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03-12-2008, 01:49
Okay, so for the heck of it, I've been trying to make a thorek list. I figured I'd try it at least once, to see what all the fuss was about, so here's what I came up with. Somehow, though, it seems...... weak. My typical dwarf army has a nice balance of shooting and combat, with 2 cannons, an organ gun, 10 miners, and 3 big blocks of infantry. here's what I tried with the 2250 thorek list:

Thane, MRof Valaya, Rof Battle, Rof Courage
Runesmith, MRof Balance, Rof Spellbreaking

10x Thunderers
25x Warriors, full command, shields
20x Longbeards, full command, shields, Rof Courage, 2x Ancestor runes
10x Giant Slayers

10x Miners, Prospector, Steam Drill
Cannon, Enginer, Rof Forging

Organ Gun

is it just me, or does the army itself appear very weak?

03-12-2008, 02:09
I thought Thorek-abuse lists were supposed to be gunlines. This doesn't look like a gunline at all.

03-12-2008, 02:27
well, my normal 2250 list looks something like this:

Lord, Shieldbearers, MRof Alaric, Rof Cleaving, Rof Fury, Rof Resistance, Rof Stone
BSB, MRof Valaya, Rof Courage, Rof Battle
Runesmith, MRof Balance, Spellbreaker Rune
Dragonslayer, MRof Swiftness, Rof Fury, Rof Striking

10x Thunderers
20x Warriors, shields, full command
20x Longbeards, shields, full command, Rof Courage

10x Giant Slayers
Cannon, eng, Rof Forging, Rof Reloading
Cannon, eng, Rof Forging,

Organ Gun

As you can see, I tried to stay with what I know. I'm not real big on putting all my eggs in one basket, which is why I tried to stay with a more balanced Thorek list. That, and I don't have all that many Thunderers to begin with...

So should I just drop all the infantry, and get more guns or something?

Disciple of Caliban
04-12-2008, 13:45
A balanced Thorek list wont really be much more powerful than any other balanced dwarf list. The 'fun' of Thorek is the ability to field a completely broken list and abuse his ancient power rule. This really gives you two options:

Thorek Gunline: Use to the anvil (and a gyrocopter) to slow your enemy to a crawl and shoot the living bejeezus out of them. Dont worry about combat blocks, since anything remotely threatening will likely be dead long before it reaches combat. And even small units of thunderers can handle skirmishers and the like. Shoot the fastest stuff first, and then once all the threatening fast units are dead execute the rest at your leisure.

Offensive thorek list: I've never seen anyone try this, but it seems like it could be fun. Use the anvil to speed your dwarfs across the board and into combat. The main problem is that as your army advances Thorek will be left alone so he may well find himself dead