View Full Version : I want to make a two thousand point Army but am clueless... Oh Noes! HALP!!!

04-12-2008, 11:28
I play against an Empire player who uses a ton of heavy cavalry
and a Dark Elf player who lusts after cold ones and chariots to a rather unhealthy extent!

what would be a good build to go toe to toe with these armies. So far I've gone infantry heavy [forty marauders, five x eight and twenty four chaos warriors six x four with an exalted champion in the unit] backed up with some chaos hound flankers, an uber unit of ten chaos knights and three dragon ogres... their sole purpose to get round the flanks of the enemy line and cause as many panic and fear tests as possible while the infantry soaks up all the cavalry and chariots.

can you guys help me refine/redesign the army to be more affective. I've been playing and collecting chaos for a long time so models are no issue...

Alex Under
04-12-2008, 17:22
I think your tactic is quite good, I'd consider using hounds as screeners too. Once they hit you, if you hold the first round, it will be them who will have to worry!

bork da basher
04-12-2008, 20:10
if the enemy is going heavy cavalry why dont you try it. im using a tzeentch all mounted list right now with pretty great results. trio of kitted out sorcerers (lvls4,2,2) all on discs with various magical doodahs to aid casting. there packing 12PD a turn and usually turn a unit or two into melting gibbering flesh every turn. you will quickly overwhelm any enemy casters with your big pile of DD and a pandemonium/infernal puppet combo and once said resistance is down eternal gateway his ass as often as possible.
3 units of marauders for your core choices, give em flails for hitting power, 4 units of hounds as screens and 4 units of 5 knights with standards to smash the enemy line to pieces.

overall outside of brettonians chaos has the best all mounted option in the game, the enemy equilivant is simply not as good combined with overwhelming magical offense you should on your way to victory.

chaos infantry is too slow, expensive and doesnt have the numbers to withstand cavalry armies so maybe its better to beat them at their own game. give it a go if you have the minis, units of dragon ogres make good substitutes for knights if you dont have that many figs laying about.

good luck.