work in progress} :p

Rites of Passage - 10th Company final live-fire field training.

1 Company Captain
0-1 Company Chaplain
0-1 Sgt Telion (renamed as per force)

Scout Squads
Scout Bike Squads
Land Speeder Storm

17-12-2008, 06:37

here is my meagre offering

DreadNought Sqauds Points:models+ extra sqaud cost(varies)
In some cases a chapter may lose a squad, whether it be a Devostator squad, assault squad or tactical squad, this may be deemed 'accpetable' losses for chapters like the Ultramarines, but for a few rare chapters, the admech is easier to find than potential recruites. If this is the case then in dire curcumstances a whole sqaud may be put itno a sqaudron of Dreadnoughts, however they are not dreadnoughts in the true sense as the pilot is close to dying , or dead and implanted with the machine spirit, these squads will fufiil the same role as they once did in theri prevoius service

Formation size:1+ Tactical Dreadnought squadron
:0+Devostator Dreadnought squadron
:0+ Assualt Dreadnought squadron
Note only 5 of each sqaud type may be taken

Each squadron must deploy and maintain unit coherency as if it were an infantry squad

Tactical Dreadnught squadron: consists of 5-10 dreadnoughts( note this squad is 200 points plus model points) may take up to two dreadnoughts with assault cannon or Twin linked heavy flamer,Twin linked heavy bolter,twin linked autocannon or a plasma cannon ( use points listed in sm codex)
Any model may take any upgrades fro the Sm veichle armoury
Any model may replace the inbuilt storm bolter with a heavy flamer at the listed cost in the sm codex

Devostater Dreadnought squadron
Consits of 5-10 Dreadnoughts
any dreadnought may take may take assault cannon or Twin linked heavy flamer,Twin linked heavy bolter,twin linked autocannon or a plasma cannon
up to 4 dreadnoughts may be off the missile and lascannnon combination ( use points listed in sm codex)
May take any viechle upgrades in the SM armoury
Special Rules
This squadron has still retained the abilites that raised them into the devosator sqauds and as such all dreadnoughts in a devostator dreadnought squadron may take the Tank hunters ability at 5 points per model(note if one model takes it all must take it)

Assault Dreadnought squadron
Consists of 5-10 Ironclad Dreadnoughts
2 may be upgraded to have a hurricane bolter( see sm codex for costs)
2 may have a chainfist( see sm codex for costs)
any multi melta can be upgraded to a heavy flamer ( see sm codex for costs)
Every Dreadnought is assumed to have a Hunter killer missile and Ironclad Assault launchers at the points listed in the codex
Special Rules
This squadron has retained their lust and prowees for close comabt and as such any model may purchase furoius assault for 5 points per model(note if one model takes it all must take it)

Note i have not included any Venerable Dreadnoughts, this is due to the fact that these Dreadnoughts are only of recent creationa dn without a fully sentinet pilot lack the experince which all venerable dreadnoughts have

Sorry for any spelling mistakes i have a problem which makes it harder for me


The Son of Horus
17-12-2008, 07:14
Reclusiam Redemption Squad
75 points + Models

Formation: 3+ Chaplains. One Chaplain must be designated the Master of Sanctity. If one Chaplain purchases a jump pack or a Space Marine bike, all others in the formation must do so as well. If no Chaplain selects a Space Marine bike or jump pack, the formation may choose a Rhino APC, Razorback AFV, or Land Raider of any variant as a dedicated transport.

All Chaplains in the formation lose their Independent Character status except the Master Of Sanctity, who cannot leave the unit. The formation is a single squad.

The squad benefits from the Furious Charge and Counterattack Universal Special Rules. Additionally, any friendly Space Marine unit from the same Chapter as the Redemption Squad with a model within 6'' may use the "Litanies of Hate" rule, so long as the Master of Sanctity is still alive, just as if a Chaplain were leading the squad.

23-12-2008, 08:36
chapter master dreadnought points 400
On rare occasions where a chapter master is incapacitated,the entire amount of apothocaries available will work to their full extent to save the masters life.Rarely, chapter masters are entombed in a master dreadnought sarcoughogaus. Master dreadnoughts are preternaturally fast and bear twin dreadnought ccw's.The advanced front armour of a master dread rivals that of a land raider and houses multiple force fields of which bear likeness to those found on imperial titans. to top it off some Master sarcoughogaus's maintain an anti aircraft missile turret above their "head" incase any aircraft attempt to target the master from above .

Unit-One master Dreadnought (walker)
Statistics-WS6 Bs5 S6(10) FA14 SA13 RA12 I4 A4
Weapons and equipment-
- 2 dreadnought close combat
weapons each with a storm bolter
-2 Void sheilds
-Orbital Bombardment
May upgrade either or both storm bolters
with the following:
-Heavy Flamer +5pts
-meltagun or plasma gun +7pts
May purchase anti aircraft missile rack
for +30pts


name:Anti aircraft missile rack |range:64"|Str:8|Ap:2|special:heavy 2 AA mount

Orbital Bombardment:
As in space marine codex

Fleet of Bionics
(as per warhammer rulebook)

As per space marine codex

combat tactics Furious Charge

05-01-2009, 15:17
well guys, time's up. i've posted a poll on the main 40k forum to allow people to vote. the winner of this months competition will go on to choose the theme of next months.

sorry to starlight, i'm afraid i couldn't reasonably accept your entry (as it had no rules in it), but i didn't get a chance to develop my Lamentors update either though.