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01-12-2008, 11:12
Basically, this idea came from a model I bought from Arcane Miniatures (http://www.arcaneminiatures.co.uk/)for the Warmachine game. It cost 11.50 inc shipping - scroll down this post to see the pic.

It looked orky, but what could it be? Since it was a metal ball approx 2" in diameter that weighed more than a tray full of killa kans I knew I couldn't attach it to something, so I came up with this:-

Grot Rekkaz!

The downtrodden, miserable life of a grot is just like a sawn-off shoota - it is short, nasty and packed full of violence. The lucky ones get chosen to pilot the fearsome Killa Kans and wreak horrible vengeance on a cruel and uncaring world, but some Grots get to see just what the implantation process does to the not-so-lucky pilots and decide that maybe being put in a Killa Kan is not for them after all. So off they go to the scrap heaps behind the Mek shop, in the dead of night, and steal whatever strips and shards of metal they can. They labour in secret, building something strong, simple and fool-proof, but without any painful cutty bits or slicy probes to mangle their delicate gretchin bodies.

The end result is a Grot Rekka! A massive hamster-ball of bent and hammered scrap metal, with one tiny porthole through which a brave grot can climb. Feedback gyros built into the hull coupled with inertial reduction cogs and perpetual motion synthesizers ensure that the tiny grot inside can power this enormous sphere using only his legs and the vaguest sense of direction.

Some more practically minded Mekboyz, aware of the limitations of grot technical know-wots, stealthily position huge steam-hammers behind the Grot Rekkaz! to ensure they get off to a decent start. The effect the initial hammer-blow has on the grot inside is not an issue that troubles the Mekboy.

Many an Ork victory has been savoured with the dread sight of several unstoppable Grot Rekkaz! grinding relentlessly over the battlefield, crushing troops and vehicles alike. Due to the failure of the gretchin pilots to instal any windows, of course, the troops and vehicles are just as likely to be ork ones as enemy ones, but to the proud Mekboy watching his minions wreak havoc in the name of Mork (or Gork), it's all one.

Grot Rekka! 20 points

BS: 0
Front: 12
Side: 12
Rear: 12

Unit Composition: 1-3 Grot Rekkaz! may be chosen as a single Heavy Support choice. They are deployed as a single choice, but do not need to be placed together and operate independantly during the game.

Unit Type: Vehicle, Tank

Wargear: None

Special Rules:

Da Enemy Iz Dat Way!: After enemy deployment, the player must secretly note down a direction of travel for each Grot Rekka! in his army (eg. a sheet of paper to represent the battlefield with an arrow on to show the direction), along with the number of Turns for which it will move in this direction (the initial movement). The Rekka! will start the game moving in a straight line in the direction shown, going at full Cruising speed of 12" per Turn (and no less!). The Rekka! will Tank Shock or Ram any unit or vehicle in its path, friend or foe! Once the Rekka! has completed its initial movement or if it performs a Tank Shock or Ram at any time as part of its initial movement, then initial movement comes to an end and the Rekka! moves randomly (see Where'z 'E Goin'?) in all subsequent Turns.

Note that the Grot Rekka! will also stop its initial move and start random movement if it (i) hits impassable terrain or (ii) suffers an immobilised result and is later repaired by Grot Riggers. These events will also result in the Grot Rekka! losing the benefit of being a Fast vehicle, if the player took a Steam Hammer for it

Where'z 'E Goin'?: Due to their lack of any actual steering combined with a disoriented and potentially concussed grot pilot, Grot Rekkaz! have a tendency to roam the battlefield at random once their initial surge of speed has expired. Roll the scatter dice each Turn. In the Movement phase the Grot Rekka! must move 6+D6" in the direction shown by the arrow on the dice. If you roll a hit, the grot pilot manages to sneak a glimpse of the battle through a crack in the armour plate and the player can then choose the direction of movement. All movement is in a straight line and the player must move the full distance. Resolve all Tank Shock and Ram results against friendly units as well as against enemy units.

Spiked Hamster-Ball of Grindy Death: Any Tank Shock made by a Grot Rekka! causes D6 Strength 7 hits on the victim unit. If the unit elects to make a Death or Glory attack, it takes a further D6 Strength 7 hits in addition to the usual effects. This does not apply to Ramming. If the Grot Rekka! suffers a Weapon Destroyed result, reduce the Strength of the hits to 4 for the first such result, and then to 0 for the second. Once the Strength reaches 0 any further Weapon Destroyed results will count as Immobilised.

Furthermore, the Rekka! may re-roll failed Dangerous Terrain tests.

Note that units engaged in combat can be Tank Shocked by the Rekka!, and it can be a horrible sight seeing one of these iron balls roll through a packed melee, the combatants oblivious to the destruction bearing down on them. All units engaged in the close combat will be Tank Shocked, regardless of the relative positions of the models. Any units engaged in the close combat may opt to make a Death or Glory attempt, going in Initiative order of all units engaged in the combat, meaning that the fastest units have the option to stop the Rekka! first (if they want to). Wounds inflicted by the Rekka! do not count towards combat resolution. If the Rekka! kills all units on one side of an ongoing close combat, then the surviving side may immediately consolidate.

Pinball: If any vehicle Rams the Grot Rekka! then, once your opponent has worked out the results of the Ram and if the Grot Rekka! does not Explode as a result, immediately make a move for the Grot Rekka! of D6+ the number of inches the Ramming vehicle moved to represent it being knocked about the battlefield. The direction of movement is the same direction that the Ramming vehicle was moving in when it impacted the Rekka! Resolve any impacts on other units or vehicles as Tank Shocks or Rams as appropriate. Note that the result of the initial Ram still stands, so if eg. the Grot Rekka! was Rammed by a Land Raider and Destroyed - Wrecked as a result then it would pinball away from the collision with the Land Raider, possibly hitting other units, but would count as Wrecked thereafter.


May take any of the following:

Steam Hammer (+10 points): This makes the Grot Rekka! a Fast vehicle (ie. it moves at 18" per Turn) for the duration of the initial movement only. Once it completes its initial movement or performs a Tank Shock or Ram, the Grot Rekka! ceases to be a Fast vehicle. The Steam Hammer does not need to be represented by a model, since it is used before the game begins and plays no further part in the battle.

Grot Squawker (+5 points): Some unusually intelligent (and violent) grots 'persuade' their comrades to act as spotters, allowing them to radio instructions to the grot pilot about where to go next. Allows the player to re-roll the scatter dice and/or the D6 rolled for distance travelled each Turn, but the player must accept the re-rolled result(s).

Armour plates (+10 points): See Codex: Orks page 93.

Grot Riggers (+5 points): See Codex: Orks page 93.


10-12-2008, 15:55
Hehehe, I like the idea! Very Orky!

10-12-2008, 17:34
loving the idea seems loads of fun

id possibly get rid of grot squawker though... and possibly reduce the strenght of the hits to 3/4... since against stuff like guard or low armour save they will be insanley good

possibly also give it scout

15-12-2008, 08:00
Thanks for the comments :)

@solvay: What do you think the problem is with the Grot Squawker? Does it make the machine too controllable?

As for the strength of the hits, I was originally basing it on the Deffrolla - and Ork armies can field quite a few of those (6, I think). Deffrollas hit at S10, and their movement is not random. Any infantry squad hit is going to get an armour save, although you are right that squads with low armour will take casualties, but on average they will only take 3. If I lowered the S then a guard squad might take only 1 or 2 casualties, and that seems a bit implausable after being hit by one of these. If the player could control what direction the Rekkas go in, their S might be too high, but as it is, I like the fact that they pose a serious threat worth avoiding. I have, however, lowered the S to S7 to avoid Instant Death on T4 characters and to give Monstrous Creatures a fighting chance if they get hit.

I think the point of these units is not their destructive potential but their potential for mayhem. Getting away from them will become a top priority for the opponent, and that kind of panic can be used to good effect.

I have removed the Red Paint Job, since only Orks do that, and not Grots. I also added rules for the Rekka rolling into an ongoing close combat, and removed the Deep Strike option. Too many options.

I did consider Scout, and it might be worth playing with that rule to see how it works. If you took Steam Hammer as well, though, these things could hit the enemy lines on Turn 1, and that will not make them popular.

I have painted my own model, now, in a rather nice bronze effect with verdigris and so on. I will post up a pic.


Tsubaki Sanjuro
17-12-2008, 18:53
What about instead of steam hammer, a gobbo-pult, which allows them to deepstrike. If they roll a hit on the scatter dice, they land with such force they split apart using the large blast template with some kind of random damage caused by the flying spikes?

Otherwise I think you need to make the movement rules a little simpler.

This is something I would definately use!

Son of Makuta
06-01-2009, 12:15
Awesome! Grind balls in 40K! Powered by Grots!

I love this. :D

Rules seem perfectly fine to me; a bit wordy for a 20 point model but not complicated to remember or use.

Lord Humongous
09-01-2009, 00:27
I like the idea and the rules in general, except one thing (and its a problem shared by several other official models). That is the d6 hits done to a unit it hits. This is a totally unrealistic way to represent a unit getting hit, because a lone model takes d6 hits, but a tightly packed mob of 20 models only take the same d6 hits - not 20 times as many! This leads to (for example) dark eldar using thier sky-hook things (same basic rule) to kill characters and MC's, rather than using them to straffe large units (where, relaitically, they would have best effect).

IMO a better rule for this sort of thing would be that each model the vehicle contacts has to make an initiative test; if they fail, they take one hit at the appropriate strength.

09-01-2009, 10:31
Thanks for all the comments :)

Here is the pic of my painted model. (http://incunabulum.co.uk/Images/BatrepImgs/Grot_Rekka.JPG) The top half has been done, but the bottom half is still unfinished.

@Tsubaki Sanjuro - an interesting idea. It would turn them into a sort of orky orbital bombardment!

@Lord Humongous - a very good point. I wonder if they ought to work more like such weapons as Tau flechette dischargers, where every model takes a Wound on a 4+. Simple and easy to remember, and it gets around the D6 problem. What do you think?