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01-12-2008, 19:20
This is a repost from below, since it messed up and started putting replies before the original post.

Hey guys, any thoughts on the following list? I haven't actually played a game of WHFB in over a decade. I was aiming for a fairly balanced list.

Dreadlord @ 236 points
Great Weapon
Pendant of Khaeleth
Potion of Strength
Armour of Darkness

Assassin @ 171 points
Add. Hand wpn
Rune of Khaine
Touch of Death
Black Lotus

Sorceress @ 165 points
Lvl 2 Wizard

10 Crossbows @ 119 points

10 Crossbows @ 119 points

18 Corsairs @ 230 points
Full Command
Sea Serpent Standard

5 Dark Riders @ 122 points

5 Harpies @55 points

5 Harpies @55 points

7 Cold One Knights @289 points
Full Command
Ring of Hotek
Standard of Slaughter

17 Black Guard @316 points
Full Command
Standard of Hag Graef
Crimson Death

Bolt Thrower @ 100 points

Bolt Thrower @ 100 points

Hydra @ 175 points

Thanks in advance guys

01-12-2008, 19:45
This list is essentially perfect and will win you a majority of your games. there's really no fault anywhere. The only thing i would change if it was my list is giving the BG champ the Ring of Hotek instead of Crimson Death for the added magic resistance for your elite, yet still T3, troops.

01-12-2008, 20:15
Thanks for the feedback Tizz. Regarding the Ring of Hotek, I currently have that on the Cold One Knights champion. Since they're more mobile, the thinking is that I can more easily block my opponents magic while keeping my sorceress out of the 12 inch bubble. Do you think it's better off with the Black Guard instead?

02-12-2008, 00:39
I agree with tizz that the black guard are a bigger investment and stand to lose the most to magic/shooting. I second the motion of putting the ring there.

also, just my opinion, you should drop some of the command models from some of you're core units and maybe try to squeeze in some harpies or maybe another unit of DR. could help set up charges or take out enemy warmachines/lone char.

other than that it looks like a very balanced list.

Lotl Botl
02-12-2008, 01:32
if u could some how find 90 pts without sacraficing too much some GW shades are always a winner

02-12-2008, 02:06
Very nice list but i do have a couple of comments:

-No need for tha champion on the xbows; sure, he can help, but those points could be save.
-The unit of corsairs is way to expensive. Sure, with the assasin in there it packs a punch but i would just go for warriors since frenzy+infantry+ItP is a big no no in my book. A unit of 20 warriors would save you a lot of points.
-No need for the potion, sure it's nice but no need.

No this is why you should save some points: You have almost none magic defense. Ring of hotek is great but still i would use the saved points for a second sorcerer and a couple of scrolls, otherwise a magic heavy army that doesn't roll a lot of dice per spell (like VC or DoC) could roll u over.

Good luck

02-12-2008, 05:54
Great feedback guys thanks. I agree that warriors would be great, it's just a damn shame that the old plastics are pretty weak :(

Would giving my one sorceress 2 dispel scrolls instead of lifetaker help my magic defense enough, or do you think i'd need even more?

Party, could you please clarify what you mean by frenzy + infantry + ItP? Unfortunately my intimacy with WHFB isn't what it used to be...

02-12-2008, 11:49
Party, could you please clarify what you mean by frenzy + infantry + ItP? Unfortunately my intimacy with WHFB isn't what it used to be...

Sure. I don't like frenzy infantry since it has to charge everything on sight and since they are slower than cavalry are easier for the enemy to bait around. I also don't like Inmune to Psychology (ItP) infantry since they have to take every charge that gets thrown at them. The option of fleeing is rather nice.