View Full Version : Thunderfire Cannon: Appropriate for Raven Guard?

Johnny Bravo
05-12-2008, 00:15
The question is in the title, folks. I am trying to put together a Raven Guard list, and I am very much a fluff-nut, so I want to remain true to the background. I am thinking that it would be something they'd use, particularly if deployed via Drop Pod, but I would like to read your opinions on the matter. :)

Ubermensch Commander
05-12-2008, 16:16
Personally I would say no. Slow moving artillery, even if rapidly deployed, is not very tradionally "Raven Guard", IMO. However, considering they are still a Codex ahderent Space Marine Chapter, they have access to all the goodies and would use them when necessary. The Raven Guard simply prefer to strike fast, strike hard, and strike when you aren't looking. Artillery, of any time, is not suitable for this. Again, IMO, given what I have read of Raven Guard fluff.

05-12-2008, 18:05
I'm afraid I'd agree. I can see it used if they've got a T-hawk to pick it up again immediately, but not as part of a raiding group, it's just to cumbersome. Anything that can't walk/drive/crawl back to base isn't going to be worthwhile in a long term deployment.

That said, you can make it work in fluff. Just call your army the heavy strike force that gets sent out to deal with the heavy troop concentration that is discovered by the scouts and raiders on the surface. Add in a few troops of scout marines as the "advanced parties" and run with it. It's slightly more vanilla marine than raven guard but it works alright.

05-12-2008, 22:08
I'd say they'd use them for defensive battles, or as the codex says, in locations where heavy vehicles can't go (mountains etc).

Mad Jack Deacon
05-12-2008, 23:23
I don't know if I don't disagree with everyone that's posted so far. Artillery is the "King of Battle" for a reason. Barring the development of some Unknown Technology X, or a warfare paradigm shift, 38,000 years isn't going to change that.

A Whirlwind tank is mobile artillery for the Space Marines and is technically too heavy for the sort of strikes that the Raven Guard like to conduct. So I'd see the Thunderfire as exactly the kind of artillery support that they would like, but only entering battle via Droppod. I can't see a Raven Guard Captain telling his troops "Wait for it. The Techmarine has to get the Thunderfire in position."

06-12-2008, 01:02
It's something they might use, but not something that really says "Raven Guard."

I'd probably leave it at home, unless you really want to bring one.