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02-12-2008, 00:07
Bumping up my army in points. Let me know if you see any weaknesses I can improve upon.

Lords: 550
Bloodthirster (550): Immortal Fury, Obsidian Armor, Firestorm Blade

Heroes: 290
Herald of Tzeentch (145): Power Vortex

Herald of Tzeentch (145): Power Vortex

Core: 780
18 Bloodletters (234): Musician, Standard Bearer

18 Bloodletters (234): Musician, Standard Bearer

10 Horrors (120)

10 Horrors (120)

6 Furies (72)

Special: 350
5 Flesh Hounds (175)

5 Flesh Hounds (175)

Rare: 280
4 Flamers (140)

4 Flamers (140)

Total: 2250

02-12-2008, 12:24
Drop the letters add more hounds and a 3rd horror unit :)

In addition possibly give one herald the Master of sorc, spell breaker combo

The list has 10pd which is decent, but you will be limited to just using flickering flames which isnt a bad spell. ID beef up the flamers, and add another unit of furies also.

02-12-2008, 12:41
Drop the letters add more hounds and a 3rd horror unit

your idea is good but if you make a lot of hounds then you are limiting your shooting because once they hit combat your shooting attack is gone and the hound are not that great in combat. It really depends on your tactics because if you stick with the hound you are going to have to use them to hit the enemy in the flank and hope to roll up their line as you horrors pelt the next unit.

02-12-2008, 12:51
how are hounds not that good in combat?

ws5 (above avg hits most things on 3s) str 5 (above avg again wounds most things on 2-3+) 2atks a pop ( pretty good again) mv8 (fast meaning you will charge most likely) mr3 (good luck hitting them with magic missles) And 2 wounds a pop at t4(meaning they need to do 2 wounds to make you lose any attacks)

So lets recap.
-Yes hounds are fast but your hounds wont be engaged vs every single enemy unit on the table. Im 100% sure there will be a good target for the magic missle spam.
-hounds > letters in combat
- the Main shooting damage of this list will come from when the flamers get into a good firing position and open up on a unit. Flickering flames can and will be dispelled. Horrors unts are so small that 5 wounds negates their magic level totally. This is why i think taking the tzeentch heralds is a bad idea. As the herald cant not cast much else other then Boon(which is worthless on them) Flickering flamers (default) glean magic (situational) and gift of chaos (awesome). they will be hard pressed to cast Bolt, or firestorm making 3/6 of the spells worthless to them. If the unit of horrors were larger i could see keeping them solely for the improved ward save benefit but 5 wounds t 3 with a 4+ save is not hard to do and you magic phase will become iffy very quickly vs a smarter enemy. (in addition your cheap horror units become pricey with the herald 265 pts :()
- Letters while looking Impressive with thier statline are rather iffy. Any decently kitted Combat unit will cause a large amount of wounds to them. THe t3 and 5+ ward is really what ruins them. Also the 1 atk a piece is a real bummer.