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02-12-2008, 17:51
*** All characters go inside chaos warriors units.

Chaos Lord (Great weapon, Armor of morrslieb, Favor of the gods) = 262
Exalted Hero (BSB, Great weapon, Chaos armor) = 143
Chaos Sorcerer (2nd level, Bloodcurdling roar, Chaos armor, Power familiar, Dispel scroll) = 190
Chaos Sorcerer (2nd level, Chaos armor, Death's head, Dispel scroll) = 165

15 Chaos Warriors (Champion, Standard bearer, Warbanner, Chaos armor, Shields) = 289
15 Chaos Warriors (Champion, Standard bearer, Banner of wrath, Chaos armor, Shields) = 309
20 Marauders (Full command, Hand weapon, Light armor, Shield) = 140
5 Marauder horsemen (Flails) = 75
5 Warhounds = 30
5 Warhounds = 30

6 Chaos Knights (Champion, Standard bearer, Ensorcelled weapons) = 280
6 Chaos Knights (Champion, Standard bearer, Ensorcelled weapons) = 280

Chaos Spawn = 55

TOTAL = 2248

02-12-2008, 17:59
Hrmm... looks good, what I would consider would be buying your Exalted BSB a shield or even the Crown of Everlasting Conquest, you want him to survive a bit and 2 wounds at T4 always striking last will go down suprisingly quick with only a 4+ save.

Appart from that, list looks good, Marauders on foot look a bit thinn.

In 2k, I would seriously consider dropping the lord to free up points, untill FAQ-ed, you can use your Exalted as a general as well, this'd also free up points for a second Marauder unit, be they on foot or on horses, heck, if you don't gear up the exalted overtly, you've got the points to add both.

Lastly, I would suggest for you NOT to put sorceror and exalted in the same Warrior unit, too many points in one unit