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02-12-2008, 21:01
Had this come up in a game the other day, and wasn't sure if I was right, and if I was, how to prove it to my opponent.

I had a unit of Dark Elves who wanted to charge a skirmishing unit (a Beast Herd). The majority of the unit was at a 45 degree angle to the right of my dark elves, mostly in my flank zone. In a straight line from my dark elves were 2 skirmishers.

Part 1: If I chose to charge straight ahead without wheeling so that I contacted the nearest of the 2 models to my front, would I be able to do so? Or would I have to wheel to face the majority of the opposing unit?

Part 2: If I charged straight ahead with no wheel, and the skirmishers fled, which way would they flee? I said straight away from my unit, my opponent said they would flee at the 45 degree angle, as that was "directly away from the charging enemy" for the majority of the unit.

What's the proper way to resolve this?

Lord Malorne
02-12-2008, 21:28
Part one: you charge a skirmishing unit once you contact them, so once they are contacted (like your example) they then rank up to fight you, majority models is for regiments, skirmishers rank after being charged so there frontage is comparable to your units after being charged.

Part two:They would flee from the direction of the charge, so directly away from you.

Necromancy Black
02-12-2008, 21:53
1. It sounds like your doing it right. Just remember you have to charge the closet skirmisher (I assume it's the closet you can see), and if this would require a wheel then you'll have to wheel on the charge. If moving straight ahead would bring you into contact with the closet skimisher then that's fine.

2. The easiest way to do it would be to take a ruler or tape measure. Put one end over the centre of the charges, and the other over the centre of the fleers. This is the angle that they will flee away from your chargers.

Seeing as how most of them were at a 45 degree to your right, that's the most likely direction they would end up fleeing, but it may be a few degrees in difference.

02-12-2008, 22:28
Part two:They would flee from the direction of the charge, so directly away from you.

To be more precise, The closest visible skirmisher flees directly away from the centre of the charging unit and his colleagues flee in the same direction, trying to keep the same formation if possible (paraphrased from the BRB FAQ).

In other words, fleeing skirmishers can pull you massively out of your lines.

02-12-2008, 22:46
Really! I thought chargers pursued skirmish unit centre of unit to centre (no so obvious with skirmishers).

That makes skirmishers much better bait units than i thought.