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04-12-2008, 17:51
After One year with my wh40 greenskinz i decided to do some whfb one. I decided to do the army in different way, except one thing: it has to be fast (i play Kult of Speed with orkz).

So decided to go whole calvary, and made something like this:

paladin (BSB) Vitrue of the impetuous knight, warhorse, grail vow, gromril helm, wyrmlance
60 + 35 + 14 + 21 + 30 + 20 = 180

paladin (gen) virtue of the joust, warhorse, grail vow, heartwood lance, shield
60 + 25 + 14 + 21 + 35 + 2 = 157

damsel,warhorse, disspell scroll(x2)
70 + 10 + 30 + 50 = 130

damsel, warhorse, lvl2, disspel scroll(x2)

8 knights of the realm (fcg) - 216

8 knights errant (fcg), errantry banner - 201

8 knights errant (fcg), errantry banner - 201

8 grail knights (fcg) - 334


Damsels go with errants, bsb with kotr and general with grail knights.
Tried to do also relatively cheap army (i want to convert grail knights out of knight of the realm, as they do not have much differences, would it be ok?)

Also, i would like to know your opinion about what i should add later, to reach 2250. I was thinking about Lord on pegasus and 8 pegasus knights divided into two groups, one of 3 and one of 5.

I would apprieciate any comments, negative, or positive. (I really hope for advice about heros)

04-12-2008, 20:33
Are you expecting alot of magic?

Cause for 1500 points 2 scroll caddy's is alot... I would prefer 1 unit peasants with bows and skirmish flaming arrows... Not alot of points but they are wonderfull to annoy the enemy :P

I play with WE's and HE's and Empire but my girlfriend plays with Bretonnia so I know alot about them...

Also a good combo for a bsb is a warbanner and virtue of duty. It gives you a +3 CR from 1 hero not bad in my opinion...

Greeting Gethostar

04-12-2008, 22:58
I agree with Geth on all points.

Two scroll caddies is excessive. One level 1 damsel is enough at this points level.

The BSB would be best with a warbanner and the virtue of duty. Leave fighting to the general.

04-12-2008, 23:05
Can't take the Errantry Banner twice. I wouldn't put Damsels in those units - better to have a Paladin with a magic weapon in the front rank of the Errantry Banner unit, makes for a hard hitting front line regiment. Wouldn't worry about the Grail Vow on characters either, unless they go with the Grail Knights. On that note, drop the Grails to no more than 6, they're very expensive at this points range and a small unit of 6 Errants or Realm will do you better. Magical lances are usually pretty "meh" as well.

05-12-2008, 09:41
Thanks for comments.
Here's my revised list:

BSB (virtue of duty, warbanner, warhorse, grail vow, gromril helm, wyrmlance) - 200

Paladin (virtue of ideal, gauntlet of duel, sword of the lady's champion, grail vow, warhorse, shield) - 182

damsel,warhorse, disspell scroll(x2)
70 + 10 + 30 + 50 = 130

8 knights of the realm (fcg) - 216

9 knights errant (fcg), errantry banner - 201

8 knights errant (fcg), - 181

6 grail knights (fcg) - 256

12 skrimishing bowmen (fcg) 104

something like this. general is build to kill some big stuff, bsb rides with kotr and damsel with errants.

05-12-2008, 09:44
Aonther point is that i think you have too many points in magic items. Heros can only take 50 points and that includes virtues.
Also if you take a magic banner you can't take the lance on the BSB

And you really don't need the command group on the peasants

05-12-2008, 13:57
Right... I didn't notice that.

BSB (virtue of duty, warbanner, warhorse, questing vow,) - 137

Paladin (virtue of ideal, gauntlet of duel, grail vow, warhorse, shield, lance) - 146

damsel,warhorse, disspell scroll(x2)
70 + 10 + 30 + 50 = 130

8 knights of the realm (fcg) - 216

9 knights errant (fcg), errantry banner - 226

8 knights errant (fcg), - 181

6 grail knights (fcg) - 256

12 skrimishing bowmen 84

20 bowmen 120

05-12-2008, 14:06
The Questing Vow on your BSB is a bit useles since your not using Questing Knights. The bonus doesn't work when he joins a unit which doesn't have these rules (Like you loose Itp when joining a non ITP unit). Maybe get another Bowmen or Braiziers for those points.

05-12-2008, 14:20
Hello there. Your second is list is quiet nice but your paladins are illegal:

BSB (virtue of duty, warbanner, warhorse, grail vow, gromril helm, wyrmlance) - 200

If a bret BSB takes a magic banner he can't take magic or mundane items.

Paladin (virtue of ideal, gauntlet of duel, sword of the lady's champion, grail vow, warhorse, shield) - 182

Magic items+virtue for a paladin points limit is 50, you have way more than that here. On a second note sword of the lady's champion, and all othre "grail vow only" items, is pretty lame for the insane point cost. Go virtue of the joust+lance.

Also your damsel is the general since the virtue of the ideal doesn't allow the character to lead the army.

I would drop 1 scroll, command on the grail knights and the unit of 20 bowmen and get some pegasus knights. They are the best unit in the bret army and one of the most powerful units in the game.

05-12-2008, 14:23
Just incase you missed it, that forces your damsel to be your general, since the virtue of the ideal mean you can't be the general. This might not matter as almost all the knights have the same Ld as a paladin anyway, but I'm just not sure what you had in mind. (Edit-Awww I was ninja'd!)

I'd drop the damsel though. In 1500 you won't see that much magic, and since you will be in combat by turn two the amount you pay on magic defense is probably more than what they could possibly kill. By dropping the damsel and changing the other paladin to bare bones you can get an entire new lance group.

Grail knights are risky...

Now the group of twenty archers, I don't know what your plan is here. Personally I find that all the lances block most of the LOS and that the best way to fix that is to jus have one unit of archers which is skirmishing. I usually take about 20 skirmishing archers and they do great as they can group together and pour a lot of shots while not taking up a lot of room.

05-12-2008, 15:35
I Applied some suggestions (thanks for that), and i hope, now it is not illegal list.

Paladin (virtue of joust, gauntlet of duel, grail vow, warhorse, shield, lance) - 136
My army's general. He Rides Alone to battle and tries to kill big things, that annoy me. Grail for blessing, when i do not pray, virtue to make sure, he hits, gauntlet to avoid refusals of duels.

BSB (virtue of duty, warbanner, warhorse, knights vow,) - 129
He is the obligatory guy. I did not wanted him to be in my army, just because Armybook said so, so he is riding with Knights of the realm.

Damsel,warhorse, disspell scroll - 105
I had to have one. Why?
Firstly: I like the model very much.
Secondly: Need to have this one disspel scroll, because of high elves, i will probably fight with.

8 knights of the realm (fcg) - 216
Obligatory guys, but also nice panzerstuff to smash enemies into pieces.

9 knights errant (fcg), errantry banner - 226
S6 Charge. I just can not go without them.

8 knights errant (fcg), - 181
An support unit, will go there, where it's hel is needed.

6 grail knights - 226
For hard hitting. Only 10 pts more, than for 8 KotRs, but much nicer.

3 pegasus knights 165
I do not know yet.

16 skrimishing bowmen 112
For some arrows.


I do not know, if the Alone General to hunt things is build good. Damsel stays fot sure. Considering changing pegasus knights for MAA or grail relique, but do not know much about this units. Also, i want to put some fluff in there, so i need to have two paladins and one damsel at least. I wonder also, if i have enough peasants...

I am also trying to make this list so, that i can swich it to 2250 just by adding some models, not removing anything.

That's All, I think.
And again the question: What do You think? Any comments will be greatly apprieciated.

05-12-2008, 15:43
That last list looks much better. I personally wouldn't have the general on his own probably drop a errant in the unit with the banner.

05-12-2008, 16:16
The guanltet of dual is worth less since you can't pick how you challenge. He'll just accept with his unit champ, and if there isn't one then there's nothing stopping you from attacking the character in base to base anyway. When you charge just makes sure you are touching the model you want to fight.

Also I think having him alone is a bad choice. Better to keep him in a unit.

05-12-2008, 16:21
Very very nice list. Good luck.

Pegasus knight add a lot of cool thinks bret armies don't usually get because they are flying cavalry (they get CR bonus for flanks or rear if 3+ models are alive) and they skirmish so can cover your flanks.