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The Blades of reason
02-12-2008, 19:05
i ask yet another question:
i am thinking about starting another fantasy army after christmas
what do people think about bretonnians?
whats good ands what not so good?
or suggest another army that you would recomend

02-12-2008, 20:57
bretonnians are now one of the older army books, they still work but don't have a lot of versatility and don't have a 7th edition version of their army book, they will prob be updated and changed in next two years or so (total guess but it sounds about right)

Is it specifically a cavalry army you want to do? if you like the bret models then you could do a Vampire Counts army with a raised from dead bretonnians theme (these look cool, well mine do.....obviously)

other cav heavy armies can be made with Dark Elves, Warriors of Chaos, empire etc and these armies have many other more versatile units.

Bretonnians really only have one tactic.... BIG CHARGE!!!!!! or sometimes msu and green knight etc.... but never really subtle.

English 2000
02-12-2008, 22:35
Bretonnians really only have one tactic.... BIG CHARGE!!!!!! or sometimes msu and green knight etc.... but never really subtle.

BULL!!! Well kinda anyway :P You don't have to go crazy with the cavalry. At 2k I have 8 KotR, 8 KE, 6QK and 3PK. The rest is infantry and a trebuchet. I do well with the army and it's fairly well balanced. I'll be adding Yeomen next. There is no rule that says you have to go all out with the cav, in fact I find that a balanced Bret force is way better than an all knight army.

Bretonnian Lord
02-12-2008, 23:26
Bretonnians, although known for their cavalry, also have many other tactics aside from BIG CHARGE!!!!, msu, or Green Knight... a Bretonnian army has the potential to be just as versatile as any other army, although they do lack an elite heavy infantry unit. This needs to be taken into consideration if you want to field heavy infantry units to anchor your battle line (although a Grail Reliquae fills this niche fairly well)

However, most players (myself included) like to field knight-heavy armies. IMO, that's the spirit of the Bretonnian army, to have ranks upon ranks of armor-clad knights bearing down upon your foes. It all really depends on how you want to play and what you see in the army: I have been playing with my Bretonnians for three years, and I love them.

Some strengths of Bretonnia:
-Powerful and varied knights
-Very customizable characters
-Flavorful background
-Excellent conversion and painting opportunities, and beautiful models
-Armies can range from relatively cost-inexpensive (knights) to expensive with lots of models (peasant horde)

Some things to be aware of:
-Bretonnians, although still powerful, will struggle against new army books (7th edition High Elves and on)
-Don't expect an update on Bretonnians for the next several years.
-They lack an elite heavy infantry unit. However, Bretonnian peasants will hold the line if given some knight support
-Limited offensive magic capability
-Cannot take Dogs of War or Regiments of Renown.

The above points are just a basic summary of Bretonnians. Other armies can make all-cavalry forces, although IMO none as effective as a Bretonnian knight force. And actually, Bretonnian peasants are fairly unique as well. They require some leadership and support from the knights, but they can definitely swing battles in your favor. Peasant Bowmen (IMO) are the best archers in the game for their points cost. Men-at-Arms are awesome- where else can you get a 5 pt model that has strength 4 and doesn't give VP to the opponent when their banner is captured? The Grail Reliquae makes an outstanding anvil, the Trebuchet is random but cheap and effective, and the Mounted Yeoman act as good fast cavalry and support for the knights.

03-12-2008, 00:12
While it very much is a "make sure you charge" army, it takes a lot of finesse to maneuver units into the right positions. I've been playing them for a couple of months now, and love it. It's almost the complete opposite of my Dwarf army! i've found, though, that it takes a lot of practice to get right. At least thats been my own experience

The Blades of reason
03-12-2008, 19:54
hmmmmmmmm...... so...

well what drew me to bretonians was me and a mate were sat down and started talking about what his lizard men army was going to be like then i ask what army should i do next. he then said could you do a complete peasent army. well no you can't then i thought hmm i know i'll look around at bretonnians. for all i know i will start high/wood elves or maybe lizards.....