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bobert the great clen one
03-12-2008, 11:58
Chaos Lord Louis Von Heldritch
Mark of Khorne
Chaos Rune Shield
Crown of Everlasting Conquest

18 Warriors of chaos
Full command
Mark of nurgle

18 Warriors of chaos
Full Command
Mark of nurgle

14 Chosen
Full command
Mark of nurgle

5 Chaos knights
Banner , Musician - Banner of rage
Mark of Nurgle

2 spawn

bork da basher
03-12-2008, 12:50
its elite in the extreme and incredibly linear tactics wise. 4 units and a pair of spawn are going to be heavily outnumbered by any army, your knights will quickly outdistance your warriors/chosen/spawn become isolated and without support (hounds or horsemen) will quickly be braught down. against a shooty army with any kind of flyers or scouts your whole army will be looky to make a march move all game whilst being peppered and outmanouvred. even a halfarsed gunline will have you beaten by turn 3.

you also have zero magical protection or offense, be prepared to suffer for it.

you have no way to take on large monsters effectively, risking your lord in combat is about the only way and even he isnt all that good. and being MoK he's going to be baited out of his unit and led all over the show.

in an out and out fight your units cannot fail to do well, make it in with minimal casualties and you may sail through on combat prowess alone but unless your facing a similar army i wouldnt rate your chances of making it into combat on favourable terms.

in my opinion, warrior heavy lists arnt fast or numerous enough to be worth their points, far too much can pull apart your units without you so much a rolling a dice and i think you will quickly get bored of operating in just two phases of the game.

bobert the great clen one
03-12-2008, 13:11
bork da basher ,

While your points are valid i am in no way playing in a tournament environment or a competitive one at that so you wont see

Armies built to beat yours

OH Em Gee 1337!1111 one one Winz! type armies , while this army might fall flat on its face it wont stop me from trying it


03-12-2008, 13:29
The few points I would have about this army would be the overall overgearing of the Lord, he simply costs too much to be effective in this army of yours, an Exalted with the Crown, a shield, a Halberd and Battle Standard Bearer would be enough to lead this army and would free up close to two hundred points.

Use these points to buy yourself a unit of 25 Marauders with lightarmour, Shields and Full Command to fill up your third (and mandatory) Core slot. Once that is done, I would look into areas which you can shave points from to buy Halberds for all of your units, you are looking at around 60 points for Halberds on the Warriors and Chosen. Should you get all of this, I think the list will be a lot harder than it currently is... and a lot more legal.

bobert the great clen one
03-12-2008, 13:37
Points taken , this list was just to test the water for a few reasons ...

as you know Neknoh , this list is part of one that i will be useing in a 3k battle soon , so how would you expand it to 3k ?

things i was going to add

2 units of marauders ( 20)
Full command and MoS with hand weapon and shield

03-12-2008, 13:48
... as I know? What have I read now :p

For 3k, I would indeed add the two Marauder units (once modifications have been made), I would then use the rest of points and invest them in magic or magic resistance, either two Exalteds, one with Collar and the other with Favour of the Blood God, place these either in Warrior or Marauder units to enhance magic resistance.

Otherwise, a trio or quartet of level two sorcerors would be a charming addition, mount them on Chaos Steeds for 2+ armoursaves and start handing out offensive items to some extent, and you can suddenly see all five non-chosen blocks with characters in them.

- level 2, Chaos Steed, 50 points and perhaps the Mark of Nurgle (GREAT for level 2's) wont run you down completely, and with merely the addition of two Marauder blocks, you should have enough points (might need to drop the spawns) to go for four Sorcerors.

03-12-2008, 16:13
Umm... something's missing. Namely your third Core unit. You should note the little SPECIAL header above the entry for Chosen. As such, I would suggest replacing this unit or one of your warrior units with 2 units of 20 Marauders.

Also, on a technical note, how will your Lord be using that halberd and the Chaos Runeshield at the same time? Is the idea to simply have the option? It's a shame we can't give chaos characters lances now that our knights have them back.

03-12-2008, 18:15
yea far too many warriros IMO, my mate runs units of 12 6*2! with a normal hero in each and a banner and they do fine!

Defo need at least one lvl2 wizard in there with dispel scrolls.
Having all those ranks is great but you'll get out flanked so easily with that army that all the flank charges are gonan cripple your rank bonus, i'd get some maruder horsemen or dogs.

03-12-2008, 20:43
I would consider cutting down on the size of the Warrior units. 12 is reliable enough. In fact if you just cut 6 from each unit you can have your 3rd Core choice right there.

I'd also chop off 2 Chosen. Give your Warriors some other choices too. Perhaps Halberds? A choice between S4 and 2+ or S5 and 4+ gives you greater flexibility, like easily gutting T3 5+ infantry blocks or withstanding the elites a little better.

I'd try to find some points for some hounds. Or some Marauder Horsemen, just to keep your guys screened.

It is quite a tough army but even Dwarfs will be able to out manuever you.