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24-11-2005, 00:04
After reading articles on the spainsh inquisition and Camp X-ray. I had an idea, surely that the inquisition will have an an planet dedicated to interrogation?
I know that each inquisititor is an artist at torture and interrogation, but sometime it takes a bit more people to interrogate, say, the entire population of a medium sized city.
Do you think this idea is viable? Care to contribute any of your ideas?
If I were to model a force that represents the people guarding this planet, do I use SM? IG? Sisters? How would that force look like?

All inputs, ideas, suggestions and comments welcome!


24-11-2005, 01:18
I don't doubt that the Inquisition, and the Imperium more generally, does have all sorts of places devoted to the detailed, er, "processing" of offenders. In fact the BFG rulebook, for one, refers to several penal worlds in the maps of the Gothic Sector.

On the other hand, transporting populations there en masse would be tough to do - I think that for operations on the sort of scale you're talking about the whole city would simply be closed off and turned into a giant processing camp by itself. It's quicker, and the prisoners can continue working to support themselves while they're awaiting the attention of the authorities.

It's possible that city, continental or planetary populations might be forcibly moved if the Imperium needs bulk quantities of cheap muscle elsewhere, such as penal legions or indentured servants to get new or recaptured worlds on their feet, but there are also precedents for the population in question simply being quarantined in giant internment camps in out-of-the-way parts of their homeworld, as happened after the First Armageddon War.

The nature of the guarding force would depend on who it was that was presiding over the prison world. Inquisitorial stormtroopers are a rather high-calibre resource to be used as turnkeys - my first thought is that an Inquisitor would simply flash the seal at the nearest Imperial governor and tell him that maintenance of the planetary guarding force on Planet X has just been added to his Imperial tithe. That would mean an Imperial Guard analogue, I guess. If the prison world was for people guilty of religious crimes then the guards would be under Ecclesiarchal authority, so Sisters would certainly be at the core of the force there. If you're going with a world that's simply redesignated a prison world, with people being sealed into their homes and a shoot-to-kill curfew, then you've got a case for Arbites; maybe the fortified Courthouses are where the processing is taking place.

Just some initial thoughts, hope they help.

24-11-2005, 07:28
For high priority worlds I can personally see Space Marines or Storm Troopes guarding, but only if the inhabitants are deemed at risk of escaping. I can also see the population being transferred if they were on a useful manufacturing world or agri world, but only if the Inquisitor felt he could get something *really* useful out of them, otherwise he'd probably just gun them down. If the prisoners were of a chaotic nature and highly dangerous, I can even see Grey Knights having a squad stationed there.