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hi there. this is a list that ive been working on for about a month or 2 now, although it does still need work. enjoy.

on the west side of the old world, to the north west of lustria, lie marshy plains where tribes of men, and the hounds which live there live for the most part in harmony. the tribes themselves are only really protected by the hounds which they partially rely on to defend them selves, and for this they are grateful, most of their gods being dogs of some sort. wheather these gods exist or not is unknown, but more magical energy than normal flows around the marshy plains where they live. of the hounds them selves their are many and varied, from the wise and powerful cerberus that guard the land, to the disgraced dogs that wander the land as partially corporeal ghosts.

A long time ago, even before the coming of sigmar, the tribes of men led an existence plagued by all the denizens of the earth, struggling for survival day in and day out. One such tribe, living on the coast of their ravaged land, were skilled in the use of heavy javelins, which they used in battle and for hunting. But as the attacks came and came, whether from shore or from land, they realised that they could not endure forever. They would either have to escape the lands where they lived, or die slowly to the attacks of the berserk hordes.

And so their tribes started to create a fleet of boats to cross the vast expanse of ocean, hoping to reach land unsullied by orcs or goblins or anything else. Eventually months later, they finished the fleet, leaving behind their homes forever, forsaking the gods who had failed them.

On their trip across the ocean, many ships were lost to the water and the things that resided in it. At one point, more than half way through the journey, they came close to destruction when a fleet of black ships came close to attacking the lightly armed sea convoy, only prevented by a sudden storm which whipped up in the midst of the black ships, which allowed them to get away. At least half of the tribe perished inn the voyage across the ocean.

But, finally, after many months, land was in sight on the horizon. Finally after all the suffering, they could have peace.

More Hardship
But the tribe now faced another problem, the land they had come to was wasted, its earth infertile and very little to eat. Before long, the condition grew close to as bad as on the ships. Eventually, the tribe leaders made a decision. They would cross through the mountains, using the valley paths to get to the lands the other side. This was an immense gamble- if they didn’t find land they could use, the tribe was finished. But they had not come all this way to die on the edges of the sea.

So going through the mountains, the conditions started to move to the better. The creatures of the mountains provided food for the tribe, keeping them from dropping into the awful conditions they suffered before, and caves kept them warm. Come the end of the mountain path, they had lost very few of their people, and started to settle in the valleys that scattered this new land. But now they realised that the land they had come to now was also infertile. Their tribe, it seemed, was doomed from the very beginning.

But then they started to explore their surroundings, setting up perimeters, and they found a flourishing eco system, despite the apparent lack of food, based around dogs of all kinds. Something in this land it seemed, gave the land and its life a good existence. The dogs on those plains also had non-hostile feelings towards the arrivals, allowing them to hunt the animals there. Some creatures however, they did not dare to approach. The Cerberuses that stalked the land appeared fearsome, and showed no good or bad feeling towards the tribesmen. For now, they would assume the worst, and they managed to even train many hounds that wandered the mountainous land, beginning to domesticate them. Soon their religious beliefs based themselves around hound-gods, the tribe grateful for the help the dogs gave them. But soon they would realise some of the extent of what lay in their lands and beyond.

The wrath of the swarm
What lay in the lands of the north, the tribe knew little about. The one person who had attempted to find out had failed to return. The tribe then found out in bloody fashion when a swarm of spiders of all shapes and sizes, led by a huge spider now known as a acromantula, slaughtered a scout party of tribesmen, only one surviving to reach the tribe and warn them. The tribesmen and their loyal hounds formed an army to face them with, meeting them near the edge of the boiling sea. The spiders horde was vast, and the tribesmen were hopelessly outnumbered. Just as the tribe’s hope for survival was almost lost, dozens of the Cerberuses that usually stalked the land joined the fight, rending the spiders with their claws. Even now, the battle was still almost, lost, and the Cerberuses were falling one by one.

But then, a ghostly howl was heared from the mountains, seemingly slowing the battle to a crawl. A pure white dog could be seen on the mountainside, and as it charged, hundreds of ghostly hounds appeared from behind the spider swarm, causing total devastation in the army. With this onslaught, the spiders were routed, although the acromantula was nowhere to be seen. The tribes remaining scouts searched for the pure white hound that had appeared during the battle, but it was nowhere to be seen.

This sudden attack on the tribe caused some to think about the next time. What if they failed to defeat the next attack? What if an enemy attacked from an unexpected direction? The tribe would be wiped out, and this could not be allowed to happen. So in a decision that would change the tribes future, the chieftains declared that the tribe would split its population over the dog lands, becoming a nomadic people, so that come more attacks, they could avoid it or merge their forces to meet it if needed. And so the now-called hound tribes became among the first nomads, this new life style saving the various sub tribes many times since then. The tribes also formed a unspoken alliance with the Cerberuses that now guarded the borders of the mountainous land, the chieftains of a tribe accompanying it with a magical totem of that tribe.

After that first great battle, the mountain hound was rarely seen again. Only when a tribe was in dire danger did the mysterious white hound make an appearance, calling what seemed to be long departed dogs to the battle with him. The caneis tribes since then have discovered other means of war. Moltres dogs lived in a wasteland called the ironsands desert, and were hardened and easy to train and control. Ghostly hounds and their dead masters also appeared for battle, punished to do so for eternity by some unknown force. Amalgamated dog and humans are growing common, savage by night, but by day able to control them selves to a certain extent. The caneis tribes were flourishing.
But close to the present day, after many battles with various armies from lustria, the spiderlands and the far north, the sub tribes saw a twin-tailed comet cross the sky, disappearing into the eastern horizon. Many chiefs saw this as a signal to finally, after more than 3000 years, to find their old home once again, and some tribes are once again sailing across the seas, seeking out their original home. What they will do once they get there is unknown.

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explosive charge: this unit is adept at feigning slowness, then explosively charging the opponent, giving them little time to react. the unit with its skill triples its normal move distance for charging purposes instead of doubling it

wild but determined: while the pack leaders do have good control over their hounds, they still lack a certain amount of discipline. hound units only ever have a maximun of +2 to combat resolution for rank bonuses. However a hound’s determination is bolstered by numbers of his brethren, so units can add together their rank bonus up to a max of +4.

frenzied charge: The charge of the unit with this skill is incredibly destructive, and not to be underestimated. Each model with this skill gains +1 attack on the charge.

slavering charge: a unit with this skill, builds up its aggression before a charge, unleashing it as they impact with the enemy. Any model with this skill gains +1 strength on the charge.

ferocity of the pack
this units hounds are extremely ‘eager’ once they hit combat, and hounds will often gang up on enemies, multiple hounds lending their strength to each other, while others will leap over their enemies or squeeze through them to get to the foe. Units can take either one of the following rules for free:

*Swarming: The unit fights in 3 ranks.
*Team Work: The unit gains +1 strength for every rank it has.

If either one of these skills is taken, it must be noted down in the army list.

NOTE: recent development. not sure if it is balanced or not

master hunters
units with this rule have pack leaders who are particularly skilled with their chosen weapon, so as well as having a greater ability to throw it, can also use it skilfully in hand to hand as well. Pack leaders in units with this ability have +1 Bs, and the front rank of pack leaders can also attack in hand to hand, regardless which rank they are in. note this only applies to the front most rank of pack leaders.

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Pack leaders
pack leaders are the men of the tribe guiding the hounds into war, and they accompany all but a few types of the hounds. They are armed with their usual hunting weapons, which they use to kill prey in the land they live in. they have a good relationship with the hounds of this land, and the hounds are slowly being domesticated into the tribes, although the smarter and bigger beasts are free to wander. However, the pack leaders can generally keep some kind of control over their pack, using whistling and other methods to tell them what to do, even in the midst of a battle.

The stats shown here are used for all pack leaders in the army. Units using pack leaders don’t have to pay for them unless specified.
Pack leaders 6pts
M-4 WS-3 BS-3 S-3 T-3 W-1 I-1 A-1 Ld-8
Weapons: heavy javelin, shield and hand weapon
Pack leaders: pack leaders will always make up the rearmost ranks of any hound unit they are in, although the front rank of pack leaders can throw their javelins over the hounds. In addition, because they make up the rear ranks, it doesn’t tend to matter how fast their hounds are because they will catch up when they hit combat, so the pack leaders will use the same movement as the hounds they are with. Pack leaders can stand and shoot from the rear ranks in the case the unit is charged.
Heavy Javelin: Range-12 S-4 Notes-Thrown weapon

Great Cerberus Lord
The great Cerberus is the guardian of the plains, unparreled by anything that lives upon it, and is perfectly capable of defeating anything with the audacity to try and invade its home. It is also among the wisest and most powerful magical beasts of the creatures on the plains, and will help the caneis tribes if they are under attack. The Cerberus will usually be accompanied by the chieftain of the tribe, who while no more powerful than anyone else in the tribe, carries one of many carriable magical totems the tribe has.

Great Cerberus 253pts
M-6 WS-7 BS-3 S-5 T-5 W-4 A-4 I-7 Ld-9

The great Cerberus has one pack leader

The pack leader may be upgrade to a totem bearer at +15pts. The standard bearer may take any totem from the list. He may also upgrade to a master huntsman for +1 pt
Frenzied Charge, Terror
Magic bound: the great Cerberus has immense magic flowing around it, and can use this to its advantage. The great Cerberus has magical attacks, and in addition is a level 2 wizard. It uses the lore of the plains. One Great Cerberus in every 2000 pts may upgrade to a level 3 wizard at +50pts
Guardian: the great Cerberus is a guardian of the plains, and will rarely bow to any foe, terrifying or not. It is stubborn and immune to psychology.
Thick Hide: The hide of the Cerberus is extremely hardy, able to deflect incoming blows, and the magic flowing around it can also be used for its protection. The great Cerberus has a 4+ armour save and a 4+ ward.
Loner: The great Cerberus cannot join units

0-1 Diablus Wolf Lord

Diablus Wolf 200pts
M-6 WS-6 BS-3 S-4 T-5 W-3 A-4 I-6 Ld-8

Special Rules
Gaze of stone: the diablus wolf may use this in a challenge. The enemy character takes d6 hits that always wound on 5+. These attacks ignore armour saves. For each one of these attacks that wounds, the character loses an attack for the rest of the game in addition to losing a wound.
Hidden: the diablus wolf may reveal itself from within a wraith wolf unit at the start of the movement, shooting or assault phase. No models are lost- simply add the diablus wolf to the front rank. It will strike first in this first turn, regardless of charging or initiative.
Mastery of the wraiths: wraith wolves are not 0-1 when a diablus wolf is in the army
Terror: The diablus wolf causes terror
Disliked: The diablus wolf may never be the general, nor may it join units other than wraithwolves
Insidious Aura: 4+ ward, see wraith wolves for other rules
Thick Skinned: 5+ armour save

Mighty Warhound Hero
A mighty warhound is a hound which appears to have been blessed by one of the tribes gods, for it both has magical powers flowing around it and has consummate fighting skill, and lives far longer than a hound naturally should. These hounds also have an unseen connection to the dogs around them, allowing them to direct their actions even better than normal during the battle.

Mighty Warhound 108pts
M-4 WS-6 BS-3 S-4 T-4 W-3 A-3 I-6 Ld-8

the mighty warhound has one pack leader
Slavering Charge, Explosive charge, Master hunters
Magic bound: the mighty warhound has magic flowing through it, and can use this to its advantage. The mighty warhound’s attacks count as magical, and it is a level 1 wizard. It uses the lore of the plains. Up to half of the mighty warhounds in an army can upgrade to lvl 2 wizards at +40pts
War Veteran: the mighty warhound has been through many battles, and is a veteran of the plains. The warhound is immune to psychology, and this also applies to any unit it joins.
Thick hide: The mighty warhound has a 4+ save and a 5+ ward save

NOTE: there will be more heroes, i promise

Tribal Huntsmen Core
Tribal Huntsmen are a mixed unit of half hounds and half their pack leaders, and form the core of most of the plains tribes. Although not a tremendously powerful unit physically, it is a versatile unit, and the hound are well trained enough that they can form a separate unit from their masters, under control even from a distance

Huntsmen 6pts per hound/ packleader
M-4 WS-3 BS-0 S-3 T-3 W-1 A-1 I-4 Ld-6

Unit: 9-30 hounds and 3-15. Note that 1 packleader may be taken for every 3 dogs.
One of the dogs may be upgraded to a dominant hound at +5pts. It has +1 attack

Up to one unit of hunters may have hounds flesh craving at +2pts each. They have the frenzy rule, and are a special choice. Note that for ferocity of the pack: Swarming, only the front rank gains this rule.

Wild but determined, Ferocity of the pack
Split manoeuvre: the hounds may form a separate unit from the pack leaders at the start the movement phase. The hound unit and the pack leaders then move normally. The hound unit must stay within 12 inches of the pack leaders, but they can use the pack leader’s leadership, and they count as fast cavalry. if the unit moves more than 12 inches away from their packleaders, they scatter and are destroyed
Explosive charge: if the unit is split, only the hounds benefit from explosive charge. when the units is not split, the hounds dont benefit from explosive charge

Giant Dog Riders 0-1 Core
Giant dog riders are rare indeed, not only because such large dogs in such numbers are rare, but because many members of the tribes consider it an insult to their god to ride one if they did happen to find one. Giant dog riders are typically forward scouts, locating the enemy army and making hit and run attacks on vulnerable elements.

Giant Dog Riders 17pts
Giant dog M-7 WS-3 BS-0 S-3 T-none W-none A-1 I-3 Ld-6
Rider M-none WS-4 BS-0 S-3 T-3 W-1 A-1 I-4 Ld-8

Weapons: Spear, Light Armour and Shield
Unit: 5 to 15
Options: may take a musician (+7pts) or a standard bearer (+14pts)
Fast Cavalry, Slavering Charge

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The passed Special
’The passed’ consists of hounds that have committed the crime of killing their human master, and for this must spend eternity protecting the plains, and their previous masters. The passed however, are not ghosts or undead, they are limbo beings, able to become corporeal or incorporeal at any time during a battle, lashing out with their ghostly blades, and ripping the soul within…

The Passed 15pts
M-6 WS-4 BS-0 S-4 T-4 W-1 I-4 A-2 Ld-7

The unit has one pack leader per 3 of the passed (pack leaders must be paid for)
Unit: 4 or more pairs
Wild but Determined, Master hunters
Partly here, partly there: each turn the units may choose if it wishes to be ethereal or not. If the unit is ethereal it may not attack in close combat
Ghostly weapons: these blades do not rely on force to wound their target, instead they attack the soul, making armour no defence. However, with these it takes more than one wound on even the weakest soul to kill it. The attacks of this unit ignore armour saves. However, the unit strikes at -1 strength

Moltres Dogs Special
Moltres dogs are hounds, which have lived all of their lives in the northern east wasteland, near the spiderlands and the lustrian jungle. This land is barren and extremely unforgiving, but a good effect is that the hounds from this area are hardened, and magic has affected them too, poisonous ash spewing from their hardened skin.

Moltres dogs 17pts SPECIAL
M-4 WS-4 BS-0 S-4 T-5 W-1 I-5 A-1 Ld-7

one pack leader must be taken per 3 moltres hounds (pack leader must be paid for)
Unit: 8 to 24 models in the unit
one may be upgraded to a dominant hound at +7pts. It has +1 attack
Master hunters, Wild but determined, Explosive Charge
Ash spewing: Moltres hounds constantly emit poisonous ash out of their hides. Whether this is an effect of the long term exposure to the wastes is unknown. At the start of the assault phase, enemy models within base contact of this unit must roll a dice. On a 1 the model takes a wound with no saves allowed. This counts towards combat resolution

Territory patrols Special
The territory patrols are a patrolling unit, which also consists of half hounds and half their pack leaders, which patrols the borders of that tribes territory. They will generally let loose the hounds on any enemy scouts they happen to find, and in battle they will employ this same tactic, sending the dogs to run down vulnerable targets.

Territory patrol 7pts per pack leader/hound
M-4 WS-3 BS-0 S-3 T-3 W-1 I-4 A-1 Ld-6

Unit: 9-30 hounds and 3-15. Note that 1 packleader may be taken for every 3 dogs.
Weapons: the pack leaders have a heavy javelin and hand weapon
one hound may upgrade to a dominant hound at +5pts. It has +1 atk
Skirmishers, Slavering Charge
Release the hounds: hunter will let loose the hounds on enemy scouts in order to slow them down or kill them. At the start of any movement phase, the hunters can release the hounds in the unit. The released hounds can charge, and benefit from explosive charge. If the hounds fail a morale test they will always retreat towards a unit of hunters. If they go through a enemy unit to do this they are destroyed.

Mountain Hound 0-1 Special
The mountain hound and its pack are rarely seen, except in battle. When it is, the hounds around it are seemingly inspired by it, fighting even more fiercely. But its greatest power lies in its mystical abilities. When a battle is grim, the mountain dog calls for aid out of nowhere, hundreds more hounds appearing in some circumstances, appearing like ghosts out of the suddenly misty air..

Mountain hound 130pts + 9pts per extra hound
Mountain hound M-4 WS-5 BS-0 S-4 T-4 W-3 I-5 A-3 Ld-9
Hound M-4 WS-3 BS-0 S-3 T-3 W-1 I-4 A-1 Ld-7

the unit has no pack leaders
unit: mountain hound and 5-20 hounds
Slavering charge, Ferocious charge, Explosive charge, Skirmishers
Inspiring presence: the mountain hound has an inspiring presence that will on everything around it to fight on even when the battle looks grim. As long as the mountain hound and his unit are not fleeing, than every unit within 6 ignores panic checks
Battle howl: the mountain dogs howl reverberates around the battle field like echoes on the mountainside, calling its long gone companions to aid them, and help they do, appearing from ghostly mist that appears from nowhere. This is a bound spell at a power level of 4, and if successfully cast, can be used to add D3 hounds to any unit of hunters, territory patrol, or the mountain dogs own unit. They follow the same stats as the hounds in the unit they joined.

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Monstrous Beast 0-1 Rare
The monstrous beast is a massive enemy creature, which is crippled during a battle the tribe had. It is then subjected to the curse of the wild hound. This has a massively detrimental effect on its mind, blinding it, making it insane and berserk, an ideal unit to send ripping through the enemy ranks. It also takes killing it out of their hands most of the time. The beast is utterly horrific to witness, wasted, yet berserk to the extreme, ripping into enemys with its various implements.

Monstrous beast 275pts
M-7 WS-5 BS-0 S-5 T-5 W-5 I-4 A-6 Ld-none

Terror, Large target
Herded: the monstrous beast is treated with extreme mistrust, and is kept under the eyes of capable packleaders at all times. The monstrous beast must always deploy within 6 inches of a unit with at least 5 pack leaders. After that, the beast is let loose and can move normally.
Insane: having been afflicted with the curse of the werewolf, which has already ravaged it, the beast has no sense of preservation anymore, and will gladly wade into the most dangerous combats. When it does, it is utterly berserk to the point that armour provides little protection. The beast is frenzied and unbreakable, and hates all enemies. In addition, it will always move towards the nearest enemy it can see, as quickly as possible.
Crippled: the beast was severely injured in its battle with the hound tribes, and sometimes these injuries will plague the beast even more. Roll a dice at the start of all of your turns. If the dice roll exceeds the wounds it has left, reduce its movement and attacks by 2.
Thick hide: 3+ armour save
Concentrated attacks: the beast has a tendency to concentrate its attacks on one unlucky individual, especially if the individual stands out. The monstrous beast can concentrate all of its attacks on one member of a unit is fighting. If it chooses to do so, any extra wounds it causes are also counted towards combat resolution (seeing someone being literally torn into strips before your eyes is not a great experience).
Suicide unit: the beast is not intended to survive the battle. No friendly units will take panic checks if the beast is destroyed
Varied beast: although most large beasts suffer the same effects from the curse, some beast they capture have varied abilities of their own. To represent this, the monstrous beast may either be kept as it is (either a ‘average’ beast or just crippled too much) or be counted as the following:
Crippled carnosaur: gives the monstrous beast ‘king of monsters’ (every wound on large targets causes 2 wounds) and +1 strength +35pts
Crippled stegadon: gives it the stampede ability (d3 +1 impact hits on the charge at basic strength) +60pts
Crippled acromantula: gives it the webbing ability (used in shooting phase on any unit within 6, unit suffers –1 movement (-2 when charging) and deadly poison (poisonous attacks, inflicted on 5s or 6s) +45pts
Crippled hydra: breath attack (s3) +20pts

Dog Warriors Rare
Dog warriors are said to have existed since the beginning of time, when an unearthed greenish substance melded man and wolf together. In the present day, dog warriors are created by a victim being wounded by a dog warrior’s weapon, coated in a poison only they know how to make. Once this happens, at sunset 7 days after the wounds was inflicted, that person would suffer an agonising transformation, where they gain certain hound-ish characteristics. Dog warriors tend to keep themselves to themselves, and only willingly allow pack leaders to take them to battle, where they inflict horrifying casualties.

Dog warriors 14pts
M-5 WS-4 BS-0 S-4 T-4 W-1 A-1 I-4 Ld-10

Dog warriors have 1 packmaster per 3 dog warriors(must be paid for)
Weapons: the dog warriors have their own kind of weapon, which is counted as a halberd due to the similarities
Wild but determined, Frenzy
Curse of the wild hound: the poison that’s coats the dog warriors weapons, will in time bring the curse of the wild hound onto the victim, having a considerably nastier effect on larger beasts. However short term it will render the victim unconscious for many days after the battle, having no idea what happened even after they wake up.
Dog warriors have poisoned attacks
Inhuman speed: the dog warriors, along with their other inherited characteristics, also gain unbelievable speed. Dog warriors can move an extra D6 inches during the shooting phase. If this brings them into contact with an enemy unit, they count as charging, and only a ‘stand’ reaction is allowed to this charge.

Wraith wolves 0-1 Rare
wraith wolves are mostly found in the south-east of the hound plains, around a place known as the wraith gate. Although they help the tribes out on the occasion, like the mountain hound and its kin, it is thought by many this is only for the thrill of battle, and they are far less trusted than the famed white dog of the mountains. this could be because of their fearsome image, or the fact that the mountain hound will never appear when the wraith wolves come to battle. But the largest reason not to trust them is because, on some occasions, they have been known to leave the battle with out reason, or when the tribes fight the mysterious black armies that attack from the coast, join the enemy. These rumours have never been proved, but they are enough to damn them in the eyes of many. their usefulness is far from unquestionable though, and they can win battles alone for the tribe, the enemy fleeing from the insidious aura cast around them.

Wraith wolves 22pts
M-6 WS-3 BS-0 S-3 T-4 W-2 I-4 A-2 Ld-9

Unit: 4-10
Special rules
Fast cavalry, Explosive charge, Slavering charge
Insidious aura: the wraith wolves are shrouded by a mist that protects them effectively from attack, and also has the effect of causing the enemy to see unspeakable horrors in the wraith wolves and hounds close by. The wraith wolves have a 5+ ward save that is discounted against magical attacks. In addition the wraith wolves cause terror, and any unit within 6 inches causes fear. Note that the fear units around the wraith wolves cause doesn’t negate fear enemy units cause towards them.
Enmities: the mountain hound and wraith wolves may never be in the same army

Magical totems
the Cerberuses totem bearer must pick a totem from this list at the cost indicated

Ulsra, bane of magic 50pts
Adds +2 dispel dice to your dispel pool. Roll a dice at the beginning of each turn. On a 1 the banner runs out and can’t be used for the rest of the game.

Lithrus, lord of speed 60pts
Nominate one unit within 12 inches each turn. That unit may add D3+1 to its charge range.

Kelrath, bane of blades 40pts
Nominate any combat on the field in the assault phase. Any mundane effects of weapons are negated. This doesn’t negate magical effects

Ursos, entity of rage 75pts
Bound spell, level 4. Contains the spell ‘the bears anger’ from the lore of beasts, except it can be cast on any character or notable character within 12 (use your common sense). Roll a dice each time it is used. On a one it expends its rage and can’t be used again.

Rafies, lord of the frenzy 30pts
This banner can be used three times. At the start of any turn, this can be used on any unit. That unit is afflicted by frenzy until beaten in combat.

Caarae, Entity of mastery 15pts
As long as the banner bearer is alive, hunters can control their hounds during split formation from 18 away, rather then just 12

this lore is the same as the lore of beasts, bar a few changes.

*'the wolf hunts' may be used on any hounds of the plains unit

*'wrath of kinos' is the same as 'the beast cowers' except it works on all enemies, and requires 9+ to cast

*'the illusions of the mist' same as eagles cry, except the unit moves 2d6 in any direction you choose. 7+ to cast. swaps number on chart with 'the bears anger'

Siege rules

*pack leaders always go up last

*cerberus count as being equipped with a ladder

in the last week or so, alot of stuff has been changed round in this list. eventually it will have more specials and heroes, more totems, and 'traits' for the cerberus to take. the mountain hound might also become a character, but this is not certain.

comment away

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anyone gonna answer this?

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comeon, someone please answer this. it needs some help. 70 odd views and not one comment, comeon!

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Obly had a brief scan through at the moment, (Cos I'm at work) but i actually quite like the sound of it...

1 thing does pop into mind though, Explosive charge, would this be better / mor balanced if it simply denied the opportunity of charge reaction?

Some of the rules seem a little complex at first glance...

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the rules complexity is something i'd like to avoid if i can, for this army however its not easy as it dosnt borrow many (any) weapons from the rulebook so i cant simple it that way. what would all you games developers suggest?

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I give you high marks for the fluff.

But the list does have a lot of special rules. Since I'm a minimalist on that sort of thing, can you see if you can trim them down a bit? I mean, wouldn't poison attacks or killing blow be more applicable than all the special forms of attack?

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I give you high marks for the fluff.

But the list does have a lot of special rules. Since I'm a minimalist on that sort of thing, can you see if you can trim them down a bit? I mean, wouldn't poison attacks or killing blow be more applicable than all the special forms of attack?

i will try by all means. i myself find it hard to keep track of some the rules during the (few) playtests i have played. u of all people i know to be good at this simplifying stuff, and i could do with help from others too, so could you suggest alternates for certain rules?