View Full Version : Chosen Knights - a thing me and a friend brainstormed on

01-12-2008, 19:48
So, the story here being that me and Animerik was talking a lot, discussing what would be cool and what might not... and we came up with this small idea... Chosen Knights

We wouldn't beef the knights themselves overtly much... however, their mounts are a different story.

Chosen Knights of Chaos... 50 points
Unit size 2+

same stats as normal Knights, 1 more attack, strength 5 base

Ensorcelled weapons.
May replace their ensorcelled weapons with a lance for no additional cost
May buy Dark Iron Bows* at a cost of +10 points per model

The unit may buy a mark of Chaos at the following cost; (Note, only a SINGLE mark can be bought for each unit)

Mark of Khorne... 30 points
Mark of Nurgle... 30 points
Mark of Tzeentch... 20 points
Mark of Slaanesh... 15 points

Unit may replace their Chaos steeds with the following mounts:

Daemonic Steed... +30 points per model
Juggernaut of Khorne**... +40 points per model
Disc of Tzeentch**... +20 points per model
Steed of Slaanesh**... +20 points per model
Palanquin of Nurgle**... +30 points per model

Special rule: Daemonic Affiliation;

Due to the nature of these Chosen knights, the movement of their Palanquin mounts is increased to 6" rather than the normal 4, furthermore, despite being mounted on flying mounts when on discs, the unit will not break into skirmish formation.

* Dark Iron Bows fire at Strength 5 with a range of 20", normal rules for bow-weapons apply

** The unit must have the corresponding mark to be able to ride daemonic steeds of specific gods.

Well gents, what do you think? would make for some lovely models should everything else fail :p

01-12-2008, 20:05
That's ridiculously hard...in my opinion

01-12-2008, 20:49
Realistically, if you want people to want to play against them, just make them Chosen Warriors instead of normal Warriors (with the usual knight kit and options), set unit size at 3+ and give them the option for the various daemonic steeds. Done.

01-12-2008, 20:55
Aye, was first thought actually, and is so much simpler, figured I should just throw something out there that is more for fun that tried and balanced

Rabid Bunny 666
01-12-2008, 21:33
I'd remove the Dark Iron bow option, i've always seen Chaos warriors seeking honourable combat, skewering a promising foe at range is left for the weaker types.

01-12-2008, 22:34
48pts each
1-10 unit size
Rare choice
Ws6, free roll on the EotG table in the same way as normal chosen.

Champion +24pts
-may take upto 25pts of magical items
Standard +24pts
-may take a standard upto 50pts
Musician +12pts

Replace ensorcelled weapons with Lances +6pts per model
-as chaos knights

May ride Daemonic mounts
+30pts (will be same mount as their mark, unmarked is a normal daemonic mount)

3 Khornate chosen on juggernaughts with full command would be 294pts
Without the juggernaughts they'de be only 204pts for the 3, without any additional items and such.

Any good?