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02-12-2008, 16:49
Lord 268
Virtue of Knightly Temper (rides with grail)
Tress of isoulde
Curiass of Fortune
Mantel of the damsel elena
grail vow

Paladin BSB 204 (rides with KOTR)
Virtue of Duty
Banner of the Lady

damsel 104 (rides with realm)
chalice of malfleur
barded warhorse

damsel 130 (rides with grail)
scroll scroll

10 kotr 289

9 knights errant 221
Errantry Banner

6 KE 168
full command

6 KOTR 168
full command

5 Mounted yeomen 82

4 pegasus 230

7 Grail Knights 296
full command

Trebuchet 90

Before anyone jumps on me and says powergaming is lame please think about this. Daemons....

At my local shop their are 2 daemon players and one of them is a real jerk sometimes. Im more than happy to loose to anyone else but daemons are ridiculous and broken and the only way i can compete with what are only average daemon lists is with this maxed out tournament list (and compete i did as for the first time i beat both of them last weekend and they called bretonnians cheese)

Love to hear from other bretonnian generals on their opinions of what you see as strengths and weaknesses of this list (I believe the distinct lack of peasants to be a strength.)

02-12-2008, 17:54
this list is not powergaming at all.

02-12-2008, 20:53
Your lord is too expensive for what he does. Hell he's almost as much a the whole unit of grail knights. If you are planning to use this against deamons then a lord is nice for the leadership boost, but I'd keep him as cheap as possible. If anything the virtue to get killing blow against large targets might scare the bloodthirsters away.

Banner of the lady? Against deamons? Don't bother. For the same cost of the banner you could get another unit to flank. Stick with the efficient warbanner.

Now the damsels... you never said what kind of deamons you play against. If it's tzeentch then it might be worth it, but overall I wouldn't bother. Your armor and ward will protect you from most of the magic missiles and the amount you spend on magic defense would be better used on just getting more lances.

Grail knights are nice, but not worth it in my opinion. Deamons can pack a lot of punch and grail knights die just as easily as any other (god knows blood thirster will be making a beeline straight to them). So don't bother with them and instead just take more core knights.

Trebuchet? Against deamons? This thing is a bad choice most of the time and it's even more pointless against an army with ward saves, large bases, and maybe not even any real blocks to shoot at.

If you want to power game just go with lots of plain lances. Actually you're best bet are knights errant to get past the fear, and since WS3 vs WS4 won't matter against khorne, and since they won't be baiting/fleeing, you might as well save the points to get a better unit.

This is what I would call a power gaming army against deamons:

Paladin w/ shield, horse (76)
Paladin *BSB* w/ horse, warbanner, virtue of duty (129)

9 KE w/ FC, errantry banner (221)
9 KE w/ FC (201)
9 KE w/ FC (201)
9 KE w/ FC (201)
9 KE w/ FC (201)
9 KE w/ FC (201)
9 KE w/ FC (201)
9 KE w/ FC (201)
9 KE w/ FC (201)
9 KoTR (216) *For baiting* (If you could free up some points you could make this two units of five.)


I don't know if you have the models, but bring this and I can promice you are going to make the deamon players cry ;)

02-12-2008, 21:11
There are some things i would drop:
-Grail vow on the lord, the GK pack so much punch he's more welcome elsewhere
-Banner of the lady, deamons have no ranks anyway. duty+warbanner all the way
-1 knight in the 10 model strong KotR unit; only 2 good sizes for bret lances, 6 or 9, anything else is begging to get flanked.
-Standards on the units of 6 knigths, they are support units and will be charging with units that already have standards.
-Command on the GK, expensive and unnecesary.

I would get a couple of extra scrolls and some archers with those points.

03-12-2008, 13:25
this is not a tailor list to fight daemons and yeh it is somewhat limited by the models i have.

And strangely enough all of the local daemon players depise the use of greater daemons as a waste of points.

As for banners on the small units. I often use these units solo. Not always with the bigger lances and that banner does alow for the extra punch as does the muso.

This is an all comers list but being able to beat daemons was one of my goals and having a unit of knights of the realm with a +7 combat res before the fight starts has meant that they have even been able to recieve charges from full a block of nurgle and still win the combat by 5. (i rolled double six for my fear test) As for the trebuchet it is a little bit out of place. I am considering dropping it but fear of the damage it can cause is useful and im pretty spot on with my guesses.

Ill have a look at the command on the grail knights but as for my lord hes a monster and averages 6 kills on the charge which is enough to pack overwhelming punch into most any unit.